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This feels like the longest winter of my life. Coldest, too. With my very limited heat, it's usually mid 50s inside when I wake up/get home from work. Gets up to the low 60s after the heat has been on two or three hours. Nowadays, 66 inside feels toasty warm!

Come back soon, summer!

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My mother told me that when you use movers, they always "lose" (steal) one box. I hadn't believed her at the time, but now I'm thinking that's actually right.

Before I moved, I bought a new container of cleaner. I was nearly out of the previous one, I'm 100% certain I bought a replacement.

Before I moved, I had two bottles of shampoo (one almost empty, and a new/full one to replace it).

Before I moved, I had FOUR extra/new tubes of new toothpaste.

All those things are missing, and they all would have been packed in the same box. (The cleaner could go with the other stuff, since it was new/sealed).

But how would the movers know which box to 'lose'? They have tape in their trucks, and they're alone with your boxes in the truck. They do add extra tape to boxes if they think it's not closed well enough, so they could easily open them, check what's inside, then reclose it and if needed, add more tape.

I had numbered my boxes, but things were so hectic, I didn't check them on the other end as I was unpacking.

It's possible, though unlikely, that I left them behind. I checked both apartments very carefully, multiple times, before turning in the keys.

I suppose I should be happy that's all that's gone, things that can be replaced. But still. I use an expensive/special toothpaste that's about $8 per tube, so altogether that's almost $60 worth of stuff. And that's only what I've noticed is gone. I'm sure the box had more than those three things in it.

It's been almost two months since I moved, so it'd be pretty pointless to contact the moving company. Plus I have no proof...
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Two little things make a small post.

I was invited to a movie preview, first time that ever happened. Unfortunately it was for a movie that I had less than no interest in seeing. Title: Long Halftime Walk. The summary:

The film is told from the point of view of 19-year-old private Billy Lynn (newcomer Joe Alwyn) who, along with his fellow soldiers in Bravo Squad, becomes a hero after a harrowing Iraq battle and is brought home temporarily for a victory tour. Through flashbacks, culminating at the spectacular halftime show of the Thanksgiving Day football game, the film reveals what really happened to the squad - contrasting the realities of the war with America's perceptions.

Even if I could see it for free online, instead of actually having to go to a theater, I'd have no interest at all in seeing it. Less than none: It seems like a move I'd dislike. RL war. Sports. No thanks.

As the invitation was sent to me the same day as the preview, I wonder if other people canceled and they were trying to fill in spots? Either way, I didn't go, even though it was at my local theater.

The other minor thing amused me: New book I'm reading, the main character is 24 years old. My first reaction was to blink in surprise and wonder why the author made her so old! Then I had to laugh at myself -- clearly I've been reading way too many YA books!
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Move all done! I'm really happy with my new (new-new) apartment. $100 and change more a month than my previous new one, but I have a lot more space (junior bedroom instead of studio), AC, an assigned parking spot (instead of first come, first serve with fewer parking spots than there are apartments), and spiders. Okay, maybe that last one isn't really a feature. I found the biggest one in the bathtub this morning though, and another outside of it. Luckily I don't mind spiders much. But I'm sure the spiders come from the fact that we have nature here. Grass, trees, shade, growing things. Previous-new apartment was nothing but pavement and concrete -- the property (four large apartment buildings) had a grand total of three palm trees growing. This place is right on the border of a river (a creek for those who know the area) and has stuff growing everywhere.

But why am I awake at 2:30 AM? The game I play has a big patch coming out today (due to drop at 3 AM my time) and I did intend to get up for it if I naturally woke up at that time, but my legs were hurting so much all night, I couldn't sleep at all. Dozens of trips up and down the stairs and hours of moving boxes was just too much for me, I guess. For some reason, laying down makes them really, really hurt, but sitting or standing isn't as bad. Seems wacky, but since the game has a big patch coming, I figured I might as well give up on sleeping tonight. zzz I do feel tired, but not sleepy, if that makes sense.

This move went better than the move three weeks ago. That move, moving the same amount of stuff basically the same distance, cost me $440 + $40 tip. It was killing me to pay that much again, but for some reason this move came to $230 + $40. Much much better!

My apartment is currently such a mess. To hopefully avoid bringing silverfish with me from the old apartment, I wanted to unpack and get rid of the boxes as fast as I could. So I unpacked everything and just put it anywhere -- stacks of stuff in random spots.

Unfortunately one box had so many silverfish in it, I threw it all out. It was a box of my drawings and photo albums, so... that was painful to lose. But silverfish lay their eggs in and on things, and there's just no way of cleaning them up. Maybe at some point in my life I'll be sad I lost them, but through my life thus far I haven't wanted physical photos and never looked at them, so... Hopefully I won't feel bad about it later. I would have liked to have kept my drawings (I could actually draw when I was younger!), but paper is the worst thing when it comes to silverfish.

