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All my life, I've wanted to be able to run. As a very heavy person, running even a couple steps was a bad idea. But [ profile] gonzostar does lots of running now, and instead of just admiring her for it, why can't I try it too? I still haven't gotten the app issue worked out yet, but I figured I could just try it some and see how it goes.

Odd thing #1: It doesn't hurt my knees. It doesn't hurt anything. It doesn't feel at all like running when I was 130+ pounds heavier. :P Duh on me!

Odd thing #2: And, unlike #1, this one really is odd. I don't seem to know how to run. You'd think we could just... run. It must be in our genes. I had to run a couple times for gym class in high school (decades ago), but I haven't run at all since then. I'm 100% sure I'm doing it wrong, as I only land on the balls of my feet and never put the rest of my foot down. Also, perhaps related to that issue, I seem to... bounce? too much. Like I'm not running smoothly, I think I must be going up and down more than other people when they run...

I watched some videos on Youtube, but unsurprisingly there are no "how to run" videos out there. I did learn it's rare to land on the balls of your feet instead of your heels, and that it's safer/better for you to land that way, so go me?

I didn't run for long though, because it just felt so wrong. I have no idea how to force my heels to drop down and touch the ground too, it feels natural to stay up on the balls of my feet if I'm running. I didn't run for long outside, because I worry I look like I'm running oddly, so I ran back and forth in my apartment (I have one long hallway that goes from one end of it to the other).

I have no idea how to figure out how to run right though...

Stardew Valley: I haven't been posting about it much. I'm back into winter again, which is just the worst season of them all. So boring. I'm trying to max out my mining and adventuring ratings (both 9 now), which means I have to keep going into the Skull Dungeon (which I really dislike, it's stressful to me for some reason, I guess maybe because the mobs are so much harder). I wonder if I could max out in the mines or if the XP there is just too low?

Finally, after having a baby for like three weeks, it woke up. I think we can all agree that Haken should not be permitted babies and/or needs some better way to paint the ceiling.

Stop throwing so hard! D:

And lastly, the perfect food for the next time you go to the strip club. Sexy snackfoods? (Work safe on that link? I think?)
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Alternate title: One day I'll learn...

Repeat after me, self: You cannot change a major thing in a recipe and have it come out the same.

I was making my wonderful overnight oatmeal that I've posted about before, only to find out that I had no greek yogurt. Oh well, I could replace it with an equal amount of almond milk, right? I figured the taste might be a little different, but I thought it might actually be better since it wouldn't have the tang.

Nope. Totally wrong. Instead of overnight oatmeal, I had oats that had been floating in almond milk overnight. They got softer, but it wasn't oatmeal-like at all. Plus, without the yogurt, there was next to no protein in it, which made it a bad breakfast for me. Plus it was tasteless -- the strongest flavor in it was the almond milk, which has very little flavor at all.

I think I'll toss out the other half of the batch instead of eating it tomorrow.

I haven't had success in using any fruit other than bananas. (Not that I tried many, just apples.) I need to do some searching for other ways to try it, because as much as I love this banana version, I've been eating it every day for weeks now, plus bananas are a risky fruit for me (too high in sugar).

And this concludes your morning oatmeal report. Now to Joe with the weather...
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Would you like to give a Caesarean section to a Disney princess? There's an app for that!

Princess Anna, from Frozen, is the main character in a game that lets you remove her baby by C-section.

While work safe, the whole idea behind that game is kind of disturbing. You can see step-by-step pictures of it all at the above link.


3-6 months after major surgery (or childbirth, ha), you can lose anywhere from some to all of your hair. As yesterday was the four month point for me, I was hoping I was going to make it through without losing any. Then suddenly I started shedding all over the place. Boo! I hope it just thins, that I don't get noticeable bald spots. Worse comes to worse, I guess I'll just shave my head. :/ Hopefully I won't get to that point though.

Four months is the point where I can try eating raw vegetables and beef. I had some lettuce today, and it was surprisingly good. I don't think I've ever actually enjoyed lettuce before!

I haven't tried beef yet. Oddly I don't miss it at all. I'll probably try it sooner rather than later though.

