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Last season (last mid-season? Couple months back) I gave up on The Walking Dead. The characters were just being too stupid, nothing that happened was reasonable, and I just hated the whole thing. A friend convinced me to give this season (mid-season?) a chance, so I watched the ep last week.

While I had some of my usual issues with it (I don't like how bloody/gory/violent it is), the storyline itself? Loved it. So I gave this week's ep a chance, and liked it even more.

Spoilers for last week and this week's ep )

So if, like me, you gave up on TWD, you might give these new eps a chance.

Game of Thrones: I was thinking this morning. The show is so popular, I'm surprised they're ending it in two seasons. I know the book's plot will be over then, but the show is its own thing now. They could easily keep the world going. New sets of characters to follow, new stories in the same world... Seems highly doable.

I suppose they want to end it on a high note though. Sadly.
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Tiger Born (Demon Age Book 1) by M. A. Nilles and Melanie Nilles
Rating: Okay (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

As I've mentioned before, I have really, really bad luck with self-published books. Outside of comments I left in others' LJs, I haven't written about Smashwords before though. Where 98% of self-published books are bad, 100% of Smashwords ones are just awful. That makes sense, as Smashwords was offering self-publishing before it became a big thing. (Also, interestingly, apparently the Smashwords company is located just a few miles from me...)

So, that this book was both self-published and a Smashwords book means I almost deleted it before starting it. That would have been sad, as it turns out this book was actually sort of readable. Not good, barely okay, but not god awful as I had expected it to be. However, that being said, a book being "readable" isn't enough to keep me going, and I gave up on it at the 28% mark.

This book was billed as a story set in the Demon Age series, so I had written off the lack of background and worldbuilding info as my fault, since I hadn't started at the beginning of the series. Yet when I checked Amazon for the full title, I see it's listed as Book 1. Also, there were a number of writing/grammar/editing issues, including basic ones like your/you're, but I've seen worse.

The story was about a "halfblood" -- the world was full of demonlords and humans, and apparently the two could interbreed, though it was something both groups frowned on. The main character halfblood was a super human, thanks to his half-demon blood. The character, though unreasonably overpowered, was interesting enough to keep me going for a while, until the plot just seemed to lose track of itself. (The halfblood was captured by humans, and a demonlord showed up to free him on the condition that he'd hunt for some magical item. He got free of the humans*, and suddenly the story was talking about how he had been looking for that magical item for his whole life...)

* The escape was perhaps the biggest cop-out I ever saw in a book. He was captured, no way to escape... then he was just escaped. He had gone into a "blood rage" and couldn't remember anything during it, so the writer got out of having to explain how he escaped from the impossible situation!

While checking Amazon for the official title, author's name, etc (the cover is too small on my Kindle to see those things easily), the authors' names caught my eye. M. A. Nilles and Melanie Nilles. Why M. A.? I wondered if they were maybe a same-sex couple and wanted to hide it for readers of who weren't as accepting of such things. Nope. They're the same person. Melanie Nilles wrote that M. A. Nilles is her "dark side". She gave her "dark side" credit for writing the book...


Game of Thrones: Spoiler for last week's ep (not this week's). It all makes sense now. I bet the show runners wanted to somehow free Jon to go elsewhere and be a bigger part of the plot. How to do that, when he's stuck at Castle Black, wouldn't break his "until death" vow? Kill him! Thus his vow no longer applies and he can go south once he's alive again.

Fear the Walking Dead: I finally gave up on The Walking Dead. I was in the middle of the last episode and realized that I didn't have one tiny bit of caring left about what happened to the characters, so I turned it off and never went back to it. Yet somehow I was still looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead. (Stupid me.) It's by the same people, of course the same issues are going to come up in it.

Apparently my patience for Fear the Walking Dead was seriously shortened by The Walking Dead. Last week's "characters acting like idiots just for Drama" was enough to kill my enjoyment of it. I got halfway through this week's episode and realized I no longer cared, so I stopped watching and I seriously doubt I'll be returning to it.


Stardew Valley: Now that I'm no longer worried my save file is corrupted, I'm really enjoying the bug that hit my game. I was in the dungeon, grinding slimes for the "kill # slimes" achievement and special ring. I warped back home to my farm and had to laugh -- I had been killing slimes for so long, I was hearing the "slime attacking you" noise on my farm! Then I noticed it...