Ugh. I hate silverfish so much. Horrible little bugs.
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I'd like to know how I pissed the weather gods off.

Two years I lived in an apartment with AC. In the last year, I did not need to use the AC even once for weather-related purposes.

Move to an apartment with no AC for THREE WEEKS, in the middle of FALL, and we have THREE heat waves! 95+ each time! Which means 100+ inside! When there was not even one hear wave all summer! I'm moving out on Monday, but Saturday is going to be 90+ and Sunday is going to be 95+. ARG.

Seriously, I must have pissed something off...

On Amazon Locker, it couldn't be easier. The most "challenging" part was spotting where it was located in the little store. Punch in a 5 digit code, door pops open, take box. I'd happily use it again, if needed!
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Yesterday was two years since I had gastric bypass surgery. By chance, my two year checkup with my surgeon happened to fall on that same day. For the first time ever he told me I was doing well and he was happy with the results. I actually thought he was going to hug me, he came in close, but he ended up shaking my hand instead. Fellow is a good surgeon, but has so few people skills. (Also, he's quite overweight, which boggles me. All he does is gastric bypass surgery, day in and day out, he works only with these patients. That just seems really odd to me.)

Also, I've lost 152 pounds so far. I must remember that, I keep saying 130 pounds. (That's my brain for you, crapping on my own accomplishments as much as it can.)

I have a referral to see the plastic surgeon to talk about skin removal, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go for it. If it's 100% covered by insurance and if he says it will be a safe, easy thing, then maybe... but I doubt those things will happen.

In other news, yay for me! I could have worked from home today, but I came into the office because I had things I really wanted to get done, and working from home tends to be less working and more fooling around online. 10 AM and I have them all done! Yay for being a responsible, productive adult!

And on apartment news, the "garbage valet" service is actually kind of nice. There is no way in the world I would pay for it if I had a choice, but we can't opt-out of it, so I'm using it. We pay $30 a month for it, and five days a week you can just put your garbage outside your door, and someone comes around and collects it (you leave it in a special garbage bin, a small one you bring back inside after, an upright kitchen trash bin sized one).

Also, my Internet issues are all cleared up, so I'm paying $30 to the apartment complex instead of $70 directly to Comcast. It's not 100% perfect, but probably 98%, and for that kind of savings I'm happy.

I know this will surprise no one, but Comcast sucks. I returned the equipment I rented from them (TV box months ago and modem two weeks ago), and they called me claiming I never returned either. Thankfully I sat around at the time so I could get a receipt (I had to wait TWO HOURS for the TV box one, but only 15 minutes for the modem one), so I was able to prove I did return them.
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It's two weeks and two days until I move, and... I'm done. Everything is packed except last minute stuff that I'm still using. I've done nearly all the move-out cleaning that I can do with boxes in the way and me still living there. I'm all done, yet I still have two weeks to wait and do nothing.

On one hand, I should enjoy this time. I have AC, and I'm moving into a place without it. I'm in a pretty, nice complex, and I'm moving into a place that's more than 50% smaller and a whole lot less nice, so I should just enjoy the last of my time here. But I can't. Because I'm moving in two weeks.

It's actually better to have stuff to do because I feel like I'm accomplishing things and getting stuff done when I pack. Now I'm just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, and stressing/worrying about all the what-ifs. I just want to get on with life -- get moved, get unpacked and settled, iron the bugs out of my new place.

The first day there is going to be interesting. All of the apartments are being moved in to at the same time. (They were all being renovated, the whole building.) I don't know how all the moving trucks are going to handle it -- there's so little parking, and people are going to be moving in all day. Hopefully it will be a little easier for my people, since I'm taking Thursday the 1st off for the move. Maybe more people will move in on Friday the 2nd or the weekend.

Ellie New Cat update: Her nonstop meowing begging for food is 90% corrected in the evenings, yet somehow only 20% corrected in the morning. (How do kittybrains work that she can't connect the two?) Whenever she meows, I run at her hissing and waving my hands over my head (just plain running at her stopped working after a while). It's a good thing I live alone, as I'm sure that would be amusing to watch. However, since she's improved so much in the evenings, I have hope that eventually the mornings will get corrected as well.

I no longer make her talk for a treat, as I think that would send mixed signals. Maybe not, maybe meowing on command might register differently in kittybrains, but I don't need to risk it.
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Now and then, I'll teach an animal a trick that I know will later come back and bite me. (I taught a dog to open doors once. Worst. Idea. Ever.)

