30 Day Meme: Artist + character meme

Jun. 24th, 2017 11:12 pm
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[personal profile] perpetual has this very cool 30 Day meme (which shall be known as "The Kairos 30 Day Meme"), which involves coming up with 1 to 30 favorite fannish things in 30 different categories -- X favorite actors, Y favorite books, Z favorite cartoons, etc. etc. Of course, I had to try my hand at it. [personal profile] perpetual is keeping the full list a surprise, so I will, too, and I did have to move things around, because the number of favorite comic books I could come up with, for instance, was much lower, and I ended up substituting some sections entirely, since I'm not a fan of video games at all, for example. I don't think I can post these one a day, but let's see how this goes. Maybe I'll just attach them to regular posts, or unlocked posts, or something...

Day One: Artist

So I wracked my brains a bit to see what category I had truly only a single favorite for, and ultimately the choice is pretty easy: visual artist, and that artist is:

1. Salvador Dali (NSFW?) )


And a different kind of meme, stolen from Tumblr somewhere:

Give me a character and I'll answer (all or specific prompts of) the following:

Holiday headcanon
Cooking headcanon
Sleeping headcanon
Driving headcanon
Bathing/showering headcanon
Hugging headcanon
Kissing headcanon
Sex headcanon
General physical contact headcanon
Physical appearance headcanon
Wardrobe headcanon
Jewelry headcanon
Nickname headcanon
Dancing headcanon
Singing headcanon
Anger headcanon
Soft spot headcanon
Favorite possession headcanon
Favorite photograph headcanon
Relationship with/thoughts on _____ headcanon

Fandoms of note: ASOIAF, AtLA/Korra, Avengers/MCU, Babylon 5, Buffy (through s6), Discworld, Dragaera/Vlad Taltos, Dresden Files, Firefly, Harry Potter, Killjoys, Kushiel's Legacy, Raven Boys, Rivers of London, Temeraire, Vorkosigan Saga, and anything else you know I'm into.

Hang the DJ

Jun. 23rd, 2017 04:44 pm
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As I drive halfway across the country and my husband flips through SiriusFM channels, I have come to the realization that I've never been a radio person.

In middle school, I was obsessed with The Beatles and listened to them non-stop. My Walkman was always on me with an album or mixtape. When I got my own car, I kept mixes on hand for driving around (thanks Napster).

I just can't stand most stuff that gets radio airplay and then the songs that I like they play so much that everyone hates them. For example, I really like Paramore and Ed Sheeran but since Tim listens to radio all the time, he hates their singles.

This also leaves a gap in my pop culture knowledge but nothing I'm upset about. I know the good stuff. ;-)

Reading and watching roundup

Jun. 19th, 2017 01:03 am
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26. Cale Dietrich, The Love Interest -- [personal profile] cyanshadow brought it up for a possible synch read, and then [profile] ikel89 kept texting quotes at me, and I succumbed (story of my life). It was... OK, so, when I read Rebel a few weeks ago, that included an "Ember Island Players"-like interlude where Our Heroes go to watch a play based on "ancient literature" (the setting is post-apocalyptic, so 21st century qualifies), which is an excuse to make fun of and subvert YA dystopia tropes. Here are some quotes about it:

"Ten thousand years ago, the evil government controlled everything. [...] But most oppressive of all, the government controlled love. [...] the government assigned Madison two potential boyfriends, one the sweet aristocratic boy she'd known from childhood and the other a prince who appeared to be evil but was secretly a tormented rebel. [...] Then Madison met Kayleigh, a blonde [...] girl who introduced her to the secret underground rebellion. They had much better chemistry than Madison had with either of her assigned boyfriends. [...] Madison and Kayleigh got engaged and established a new and more just government, Madison's assigned boyfriends declared their love for each other."

The Love Interest takes that joke scene and basically stretches it to a full book, only not as good ) A pity, as the idea had potential, and I do wish someone with the actual skill to write characters, worldbuilding, and decent prose had taken a shot at it instead...