A slime had somehow followed me out of the dungeon... You can't see it in this shot, but it nonstop tries to attack me. I hit it with my axe by mistake, and that damaged it, and as I have no idea if it regenerates health at any point, I had to be sure not to kill it. I ended up building a pen for it. Right here, next to my greenhouse, so I could see it every day (screenshot taken pre-building pen). I have no love of farm animals, but an escaped monster that wants to kill me? COOL! *pets it endlessly*

I'm headed into Winter #3 now, which makes me sad. Winter is such a boring, blah season in game. I keep thinking about starting a new farm, it'd be fun to play from scratch again, but I don't need to be more focused on this game and spend even more time on it. :P So I'm resisting making a new one for now, trying to finish the game on this one (all hearts for neighbors, finishing the museum). I'm up to almost four million gold, so it's kind of silly to make more, but I do it anyway. (Once you have your greenhouse full of ancient plants and make wine out of it, you make about 300K every six days, so your money goes up fast -- that's not even counting all your other crops and such.)
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I do not know what drives me to continue to watch this show. Every week I ask myself the same thing, and yet the next week I watch it again.

But I swear to god, this week's episode was the absolute worst. I actually have the episode paused so I can write up this rant.

Where in the world is the logic in the whole Paul/Jesus character storyline? They left him TIED UP on the road. They sped off in a truck... and the guy got himself untied, caught up much later on foot, and somehow jumped onto the top of the speeding truck? What in the world were the writers thinking? Did not one of the actors say 'Hey, this doesn't really make sense'?

Of course that wasn't the only lack of logic. Somehow Rick and Daryl caught up to the same truck on foot.

And OF COURSE the truck rolled off into the lake.


Pretend there's an apostrophe in the spoiler cut link. LJ code doesn't like them.
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While I still watch this show, I don't rabidly follow it. Even though this week's episode made me highly (HIGHLY) grumpy, I wouldn't be posting about it if the The Talking Dead people weren't all so happy about it.

I cannot say more than that without spoilers... )

Unrelated: Watching TV through online feeds has a few small benefits. Most feeds seem to come from the east coast, so I get to watch everything three hours early. It's also fun that when I watch news, it's usually out of New York City. My childhood home area often gets mentioned! Odd and fun!

Earlier today I was watching a Food Network feed, and it was coming out of the UK. Amusingly, they had little 30 second promos for explaining "American food", like what corndogs are. Ha!

I know it sounds odd, but I guess since I see them so infrequently now, I don't mind commercials at all, especially when they come from other areas. It's fun trying to guess where a feed is coming from based on the commercials.
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Happy things can be big or small. #10 is a pretty small one, but it's had me smiling and grinning for a day, so it certainly counts.

I haven't been enjoying The Walking Dead for a while now. I loved the first season or two, but my enjoyment of it has been going downhill fast, and then fell through the floor when Carol seemed to be gone from the show.

But this week's ep? I really enjoyed it. Was it perfect? NO NO NO NO, but there was still a lot of good in it. Darned lot of good!

I wouldn't mind if the rest of the cast got eaten by zombies. Let this be The Carol Walking Show, where she travels around having adventures and being strong enough to kill people who need it. (I do wish she'd get a haircut though, I loved her really short hair! /shallow )

I strongly suspect the reason I liked this ep so much was that it was Carol-centric. I HATE Rick. I hate Carl. I don't like what Glen has become. I dislike Maggie a hell of a lot. Daryl is okay. Blond whoever she is who was with Daryl can go jump in a lake full of zombies. It's no wonder I don't enjoy the show anymore, since I don't like any of the characters who are left. (Tyreese is okay, though I keep wanting to call him Tyrell for some reason.)

I love Carol though. Which of the survivors is stronger than her? And that she's an older woman makes that even more awesome.

I think I need a new TV (or new ears). Often I have trouble hearing dialogue when the character is crying or something. I didn't know why the little girl was apologizing to Carol until I heard someone repeat it on The Talking Dead ("I'm sorry I pointed the gun at you" instead of, you know, apologizing for killing her sister. Kind of an important thing to hear!)