Because I got Ellie New Cat when she was young, I wanted to do things to keep her brain engaged with the world. (My previous cat was 18 when she died, so all she did was sleep and eat and maybe walk a few steps between the two.) One of the things I did with Ellie was teach her to do tricks. All well and good, even though she's not perfect about it (she tends to just run through all of her tricks until I give her the treat, instead of doing the right one the first time).

The problem is that one of the tricks I taught her was to "talk" (meow). Now, more than an hour before her meal times, she starts meowing. Nonstop. Loud. And when I say nonstop, I mean it, just MEEEEEOW MEEEEEOW MEEEEEOW MEEEEEOW with no pauses other than to inhale. For more than an hour straight. It's loud and demanding and drives me crazy.

I've tried a number of things to break her of this. Saying "NO" loudly doesn't work, nor does "QUIET". Hissing at her surprised her at first and made her pause while she eyed me, but that stopped working fast. As of last night, I think I might have hit on the solution: When she starts meowing, I hiss at her and chase her around the apartment. I'm a little worried about that, as it took me two years to get her to trust me, but it seems to be working (and more importantly, seems to have no lasting effects afterwards).

I figure chasing her might be the most "natural" way to fix this -- cats don't meow endlessly in the wild because, while they are predators, they're small ones and thus prey as well. They wouldn't want to attract attention and get chased/eaten by something.

I'm glad no one's around to see me, because I'm sure it would be comical to watch.

My 'crazy cat lady' icon seems fitting for this post...
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- In the endless tangle of worries that is my brain, a new BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT WORRY EVER has come to the forefront of the others: The new apartment complex I'm moving into comes with wifi, so I'm going to cancel my personal service and use the complex's (saving almost $100/month), but now I can't stop wondering if it'll be good enough. If I'm sharing wifi with an apartment complex, probably 50 other apartments, what are the chances I'll get the speed/bandwidth that I'm used to? Good enough to play online games (MMOs) and steam video without lag? Is that a pipe dream or might it be good enough that I won't need to return to a personal account?

- In other apparently worry-related news, last night I had a dream I was at work. Working. So when I woke up, I felt like I had been at work all night... just in time to go to work this morning. Thanks, brain.

- I'm watching the new Voltron series from Netflix/Dreamworks. I had loved the original Voltron when I was a kid, so I had hoped I'd like the new series, but right now (halfway point of the first season), I'm pretty meh on it. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It's watchable.

- Ellie New Cat is the oddest cat. She doesn't like to climb things. I used to have a floor-to-ceiling post for her, but she never used it so I got rid of it. Now I have boxes stacked halfway to the ceiling, formed in "steps" that would be easy as pie for her to jump up, and she hasn't checked it out once. She never wants to go higher than the back of a chair or desktop. I never met a cat like that before.

- Packing for my move is going well. I said it before and I'll say it again: It rocks to start really early. I have three weeks and change left, and I'm nearly done packing -- too done! I packed stuff I now wish I hadn't packed, bowls and such.

- I have a ton of non-packing, move-related stuff left to do. I've been dragging my feet on it for some reason, things like change of address through the post office, scheduling power to turn on in the new place, etc. Much of it can be easily done online, though some of it (like canceling Comcast) will need a phone call and an office visit to return hardware.

- Though I said I was done with Freecycle, I decided to list one more thing. I had three very nice plush toys (picture of them), very good condition (kept on shelves, never played/slept with). I thought they would get lots of interest and snapped right up, but nope. Only one single request, and that person wanted just one of the three. (I ended up saying no to that person, since I'd have to take the other two to Goodwill to donate, splitting the group would just double my work.) I know this area has very few families/kids, but I still thought there would be interest in them. Oh well.
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In the middle of this month, my LJ will hit 14 years old. How amazing and scary is that? I still want to go back and tag the old entries, but I have seven years of them that aren't done... During those early years, I posted daily or multiple times a day, so that would be a lot of work. However, it would be interesting to read all those posts again, so...maybe. (Every year I say the same thing, so I'm not exactly holding my breath that I'll get it done this year.)

It's exactly one month until I move. I really, really like having all this time ahead of time. I've thrown out so much stuff. I had multiple boxes I never unpacked in the last 10+ years, but stuff I knew I didn't want to throw away. I ended up throwing away about 90% of it. :P

My new apartment is going to be a studio, which I'm kind of worried about. It's going to be kind of like living in a dorm room, but without a roommate (THANKFULLY). One room, tiny kitchen, tiny bathroom. So the more I can get rid of, the better.