Going out to work group lunches is something of a pain now. I paid $25 today for a couple bites of food. My meal was only $10 (cheapest on the menu), but most meals were $20 and everyone wanted to get an appetizer platter as well... which cost twice as much as my meal. Then when the bill came, we split it four ways. (At least in my work group, we always just split the check that way... which is fine for them, but I make a small fraction of what they all make, so if I order less I'd like to pay less.) So I had about a teaspoon of hummus from the $20 appetizer platter. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, but I neither needed it nor wanted it. I got three meals out of my lunch so far, and enough meat left for another meal tomorrow, so at least that's something. It's just paying $25 for it is crazy...
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Nutritionist: Apparently I'm ahead of the game. She said most people lose 15-20 pounds in their first month, and I've lost 30. She made the same suggestion most of us (me included) already knew: Don't weigh myself every day. She said to do it every two weeks, but I think I'd go crazy waiting that long, so going to go back to doing it once a week and trying not to check other times.

Diet: Just to keep record of things, I've "cheated" twice on my diet:

Once was "on purpose" (last week I was so miserable, crying at everything, losing no weight and eating nothing and thinking my life would never be happy again because I'd never eat "normal" food ever again), so I went to Popeye's (fast food fried chicken). I got a kid's meal (one chicken finger and some fries), gave the drink (soda) to the guy standing behind me on line. Ate half the chicken finger, and amazingly didn't get sick (in fact, I felt better after eating it than when I eat food I'm supposed to). It's amazing the changes that half chicken finger did for my mood, like night/day changes.

The second time, yesterday, was "not my fault" (excuses, it totally was). Panda Express has a chicken and green bean dish, which is just plain chicken breast and green beans in a soy sauce. Seriously low calories, low fat, almost no carbs, so fine to eat. I had a buy one get one free deal, so I went in and ordered two small sides of it. One I ate for lunch, the other I had for dinner... but somehow the woman at the counter packed the wrong thing as the second order and I had a side of orange chicken instead (sweet, fried, spicy). I had a little bite of it, "just to see", and it was so good I ate more (about a third of the small container). I was so certain it would make me sick, but it didn't.

I'm not happy that I cheated, though neither was too horribly bad. Those two things were the only fried things I've eaten in more than a month, the only time I've broken my diet at all. I want to live by "all things in moderation" if possible, though I'd rather start it later, once I'm done with the healing diet part of this.

Flight Rising: I don't need another obsession, but when accounts opened up yesterday, I decided to make one. I'm ThistleChaser there. I told myself I was making one "just to see what the site was like", but that's what I said about Neopets more than a decade ago, and then I was active on the site for ten years. I'm amused at how the first thing that happens after you make a dragon is that some random wild one shows up to breed with it.

RP: Oh man, I'm getting so much RP and it's so good. More than that, I'm getting a lot more social interaction/chatting because of the forum RP group. I'm in the great position where I actually sometimes turn down RP now because I have so much! Even though I write all day at work, writing for RP is a totally different animal. It just feels so good to write that way.

I'm really missing reviewing books. I'm about 25% into the second Stormlight Archive book, and there's still 18 hours of reading left before I finish. x.x I'm really, really loving the book, but man has the series killed my book count for the year. I was on track to beat my 50 book goal, but now I doubt I'll get out of the 30s. Still, it's worth it.
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Fasting sucks (duh). While I'm not as hungry as I thought I'd be, I'm hungry and tired and oh so sick of Jello. I've eaten almost nothing but sugar free Jello today. Just Jello and a little broth and water. I think I've eaten three boxes of the Jello. So tired of it.

I find myself vividly picturing past meals or foods I ate, things I thought I had forgotten (like a sandwich with a runny egg).

Thinking about food is the worst thing to do, because then I get really, really hungry. Mmm sandwich with runny egg.

This amused me: 99 Red Balloons, played by a guy using only red balloons:

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With a name like cookie butter, how could you not love it? If you hadn't heard of it before, it's like peanut butter made with cookies instead of peanuts. Delicious. A couple weeks ago I finally gave in and bought a jar of it to try. I intended to just taste it and toss it out, because with a name like cookie butter, how could it not have an awful amount of calories, fat, carbs, etc? But then I read the label. It has less calories, carbs, fat, and sodium than peanut butter. A whole lot less! But somehow it tastes a lot sweeter and a lot better. (A serving of cookie butter is half the serving size of peanut butter, but I did the math before comparing the two.)