I'm happy with how the episode ended, though I would have liked it if the baby had been killed, too. Baby is too unrealistic, it keeps not crying and otherwise acting un-baby-like. I swear, in one of the scenes tonight I think the girl was holding a doll and not a real baby.

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I've found the only way I can enjoy watching SHIELD. I watch it like I used to "watch" TV: as background noise. Don't really listen to it, don't look at the TV.

Now and then I did pay more attention, and things were so unrealistic. Example: Annoying what's her face hacker was giving a briefing on whatever, sharing all the info she googled. She whined about her security cuff, left. One character said they were being really hard on her. Other responded that she lost their trust. First one: Well with this [briefing] she's come a long way towards earning it back.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over. She did ONE JOB, one basic task that is part of the job they hired her for, and that makes her even an inch more trustworthy? NO. NO IT DOES NOT.

All the dialogue was just so unbelievable too. What's his face, leading man McFighting Fighter said outright he wished the enemy was something he could fight instead of something he didn't understand -- so cliche! The more I listened to it, the more I heard how badly written it was.

I won't even comment on how unrealistic the episode's final action scene was. Gods above, how stupid and unrealistic.

So, I think I've finally given up on this show. I may continue to "watch" it, but I won't watch it.

The Walking Dead. I'd be so done with this show if I thought the change that happened this week was permanent. Cut for spoilers for this week's ep. )

I feel very disgruntled with TV at the moment.

Kindle: I've been going back and forth on getting one for years. I have an iPad that I do all my reading on, but it's very big. Taking it when I have to go somewhere is a pain -- it doesn't fit in my purse at all.

Someone who is no longer on my friends list (for unrelated reasons) told me a Kindle was basically no different than an iPad when it came to ebooks. I used that information as part of my decision-making for buying it. Unfortunately it was very, very wrong. I assume that former friend had no idea what an iPad was or what it does.

Kindles do not have a touchscreen*. iPads do. That's a massive difference. The Kindle controls are so clunky that I feel like I've gone back 20 years tech-wise. I know I shouldn't be surprised, since the Kindle cost about $90 and my iPad over $900**, but I wish I hadn't gone into it with the expectation that they were anything alike. (*You can buy a Kindle/touchpad hybrid, but the default Kindle does not. **First gen iPad. They're a lot cheaper now.)

It is a lot smaller though, which was one of the reasons I bought it. It's about the third of the size of my iPad, and could easily fit in a purse:

(Forgive the glare. Also, I have no idea what that line is on the iPad screen, but it's not a crack.)

So, I think I'm going to keep using my iPad for reading at home. It's just too nice and easy to use. But, when I have to take my reading with me, I'll grab the Kindle.

I should say, if one doesn't compare it to an iPad, it's a nice little device. It feels great to hold, it's tiny (yet a good size for reading from). I keep coming back to the limitations though. I could read from my iPad in the dark, but the Kindle has no backlighting. That same ex-friend said the Kindle is easier to read from (text clarity), but I find that's not at all the case. ...I keep trying to write about the positives of it, yet I keep coming back to the negatives.

Let's leave it at this: If you're trying to decide between an iPad and a Kindle, and money isn't an issue, get the iPad. If you want an ereader you don't have to pay hundreds for, get the Kindle (or some other dedicated ereader). If you're deciding based on features, the iPad. Ease of carrying around, the Kindle.
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What a night last night was. Four TV shows on at the same time that I wanted to see! Yay for Tivo and downloading.

Walking Dead: Watched real time.
Game of Thrones: Downloaded, will watch tonight.
Celebrity Apprentice: Recorded.
Big Brother Canada: Downloaded.

Cut for spoilers on last ep of the Walking Dead season )

Before all the shows started, I watched Lion King. I've been avoiding watching it again. It's probably been 10+ years since I last saw it. I loved it so much that I didn't want to watch it again and maybe ruin my memory of it. But I was watching Mulan and Lion King started next, and before I could change the channel the first song caught me, and there was no escape.