27. Yoon Ha Lee, Raven Stratagem (Machineries of Empire #2) - OK, wow, that was really good! [personal profile] isis, and another person who read it in ARC, said they enjoyed it more than Ninefox Gambit, and I have to agree. (I think in this case, a lot of that is to do with being used to the worldbuilding already, and so getting more out of it from the start, and also the story starting with a lot of balls already in the air rather than waiting to get to the real plot.) MASSIVE SPOILERS from here! )

I also went and read what hexarchate short fiction I could find online while waiting for book 2 to drop:

A ficlet story on [personal profile] yhlee's LJ: The Robot's Math Lessons (featuring wee!Cheris being earnest and mathy).

The Battle of Candle Arc, prequel of sorts to Ninefox Gambit, taking place well before the book starts, Jedao POV. [personal profile] isis mentioned that it was a gentler introduction to the universe of the hexarchate than Ninefox Gambit, and I agree -- it's less in media res, more stuff is explained about how the calendar-based ~magic stuff works, the factions, etc. So if you're looking to test-drive the universe, this could be a good entry point. And I liked the story itself, Jedao being very much the brilliant general already, and the mil-SF tricks. Jedao recovering from injuries throughout the story was a touch relevant to my interests, too.

Extracurricular Activities, Jedao POV from when he was a young man (8 years out of Shuos Academy), rising through the ranks. Jedao gets a care package from his mom, a promotion, and laid, not necessarily in that order. Much lighter than the books, it's a heist-like adventure (mild spoilers) )

Factions cheatsheet, which includes some extra-canonical information (like clearing up for me why the Kel seemed both like an ethno-cultural group and a job-based faction)

28. Nora Sakavic, The King's Men (All for the Game/Foxhole Court #3) -- the end of the 'murdersports anime' trilogy, and every bit as ridiculous as the fist two books. The pacing is so weird with this series. Like, it really should've been one longer book, I think, with the melodrama dialed down about 80% and all the ridiculous mafia stuff and torture porn cut out. As it is, with spoilers! )

Overall verdict: the game moments were fun, and when the series eases off on melodrama and over-the-topness of the narration and leaves the ridiculous mafia stuff behind, there were some nice moments of team-as-family, which is a dynamic that can work for me. The ratio of stuff that worked to stuff that didn't is probably at most 40/60 in any given book, and oveall maybe as low as 25/75. BUT I found that reading the last book after The Love Interest made me more kindly disposed towards it. XP


We watched the Beauty and the Beast movie it was fine, but very much like the original cartoon )


L wants to hoard the remaining Sherlock episodes or something, so we went back to watching Buffy instead, having taken a break some time around October-November. We ended up finishing season 3, so here are the write-ups: Bad Girls through Graduation Day )

Equal rights at last!

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:12 pm
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On June 13, Yukon gave transfolk full protection under the Human Rights Code.  It also removes the need for surgery before changing your gender, and allows gender-neutral birth certificates.  This means that every single province and territory now has full legal protection of transpeople.
On June 16, the federal government of Canada passed legislation enshrining transpeople's rights nationwide.  As soon as the Queen signs off on it, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canadian Criminal Code will include the terms "gender identity" and "gender expression", and prohibit discrimination or hate speech on those grounds.
This will be a happy Pride!
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I know this wasn't intentional. I know it was not done with malice, I'm sure it was all about market research and which characters they thought would sell the most...


Check out the Parks & Recreation Funko Pop line up

Notice anyone missing? Like Tom...Ann...Donna...

I mean, I know they only do sets of a few people at once (I'm STILL waiting for the rest of the Buffy and Firefly characters!) but to opt to do a Bert Macklin and Little Sebastian POP rather than another main characters feels weird, even more so since they were persons of color and all the Pops are white people (and a horse...a tiny tiny horse...)