It's some kind of black magic, I tell you. I ended up finishing the jar (using a little of it mixed in with peanut butter, because it's too sweet straight on its own -- how boggling is that, using peanut butter to make something less sweet?). I told myself I wouldn't buy more, but... why not? What I should do is stop using peanut butter and just use cookie butter, since cookie butter is too sweet to use much of yet I can glob on the peanut butter.

In other news:

My vacation day yesterday was wonderful, and I'm very happy I took it. Yeah, I spent the whole entire day playing a video game, but I had more fun and was happier than I've been in a while, so it was worth it.

The book I'm currently reading, Ice, is really, really good. I'm about a third of the way through it, and I'm so impressed by the author. She made a relationship (love) between a girl and a talking polar bear believable! Her characters are amazing, her writing is great -- if that book doesn't win awards, I'll be very surprised.

Tonight is the appointment with the surgeon to (I assume) get the date for my surgery. I'm getting more nervous every day now.
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It's very very rare to have your customer service experience exceed even your hopes. I have a growing number of issues with Amazon, but their customer service is not one of them.

I bought a new cooling pad/fan setup for my laptop through them, same one as my previous now-dying one. By happy chance, there was a $10 rebate on it... but only on the version with "fustration-free" packaging, not traditional packaging. Odd, but I like fustration-free packaging better anyway, so that was fine. I suspected that might become a problem when it came to the rebate, and it turned out I was right.

The rebate required the UPC code from the packaging. Fustration-free packaging = no packaging.

Last thing before bed last night, I emailed Amazon asking them if they could send me a replacement code. I suspected they wouldn't/couldn't do that and I'd have to ask firmly for a $10 refund on the price instead.

This morning I woke up to an email saying they issued me a $10 refund and apologized for the trouble. I know $10 is nothing to Amazon, but a lot of companies would dig in their heels and at least make me jump through hoops/demand the refund. It was a nice surprise that they just gave it to me.


Pork bellies, on the other hand, are NOT a nice surprise. I was in Trader Joe the other day, looking for food I could make during the week. Wandering the meat section, I saw a box of pork belly. The only thing I knew about it previously was that it's something they talk about on those morning farm reports in the midwest -- I was kind of surprised that it was not only a real thing, but that I was encountering it here in California.

The box made it look just like loin of pork -- mostly white (cooked) pork meat with just a tiny layer of golden fat at the top. Precooked, all you needed to do was "brown and eat". Seemed perfect, so I bought it.

When I got it home, I opened the box. Any appetite I had vanished. It was covered in a thick layer of... goo. I have no idea what it was. The more detailed version of the instructions said you had to wash that goo off. Whatever the hell it was, it stuck to my hands like nothing else. Greasy, slimy, seriously gross.

The meat under the goo looked no better. I know pictures on boxes lie, but this was like putting a picture of a roasted turkey on it when the box really contains a rock. The meat was more than 90% fat. Not just fat, it had a really gross texture? to look at. Just so disgusting.

However, it had been semi-expensive (what at Trader Joe's isn't?) so I figured I should at least try it. I cut off the least fatty part I could find (still more than 50% fat) and fried it up.

Fat is flavor, and bacon is wonderful, so how in the world did this stuff have no flavor? Gross, gross, gross. I threw most of it out, but what little I ate made me feel sick for the rest of the day.

So the lesson for today: Unless you're trading in them, avoid pork bellies.
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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

One of my big problems with food/diets is that I can't cook. I've solo-cooked only a small handful of successful meals in my adult life. Now and again, in an attempt to change that, I buy a new cookbook.

I love watching The Chew (a talkshow hosted by chefs), and so when one of the put out a cookbook that seemed like it would work for me, I gave it a try. Michael Symon's 5 in 5: 5 Fresh Ingredients + 5 Minutes = 120 Fantastic Dinners. I was especially hopeful since it got so many good reviews.

I made my first meal from it tonight, and quite unsurprisingly, it didn't work out. Cause was a lack of knowledge on my part more than the book or the recipe.

Also, amusingly, it took me more than five minutes just to deal with the garlic (was supposed to slice it, I ended up chopping it), let alone make the whole meal. Took me nearly a half-hour to make a five minute meal.

Anyway, it was pasta with sauce. Sauce called for a tablespoon of crushed red peppers. I don't like spicy things, so I cut it down to a teaspoon. (I didn't think I could totally leave it out, I didn't want it to be flavorless.) Turned out it was too spicy for me to eat. Whole big pan of sauce had to be tossed out, blah. I didn't even have a jar of sauce backup, so dinner was pasta with a little butter and some parmesan cheese. Rather tasteless and blah. Wish I had bought a second can of tomatoes, so I could try it again tomorrow without the pepper.