Watching it again, I found that the movie stayed the same, but I had changed. I had backed Scar so intensely, I had thought he was the wronged one, that he was justified in everything he had done. Now I'm wondering what younger me had been smoking. Scar could have had a place. Second place yeah, but that's better than nothing. He could have been a good uncle and helped raise Simba to be a good king, but instead he tried to kill him and Mufasa.

I still very much disliked all the Timon and Pumbaa parts. The "humor" (which didn't amuse me one bit), felt out of place. (Though, kids movie, so I know why they did it.)

Oddly, though it's been so many years since I last saw it, I was able to mouth all the dialogue and songs nearly word for word. I knew when characters would raise their head, look that way, all the details.

Games! My first attempt to get into a beta succeeded! I'm in the Final Fantasy XIV beta. :D FFXI has been on my mind so much lately, I'm hoping I'll really enjoy XIV. I'm going to download it tonight after work. :D

Edit: Wow, and today's Awkward Stock Photo:

So much for after Easter discount candy sales?
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(Edit: Oh well that's a pain. My work network has decided my main LJ page isn't work safe and won't let load it. It's probably that post about adult toys... Anyway, I can't check and confirm that the LJ cut is made correctly, so leave a comment if the spoilers are showing.)

Often times when I have a strong emotional reaction to something in a TV show, I search for online reviews of that episode to see if others felt the same. In the case of last night's Walking Dead ep, it appears that not only did no one agreed with me, most of them felt the opposite...

Two things annoyed me in last night's ep... (Spoiler) )

And on a more minor note: I've said this before, but I really hate the timeslot Walking Dead has. As soon as the ep ends, I turn off the TV and go to bed. More than half the time, I wake up to zombie nightmares. And even if I have no nightmares, I'm so hyped up and on edge, that it takes me a long time to fall asleep. (But the show is too good for me to record it and watch it later!)


Mar. 19th, 2012 08:37 am
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I kept having TV-related things come up all weekend, but I never got an actual post written.

On Saturday there was a Quantum Leap marathon, so I caught some eps. I never saw the show before, I'm not sure how I missed it until now. It sure was dated, which surprised me at first. Checking wiki, I saw it was out around 1990-1992-ish. "1992! That's not long ago at all! How could they write stuff like this?!" Darned time, moving so fast. 1992 really does feel like just a couple years ago.

Anyway, first Leap ep I saw, he jumped into the body of a rape victim. Her parents, the doctors, everyone was all "Didn't you yell? Why didn't you try to get away? Wasn't anyone else around? Couldn't you get out of the car? Why didn't you fight back?" It made me all :/ .

The next one was him jumping into the body of a chimp, which lead to very heavy-handed Important Lessons about experimenting on animals. Between this ep and the last one I saw (jumped into the body of a war vet who had his legs blown off), I ran into what seemed like a boggling plot hole: So he's in this new body. Everyone sees a chimp or a war vet or a woman or whatever it is. It's his mind in the new body. Yet when he wanted to, he could walk around as the legless guy. The chimp could swim (early on in the ep they pointed out it's impossible for chimps to swim because of their body mass). The legless guy walked through air, as if he still had legs. How in the world would that work? He's in their body. The body has no legs. Thus he shouldn't be able to walk.

Also: The Walking Dead. Last ep last night, sigh. Game of Thrones is restarting April 1st, but I'd trade that season for a new season of Walking Dead. Between finishing Misfits and Walking Dead being done, I'm all depressed over TV.

I mostly like the ep, other than I can't ever type during them because my arms are always wrapped around myself and I'm drawn into a ball in my chair. Zombies! EVERYWHERE! Arg. I really loved the end of the ep and I'm dying to know what happens next... just have to wait for the next season. Sigh.

WoW is depressing. A ton of MoP info came out today. The one and only thing I wanted from MoP was all 50 slots on one server. I have 8 85s, 1 84, and 1 78 alt. That's 10. We're getting ONE new slot in MoP. Sigh. Why one? Why? What a waste. Though I suppose this means I won't have to do much XPing in the future, because I sure as hell am not paying for a second account. Which also means I'll likely get bored sooner, which means I'll be quitting sooner. Hear that, Blizz? Not that you care or anything...

At least the female pandas look okay.