I'm not accusing them of doing this on purpose...but wow. And when I think of how many shows actually *get* their second set of figures to fill out the entire cast...I worry that we will never see a little Tom Haverford with Funko POP swagger.
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The title of this entry is a reference to this race report from 2009, when I ran the Steamworks Half Marathon for the third time, but the first time having actually trained for it (and by training I mean running more than twice a week and 15mpw). That race, I had hoped to get under 1:50 - all my tempo running had been at around 8:20 pace - and shocked myself by clocking a 1:44:19, which is slightly better than an 8 minute pace. I ran this race two more times before this year, in 2012 (1:38) and 2014 (1:36).

This year, I had hoped to come in at maybe something like 1:43, but instead I couldn't muster any speed at all. After three sub-8 miles, my pace was mostly around 8:20, and toward the end of the race I was just hoping, you guessed it, to get in under 1:50. I managed 1:47:21, my slowest half time since those first two undertrained races. Still, that was fast enough to give me first in the F50-59 age group (out of 17), and 13th overall woman, 38th overall human being out of 260 finishers. Also, to my surprise, looking through the results I just discovered I was also the female Masters winner, that is, first woman over 40. These placings are more due to the fast old ladies staying home than due to any speed of mine, though!

It was a hot day (for a race), and the sky was cloudless, which made for a beautiful but sweaty experience. I took two cups of water at every aid station (they were two miles apart) and dumped one on my body, except at the mile 10 aid station where a guy with a SuperSoaker offered to squirt runners, and I said "Yes, please!"

Steamworks Half 2017

I'm #286; the other woman in a turquoise top and I leapfrogged each other for much of the race. She passed me for good around mile 8, saying she was going after a woman ahead of us in red shorts, and finished at just under 1:46, about a minute and a half before me. I eventually also passed Red Shorts, though she was waiting in line for a porta-potty and so maybe that shouldn't really count. :-)

It was 70F by the time I hit the unshaded uphill section just past the 11-mile marker, and it was unsurprisingly brutal. (The course climbs 70 feet in half a mile, dips slightly, and then climbs 80 more feet to the finish.) It's also brutal to hit the end of the course because the quiet country road with little traffic ends, and the course turns onto a busy road with cars parked along both sides, making it feel quite narrow and dangerous. Fortunately the course marshals are there to guide runners and drivers - I did this job one year when I couldn't run due to injury - and so I pushed along to the crossing where the policeman stopped traffic for me, hooray, and did a pathetic sprint to the finish line, where members of the Durango Roller Girls encouraged finishers.

Steamworks Half 2017

The usual navel-gazing )

what a couple weeks it has been

Jun. 11th, 2017 11:39 pm
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So, I've fallen behind on pretty much all things internet because I have been running myself ragged promoting the library's summer program.

I always say that the one thing the library is the WORST at is self promotion. We tend to advertise in our building and then hope people on the outside miraculously find out about what is going on. So I tried to put my money where my mouth was and visited the schools that are in the service area for my library...

...which means I spoke to around 3000 kids over the past two weeks.

And did I make it easy and just do an assembly for the whole school? OF COURSE NOT! I set up my presentation so I could speak to every class, every grade.

I actually prefer that though, it is more personal. I can cater my talk to specific age groups instead of trying to make it appeal to a 7 year old and a 11 year old.

Anyway, I think it went well, we've had a lot of kids stop by to say hello (they always act so surprised to see me at the library, even though I told them I worked there!) so I hope our registrations reflect that.

I really do love outreach, it is my favorite part of the job, getting people excited about what the library has to offer, from books to research resources. BUT DAMN IT IS EXHAUSTING! I mean, I had to be "on" for the entire school day. I actually took a half day off on Thursday because I was just so freakin' done with everything and too tired to work on things at my desk. I'm so glad I did because I needed to just sit at home and chill.

So, yeah, needless to say checking blogs fell by the wayside. To top it off, Tim discovered a new MMORPG called 'Black Desert Online' and he bought me a copy too so we've been playing together most nights. #gamerproblems

TL;DR - go to your local library and see if they have a summer program you can register for. They are most likely giving away prizes of some kind and probably would love to have some adult in their stats and not just kids. I mean, kids are great, but it is also nice to see adult readers participating.

And now I'm going to pass out. Good night goodnight!


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