Lesson learned, I guess. Just wish it hadn't cost me my dinner.

TV: Now's the time of year for Top Ten lists. Top Ten TV shows, movies, whatever. A couple lists mentioned ABC's Scandal, and Netflix has it, so today I checked it out.

At first I was in love with it, but by the end of the first ep I was meh on it. I enjoyed the powerful female main character and the seriously fast pace, but then that same woman crumpled into tears because an ex-lover backed her into a corner and forced a kiss onto her. This was a woman who had all of Washington DC wrapped around her finger. I disliked the other female main character (the new girl), she was way too much like that Skye character in Agents of SHIELD that I hated.

I'm semi-watching the second ep, but I don't think I'll watch further than that. I like the idea of the show, but not what they're doing with it.

And a New Year's gift for everyone! Or, well, everyone who likes breasts. Can't have too many breasts, right?

Last wacky image of 2013! (NWS) )

It's like some strange kind of exotic fruit!
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Every year I post my favorite Christmas song ever:

Little Taiko Boy (AKA: The Christmas Fairy Condom song). A Japanese PSA about safe sex, done to Little Drummer Boy in a Japanese style. I love the Youtube description:

Little Taiko Boy combines Western holiday traditions, Shinto mythology, and Japanese gay culture to advocate a very different way of wrapping gifts for a loved one.

The Condom Fairy visits men in need of condoms, no matter the setting.

Lyrics are NWS. Video is semi- or probably-NWS, depending on your workplace. No full frontal male nudity, but back nudity and suggestive situations. Warning: The lyrics tend to stick in my head for ages. However, they amuse me endlessly, so I don't mind. ("On my tum, tum...")

And for your Very Not Generic Winter Holiday dinner, Santa sushi!

If I don't post again in the next couple days, have a good Generic Winter Holiday, everyone!

Edit: And here I forgot to give everyone a gift! Have some protection from being raped and robbed while you water flowers naked and walk your dog in the nude: From Thailand, fake male parts! (Link is actually work safe, video at end has naked bits, but they're blurred out.)

Think this is a gift only for women? Oh ho ho no! Who would rob a man with two penises!

Okay, that not your thing? How about this clever idea: Learn English with video game violence, aliens, and sex:

This whole site is really amusing, I wish I had found it sooner!
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I never go to state fairs, so I miss trying all the fun foods. I never had a deep fried cookie, never had a deep fried candy bar, the last funnel cake I had was almost twenty years ago. (I vow to one day try chocolate covered bacon.) Now and then one of these wacky foods appears outside of fairs, and I make an effort to try them then.

Lays released chocolate covered potato chips, sold only at Target:

You can't tell by that picture, but the bag is very small. Think the size you pick up when you get a sandwich at Subway or some other sandwich chain. A single-serving sized bag. The $3.50 price would seem very high for that amount.

The chips have chocolate on only one side:

(Photos not mine.)

So you'd think with the tiny bag and the half-covering of chocolate, the $3.50 price price would be out of line, but I don't think it is. The chocolate is really, really thick. Like three times as thick as the chip. (I didn't get an odd bag, other reviewers have mentioned how thick the chocolate is too.) If it had chocolate on both sides, that would be too much.

How did it taste? On first bite, I thought I didn't like it. Salt + chocolate = Yay! Salt + potato = not so yay. But then I ate a second one and a third one, and I stopped tasting the potato and just tasted the chocolate/salt.

Interestingly (probably because of the thickness of the chocolate) it only took a couple to be satisfying. While they were good, I didn't have a hard time putting the rest of the bag away.

Will I finish the bag? For sure.
Would I buy them again? No. I need neither more chocolate nor more potato chips in my life.
Would I buy them again if I had no issues with weight or other health matters? Yeah. Even at that price, they're worth it.

...holy cow. The tiny bag has FIVE servings in it! A serving is four chips. If you can stick to one serving, the calories aren't too awful (160). I wish they put the number of servings and calories as the biggest items on food packaging (kind of like how the warning is so big on cigarette containers).


Nov. 4th, 2013 03:39 pm
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I've discovered a craze named graze. Okay, maybe it's not a craze yet, but that should totally be their slogan when it is!