I got the new spectral mount from [ profile] awhisperofdusk returning to WoW, yay! They're really hard to get a good screenshot of though, so pretend there's one linked here. The one from [ profile] veloxe returning should be ready tonight! :D I'm not sure what to do with the second one. Both Reed and Clove have no special flying mounts, so it goes to one of them. It fits Reed better, though I don't know if it would ever be used ICly, so that doesn't matter much. Clove still has 7 levels to go, so I'd use it more if I gave it to Clove (Reed logs on once a day for the daily transmute, that's it). *ponder*
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I love this teaser trailer. More info/game play/longer clip will be out on Monday, but to me this is pretty darned good as-is:

I've watched it a few times now, and it keeps making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It's so simple, too! (No spoilers at all for the TV show in it.)

Only one more week of the Walking Dead TV show. I miss it already. :/ I'm going to read the comics before the next season, for sure.
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The Walking Dead annoyed me this week. I knew it was coming, but still...

Also, people confuse me. (Walking Dead spoilers back here.) )
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Wow. I don't watch the Simpsons anymore, so I missed this last night.

See the opening here!

It's so good to hear the music again, and the whole opening is so well done! Eeeee Less than a month until new eps!

Also, since I'm posting, spoilers on last night's Walking Dead. )
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Icon because today is National Pancake Day!

And because it's cute.

In the space of a week or so, I've doubled the ways I can make chicken!

For those just joining us, I eat boneless skinless chicken for dinner as often as I can. It should be every night, but five times a week is closer to my success rate. I eat it because it's low calories, low fat, and generally doesn't make me sick (I have lots of stomach issues). Up until lately, I've only been able to make it two ways, so for going on a year now, I've been eating it the same two ways. VERY boring.

My two previous ways were: with cream of chicken soup, and marinated in soy/honey/garlic/woschest-however you spell it. Both are yummy, but after eating it the same way for so long, it was hard to stick with it.

New way #1: Garam Masala sprinkled on it. That's pretty darned amazing stuff. Just plain, skinless chicken, sprinkle a little of the spice mix on, salt it, and that's it. Bake it and eat it! You'd think that would be plain with nothing but spices on it, but it's good.

New way #2: I made this recipe this weekend. "Oven-Fried Chicken". While it would fool no one into thinking it was fried, it was still really good. Really really good. Without an egg/milk dipping stage, there was very little coating and next to no crunch, but it was still mighty good. I assume just about anything cooked in butter would be. (I won't be making this one often as-is, alas. Though I might try switching it up with Pam and such.)

So! A whole post about chicken! Exciting times, huh? :P A bonus for anyone who read this far: You can watch all sorts of Walking Dead videos here! I spent the afternoon watching the bonus segments that are shown after The Talking Dead, since I'm fast asleep at that time of night and always miss them.
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A great movie + a great TV show =

(Picture not by me.)

The Walking Dead meets Jurassic Park! How entertaining that would be. Dinosaurs want to eat the people, zombies want to eat the people, but the dinosaurs would also eat the zombies! And how amusing would it be to see a pack of zombies trying to eat a dinosaur?
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Ellie is losing one fear which I wish she wouldn't. Ever since I got her, she's been afraid of feet. Not just while the people-feet are walking (which is a fine and reasonable fear for a 10 pound animal living with humans to have), but if I'm on the sofa with my feet up, she'll just stare at them warily and avoid that end of it. (I guess she must have gotten kicked before she came to me, which makes me both sad and angry.)

Suddenly, my feet are a-ok with her. Unfortunately this is a 24/7 thing, so if I'm exercising or just walking around, she no longer feels the need to avoid me. I already know full well how to do the "cat walk" (I barely pick my feet up off the floor while at home), so HOPEFULLY I won't step on the poor girl, but I'd rather she not be so trusting in this case.

Work on getting her to let me touch her feet is going really, really slow. I think we're still making progress, but this is one of the slowest things we've worked on so far.

She sure is getting friendly though (on her terms). When I'm not looking at her, she comes up on my desk and headbutts me endlessly. Poor girl has poor balance, half the time she falls off my desk trying to rub against me. (I have to let her fall, if I try to catch her, it sets off the GRABBING ME EVIL MONSTER NO NO NO RUN reaction.)

- Spiffy free fanart of Thistle! I love his armor in it so much. :D It's funny, I can remember each piece of his gear, he worked so hard for it! Art by the wonderful [ profile] alicethesable.

- I spent about an hour sitting at the creation screen in WoW, trying to come up with a name for a new alt (paladin). Finally I gave up and I'm trying to get a name freed instead (I suspect I'll have less luck this time than all the other successes though). Ironically, Thistle started life as a Tauren paladin, rerolled as Alliance worgen hunter, faction changed back to Horde.

- The Walking Dead is SUCH a good show. This week's ep killed me! Arg! And while I don't usually like scary things, I find I actually enjoy how it makes me jump and gasp. Holy cow, this week's ep though. Arg!

I went in search of Walking Dead fics, but didn't have much luck. The heydays of HP fandom has spoiled me-- more outstanding fanfic than you'd ever have time to read.

Odd, I always thought heyday was "hayday", people excited because it was time to harvest the hay or something. Heyday makes less sense.
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Let's continue this bullet point test.
  • The in-game holiday event started today, and as usual it stressed me out. All new stuff does. The holiday isn't even new! Stupid brain, stop being stressed. My initial plan was to get the wonderful Feline Familiar pet on all my alts because it's the spiffiest thing ever, but it took me the entire night to get the 150 candy money things to buy it. Not worth the effort to repeat it.

    It really is the cutest thing ever! Black cat with glowing eyes, wearing a witch's hat! And it rides a broom behind you when you fly!

    No HH mount. I ended up doing it on eight alts today, since the queue was so quick.

  • Related to that, Thistle actually did the most damage in his group! It wasn't a high number (6,600K-ish), but it was still the most! Embarrassingly, my rogue did 2K and change. Thankfully the fights are fast, maybe they'll continue to be done before anyone can kick him.

  • Had a little RP, between doing trick or treating to get my cat. (Wacky-sounding sentence to non-WoW folks.) I totally lost track of time and started a new scene at 8! I usually try to be done by then, so I can relax a little before bed.

  • I still haven't seen this week's Homeland. Arg! I want to tomorrow. I was going to today, but I decided I wanted to watch the The Walking Dead season premier more. Gah, zombies! It's amazing the fear that show can make you feel. :D

Okay, LJ is broken for sure. Again I started in HTML version and when I did a 'preview' it went into rich text. STOP DOING THAT.  ARG!  If you like using rich text, fine and dandy, but I don't! Stop forcing it onto me, LJ! ARG!
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One funny and one horrible (in a good way).

Apparently this is a new thing. "Bad Lip Reading". Michele Bachmann's campaign ad outtakes. "Jackpot fishy poopy pants!"

To be fair, here's one of Obama:"Let's creep in a large office and make friction after we eat lunch..." The whole site of them is here.

The horrible is great, but horrible eeek! Everyone is watching The Walking Dead, right? Second season starts on the 16th! There's a six ep webisode short story that explains one of the zombies from season one. SO SAD.

Part one. Parts two to six are linked from there. I made an embarrassingly loud noise of surprise twice and covered my head with my arms once. In less than 30 minutes of footage! It always amazes me when this kind of thing is free. Watch it! But not while alone in the dark with zombies.

In RP news, I did my first cross-faction RP tonight! Er, not counting Pembroke stuff (*snugs a worgen*). The guy was really good, I met him through the IC Twitter project. I would have liked to have RPed more, but he had to go and I had another scene waiting for me.

Glee stuff got long, so I'm cutting it.Glee night. This was my favorite ep of the season so far... )
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First off, have I talked about The Walking Dead enough yet?

The official season two trailer. I made rather loud surprised noise once and muttered 'oh fuck' multiple times. These poor characters are in so much trouble! (As anyone would be, if there were only a small handful of living people left, the rest of the world's population turned into zombies!)

Condoms, condoms everywhere, but not a drop to drink-- er, wait. A variety of wacky (and painful looking) condoms! I wouldn't even call this 'NWS', most of them don't look anything like a condom at all.