Graze is a "snack of the month" (sort of) company. Every two or four weeks (your choice) you get four random snacks. All healthy, all ingredients made from small companies and local places. You can choose low calorie, gluten free, or other sorts of restrictions. You can also go through and strike any possible snacks that contain things you don't like or that just don't sound yummy. They claim that it's a benefit that they send it to you in portion control containers, but some of them I'd like to have a whole lot more of!

My first box was free. (Yours can be too! Keep reading!) Let's explore it together! Let's also pretend I didn't eat the first snack before deciding to document it.

The box isn't very big:

I didn't crop the remotes out so you could get an idea of how big it is. Maybe 6 by 8 inches? And a little thicker than a deck of cards.

Inside are your four snacks:

The box is well made, as well as pretty! Based on other pictures I saw online, I think the image changes month by month (or random for each box?).

It's even decorated under the snacks!

Each snack is about the size and shape of a deck of cards.

My best snack by far was the "apple and cinnamon flapjack" ("rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon"). Apparently flapjack is the name of a type of cookie over in England? They're pancakes here, so I was a little confused. Either way, these were AMAZING. Sweet, apple-y, cinnamon-y, so moist and good! It's a darned good thing they sent only one serving of it, because if I had a whole box of them, I would have eaten them all in one sitting.

"billionaire's shortbread" (the site has some major issues with capital letters) confused me as well. I thought shortbreads were cookies? Or at least bread-ish? Instead it was a trail-mix type thing of "fudge pieces, blanched almonds, milk chocolate drops and cranberries". Good, but not amazing.

"tropical daiquiri" (arg no caps!) was okay as well. "pineapple, lime infused raisins and green mango". I couldn't tell the dried mango from the dried pineapple, which is odd since I LOVE dried pineapple. Good enough that I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it.

"olive and rosemary bruschetta" was "mini tomato breadsticks, rosemary and garlic cashews and kalamata olive croutons". It didn't work for me. Too herb-y, too strong flavors.

Was there $6 worth of food in the box? Maybe not, but to get such a variety of it, healthy and good quality, packaged well, in containers that make it easy(ish) to eat only one at a time, and free shipping? I think all in all, it's well worth $6.

I have four friends code that will get you your first box free! (And your fifth box as well, if you stick with them!). (Codes gone)

Disclaimer: I get $1 to use towards boxes for everyone who uses the code. This is not a paid review! I did get my first box free, but it was through someone else's friend code, not to review. Happy snacking!
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Not enough twerking in your life? Enjoy pudding? Like eating butt-shaped foods? Then this is for you!

Thanks to Japan, now anyone can now enjoy twerking in a glass! Just follow these simple instructions:

I only wonder why the butt is only one of five shapes; I'd rather have more butts and fewer stars and whatever else there was.

This post makes me miss the Japanese Food Review posts I used to write...
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These egg cartons are both cute as heck as well as Earth-friendly!

Apparently they're made by molding hay in a hot press. I had no idea you could even mold hay!

And on to the problem...

I ran to the store on my lunch break, and stopped my car in the middle of the parking lot to let a man and his young son walk by. The kid was SO cute. I found myself smiling and thinking I maybe wouldn't mind having one. WAIT WAIT STOP HALT BACK THAT TRAIN UP I've never wanted kids (not since I was 5 or 6 and didn't know any better). I've never had a desire to spend time with kids. I really really don't want one of my own... so where in the world are these feelings coming from?

If it's my biological clock, it's running more than a little late. (Apparently biological clocks are really a thing -- I googled it!)

That little boy may have been the cutest thing I ever saw. I couldn't even compare a puppy or a kitten to him (which is just wrong; everyone knows that nothing is cuter than a kitten!).
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I don't usually buy into advertising campaigns. Mid-2012, Lay's Potato Chips started a contest for a new flavor: People submitted suggestions and they created chips based on the top few choices. Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles, and some hot sauce one were the top picks. Whichever of the three had the most sales would join the lineup permanently.

Every time I went to the grocery store, I looked for them. Months. Finally I found a Lay's person restocking and asked about them, and he said they likely would never get into this area because of where we were compared to where the factory is. (Surprisingly, because we're too CLOSE to the factory. How it works is that they send chips first to the furthest place, then if they don't need to restock there, the next furthest, then if neither of those two need more, the next furthest... So basically, because of how popular they are, all those far places would need to be restocked before close places got them once. The things you learn while on a quest for chips!)