And on WoW/RP, my planned RP fell through (because [ profile] penwyn is a poopyhead :P ), BUT! For the first time in a long time, I found good random RP. Odd, interesting RP that makes me want to learn more about the other character. It's so nice to RP with someone who writes a good post! For weeks all I've gotten was single, poorly written sentence posts, and his were really well written and typo-free, so I'm happy! The character seems interested in Keen (??), but the guy's RSP described him as 'smells like he rarely takes a bath, hair dirty and matted', so that one of many issues with a Keen-relationship. If this goes that way at all, I could be reading it wrong or he could be leading Keen on ICly on purpose. I love not knowing for sure! I've never understood folks who like IC "spoilers".

And on WoW/gold, I've decided to stop digging in my heels. How many times have I protested I'm not going to make gold anymore? Yet I read gold blogs endlessly, still do my research. I came to the realization that I like making gold. Even if I don't need it anymore, the process is enjoyable to me, it's what makes WoW work fun to me. So not only am I going back to it, I've gone insane and I'm going to do it on both factions.

So, based on that, I spent last night dropping and skilling professions. It's kind of funny, for weeks I've been hearing a couple people complain about how hard skilling professions is (and ask me how hard FFXI me had to bite my tongue over that!), but I've made a ton of money from it. I could have made more if I had known how well things would sell! I vendored about 90% of the stuff I made, alas. What I did save is almost all gone, 24 hours later!

It's so very confusing doing this on both factions. I already have increased confusion as to which side I'm on, ever since going back to being active on Horde as well. It's a darned good thing flight master NPCs don't kill you for going to the wrong one, because I'm back to always flying to the wrong places. (How do people be active on both factions and not go insane?)

Biggest problem with working on both sides? Impossible to babysit both AHs at once! Arg!

On Horde, I'm nearly back up to 500K. I'd have long since reached that, but I bought a number of expensive gifts for friends. On Alliance, I'm just a tiny bit from 100K. I'm still kicking myself for not buying those two vials of sand for 23K each and flipping them, but I'm such a chicken about big deals like that -- what if they didn't sell, then I'd be stuck with them and have lost all that money! But I know they probably would have and I could have made 20K profit on each. Bah.

In RL and on game, I'm very much a 'slow and steady wins the race' type person, big risks make me too nervous.

[ profile] pomr and [ profile] kelen talked about a new free MMO, Runes of Magic, with a professions/crafting system that's actually hard. I was this close to installing it, my mouse was over the 'click here to download' button, then I caught myself. I don't want a new MMO! If/when I leave WoW, that's it, no more MMOs. Sorry guys! <3 I had a good laugh at myself though.
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In no special order, the three things I've run into today that I love:

1) Did you watch season one of The Walking Dead? If not, go do it now!

An amusing look at 'behind the scenes' of season two. I can't wait!

2) Trailer for Pixar's new movie: Brave. Watch it in the highest HD you can! The animation is SO GOOD (other than the sadly cartoonish person). I have no idea what the plot is going to be about, but man, I loved the animation on the horse, the grass, the bear!

3) NWS! I loved this week's oglaf comic to death! Sexy and hot and I love how it's written. Again, NWS!

And for the thing everyone other than me loves: Former President Bill Clinton is a brony! NPR has a show that does a section called "Not My Job", during it they quiz the people on some topic that they should have no idea about. They asked Clinton questions based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He got all of them right. How funny is that!

I've given that show so many chances, I wish I could get into it, but I can't. I've given it three chances, started from the beginning, watched the recommended eps, I think it's just not a match for me. :/

And unrelated: I should make a WoW post sometime, but my enjoyment of the game is really low right now, so I keep starting posts and then going "meh" and deleting them instead of finishing.
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No matter how good a piece of music is, and how good a show is, forcing one into the other is not always a good thing.

This week's The Walking Dead ep used the amazingly beautiful music from Sunshine:

It knocked me out of the story faster than anything. Since I was out of it, I headed over to Bear McCreary's music blog to see if he had anything to say about it. I thought maybe he recreated the music himself, though it sounded exactly the same as in Sunshine.

Oddly, he didn't mention it at all. He mentions the scene before and the scene after, but the scene with the song is ignored. I wonder if it's because he disagreed with using someone else's music but he couldn't post negative stuff about the show?

Usually he's good at replying to comments, but none of the comments about that song got a reply.


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