The contest ended at the end of 2012, but I still kept checking our chips aisle out of habit. Weekly for months. These new chips never showed up. Then I had to go shopping because I needed lower sodium things, and I laughed as I checked the chips section. What were the chances that THIS week would be the week they showed up? 100%, turns out.

I couldn't resist getting them. I spent nearly a year trying to get them, and there were only about 6 bags total of each (had their own little cardboard display instead of on the shelf), so I got a chicken & waffles and a garlic bread one.

I tried the chicken & waffle one today.

(Oddly, my bag doesn't have the woman's name on it. I guess they're still making them, even though the contest is long since over, and don't want to publish her name anymore?)

If I had to sum them up in one word, it would be "weird". Not bad, just very very strange. The waffle flavor tasted only of maple syrup, but they did indeed taste like they has chicken in them. I wouldn't buy them again, but if I had no care as to diet, I'd finish the bag. As it stands, I ate a few and tossed out the rest of the bag.

I'm glad I finally got to try them, but no potato chip is worth spending a year looking for. Word in food review blogs is that the cheesy garlic bread one is a lot better, but as that's a more common flavor, I don't know if I'll mention it here when I try them. (One day I'd like to try chicken and waffles in a non-chip form. Seems like an interesting idea.)


Netflix is making some really nice original shows. I loved Orange is the New Black, and I just started watching House of Cards today. House is much harder for me to watch, because you really need to give it your complete, undivided attention, but it's worth it. I've only watched the first ep, but there's so much happening! The main character (the majority whip of the House) sets out for revenge when the president elect breaks a promise to him.

Kevin Spacey plays the main character, and he's the most amazing thing to ever appear on a screen. I love accents, though to be honest southern accents usually do little for me, but his South Carolina accent is the most sexy, interesting, pleasurable, scary thing to listen to. The old joke about being able to listen to someone read from the phone book? Works here. Forget about the plot, characters, great production values, amazing score, his voice alone makes the series worth watching.

If you have Netflix and haven't yet checked it out, do yourself a favor and do so!
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A while back, when I gave up meat, I still had hamburgers ("hamburgers") -- I'd order it with everything I wanted on it, just hold the meat. At the time I said I didn't miss it, that I hardly noticed the change in flavor at all. People scoffed at me, but it was true.

So it shouldn't have surprised me that, when I tried my first turkey burger today, I enjoyed it. Shouldn't have surprised me, but did. Not only did I enjoy it, it was probably the best burger I've had all year. I would never have guessed it was turkey. I'm trying to cut my consumption of red meat down to 1-2 times a week, so that I like turkey burgers is a great discovery.

Because cutting back on red meat isn't fun enough, I'm trying to cut back on sodium, too. (And add to that that I need to be low carb as well, and it becomes a great puzzle on what in the world I CAN eat.) So tonight I cooked. And, mind bogglingly, it came out well. Simple as pie, too!

Marinate a chicken breast in the juice of a lime, some olive oil (I used EVOO, if it matters), and garlic. (You were supposed to use black pepper as well, but somehow I forgot that. Clearly a recipe with five ingredients is just too challenging for me!) Leave it marinating in the fridge for a couple hours, then cook however you want (I baked it). Amazing. Not a single grain of salt on it, and it tasted really good. Somehow the lime took the place of salt and made it interesting. I used to salt everything, and I didn't miss it at all here.

I'm not aiming for 100% perfect all the time (for me, that's a recipe for failure), and there is a lot of give-and-take (turkey burgers are likely high in sodium), but there are lots of little changes that are easy enough to make. Little steps all add up.

PS: French fries with no salt aren't too bad if they're very hot out of the fryer. It breaks my heart that ketchup is very high in sodium, because I swear I could drink it straight from the bottle. Those things together mean it's easier to get fries and eat only a couple.
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There will be a lack of links in this post, as I don't want to pinpoint where I live.

Alternate title for this post: Be careful what you wish for.

I was driving through the town I live in, looking for somewhere to have lunch. A new building was going up, and I said to myself "I hope it's somewhere interesting to eat". Then I spotted the "Chick-Fil-A Coming Soon!" sign.

Chick-Fil-A. Here. How can that be? An actively homophobic company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As soon as I got home, I started doing some research. Turns out they tried to open a store one town over, and the residents blocked them (through zoning laws, unfortunately not because it's a company of hate). Unfortunately my town had had hearings on them moving in, but I've never seen a hearing announcement for anything (they're not exactly something I ever seek out or usually care about), so I had no idea.

I wish I could hope that the people here just won't patronize that business, but the place has a great location in a town that has 30+ minute lines for even just fast food at lunchtime.

I'm going to have to see that place every time I drive anywhere. Every time I go to work. Every time I go to swim. Multiple times a day. I don't know how I'm going to resist throwing rocks at the window or something.

Go away anti-equality, pro-hatred people, and take your chicken sandwiches with you.
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I actually have no idea if these are NWS or not. I think they're probably fine, but I'll link the imges just in case.

What better thing can you get for your loved one than an Edible Anus? Made of chocolate, of course!

Close up of one. See? Work safe. Who in the world would guess what it is?

Main website, if you want to order them. (Site loads very poorly for me.)

And what goes best with chocolate? How about some breast milk lollipops? You can get four of them for $10! What a deal!
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I read a lot of food blogs, but unfortunately (especially when it comes to fast food reviews), I tend to not be able to trust them. They seem to always say only good things (I suspect so that fast food companies will keep sending them free gift cards). Every review of Jack in the Box's blueberry muffin oatmeal was glowingly positive, but I didn't believe them. Today I tried it out anyway, and WOW. It did taste just like blueberry muffins! Wonderfully warm and sweet!

Based on how sweet it tasted, I dreaded looking up the nutritional information. Turns out it's not bad at all. 200 calories -- very reasonable! The carbs were higher than I wanted though (42, can be knocked down to 40 because of the fiber).

The only downside is that the container was surprisingly small. Not tiny, but less than I'd really want as my whole breakfast.

So: Recommended!

There's an odd thing going on with swimming. After I come home, my eyes are fine. Not red, not burning, nothing unusual. When I wake up the next morning? They're so puffy I can hardly open them, plus red and burning. We don't go underwater in the class, and because I wear contacts I use goggles to keep from even getting splashed in the eyes.

Could it be the very bright sunlight, especially with it reflecting off the water? A delayed reaction to the fumes of chlorine? A delayed reaction to the pressure of the goggles against my eyes? Nothing seems to make sense. It must be swimming related though, I swim Monday-Wednesday-Friday and it happens every morning after, but never on the mornings after my non-swim days.

On a positive note, I don't seem to need the Dramamine. I thought maybe the puffy eyes were a reaction to that, so I didn't take it yesterday (instead making sure I ate an hour-ish before going, as opposed to having eaten 6-7 hours before all the previous times). No nausea at all! Yay!
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Oh now this is just being silly.

"Sweetened corn cereal
with chocolate pieces
and sliced almonds"

Chocolate chunks. In your breakfast cereal. Yummy? For sure. Breakfast cereal? I can't imagine.

Unrelated: AC repair guy is coming out today. I sure do hope he can fix it, since today is going to be as hot as yesterday.
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Two food-related topics, one post!

The steel-cut oatmeal experiment is going downhill. While it was super yummy the first day it was cooked, the leftovers have been... well... not good. Gummy, lumpy, sort of like trying to eat paste. Cheap, thick, years old paste. Tomorrow, for my last attempt at eating it for breakfast, I'm going to add a whole lot more milk when I heat it up. Maybe that will help it be less gummy.

And for the second subject, remember the post I made last week about the food blogger who was RABIDLY ANGRY THAT AMERICA WOULD BE A BUNCH OF PUSSIES AND BAN CANDY CIGARETTES BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA AND OUR KIDS ARE MAN ENOUGH TO SMOKE IF THEY WANT TO? The one who ate mushrooms from his lawn without knowing what kind they were? I've continued reading back through his older blog posts, and I found another winner:

Not only does he like to try odd foods himself, he buys them for his dog, too. He bought some freeze dried lamb lung chips for the dog, and tried one himself. The problem with that? The package says "wash hands with soap and water after handling". In the same post, he himself wrote that selling lung for human consumption is against the law (tuberculosis risk), but he ate some anyway.


I'm almost done with his blog, just a year of posts left to go. In a way I'll be sad to reach the end. While I dislike him as a person, he eats and writes about the wackiest of things. (He has an obsession with eating canned fish from dollar stores...)


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