It's odd, but usually when I move, I think it's going to be a long-term thing, that I won't want to move again. But this time I know I won't be staying there more than a year or two. The parking situation is what's going to be what makes me leave. (I could pay $160 extra a month for a parking spot, but the place also has no AC, so it's not like it's perfect other than not having assigned or much street parking.) So basically it feels like, once I'm home from work early afternoon, I won't be able to leave again for the day because I won't have a spot when I get back. I know I don't like going back out after work, but sometimes there are doctors appointments and I keep wanting to try to reach out and get some kind of social network going, but that would be hard enough even without stressing about finding a parking spot when I get back. So, a year or two in the new place, then I'll move again.

...I know I said this wouldn't be about books, but wow, that In real Life one I just finished is still in my brain and won't leave me alone. I want to know MORE MORE MORE about professional eSports teams! I even watched some Starcraft videos on YouTube.

I think I'm going to be able to get my apartment clean enough to get most of the deposit back. My bedroom rug is the big problem. Ellie New Cat always throws up on it, and there are some visible spots. I need to get some carpet spot cleaner or something.

Work is rough right now, but that's nothing new.

Gaming is... somewhat the same. A number of months back, I got roped into a leadership position that I didn't want, but no one else wanted and they all voted for me to get it. The group needed a leader or it would fold, and it was a very old group, but I didn't want it all the same (I had been about to leave the group, in fact). Months later, and I still have the position. I still don't want it. It's nothing but stress for me, and next to no benefit. Problem is, no one else wants leadership, so if I give leadership to anyone who will take it, it will hurt the group, and I feel too responsible to want that to happen... so it's sort of a catch-22.

TV: I watched the first season of Mr. Robot, which was AMAZING. Like nothing else ever on TV. I loved it! I'm waiting to watch the second season until it's over though, so I can marathon it. Better Call Saul's second season should be about over soon, too? So I can start watching that. Yesterday I started Stranger Things, which is completely freaking me out. I didn't know it was horror-ish (or maybe I'm just a scaredy cat).
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As if I needed more reason not to vote for him...

So I do lots of surveys, right? It's good side-money, I make a $10 Amazon gift card once a week or so. Today I got offered one from "Great America PAC" -- I rarely get political ones, so I looked it up before starting. It's Trump's...

How are these for unbiased questions?

Do you believe Barack Obama accomplished a radical liberal agenda the past 8 years?
Do you agree that President Obama’s weak foreign policy leadership has made our allies nervous and our enemies emboldened?
Should the Obama Administration have done more to stop the Benghazi attacks, which a bipartisan report has now determined were preventable?

Not only that, when I reached the end of the survey (99% completed), it then told me I was disqualified. Rarely companies do that underhanded thing -- they collect all your info, then at the very end tell you you're disqualified, so they don't have to pay for the results.

How surprised are we that Trump robbed me of the 60 cents I would have made for this survey?
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I put in an application for a new apartment today. While I haven't heard back yet, my credit and rental history are very good, so I don't expect there to be any problems (famous last words). The studio apartments are all currently being renovated, due to be done by August 1st, and I need to move in in September, so turned out I got my pick of them (picked a corner unit in the back, hopefully will be the quietest). Ground floor. Apartment choice isn't in writing yet, I need to see to that.

Other notes:

No air conditioning, windows only in the front of the apartment (so no cross-breeze). It's early July and I haven't yet used my AC once this year, so... hopefully that won't be too big of an issue.

Has washer/dryer! That's a big, big positive and one I hadn't figured I'd be able to get. (Also has a dishwasher, which rocks.)

Pent rent is such a scam. I have to pay $65 extra every month because I have a cat... My current pet rent is $25, which is still a scam, but less so than $65. Highest listed pet rent I've seen was $75, so $65 is pretty bad.

Oddly the apartment comes with "high speed internet access". If it really is good access, I can drop Comcast, which will save me over $100.

It's maybe 5-10 minutes further from work. Technically it's one town over from where I am now, but it's so close to the border, it might as well be the same town.

Water/trash/net is about $100 a month extra. (I'm currently paying about the same for just water/trash here.)

Big minus: No assigned parking. Street parking is insanely jammed. There's a resident-only parking lot, but it's small. I strongly suspect there are more apartments than spots. This is likely going to be the issue that makes me eventually move. Sad. (You can get an assigned spot, but it's $160 per month...)

Is it perfect? No. But it's in my price range, and I'm getting more features than I had hoped I would (washer/dryer), so hopefully it will work out. It's really, REALLY small. I've always said I never needed much space and my current apartment is too big for me, so I guess I'm going to get to test that out. :P


Jun. 8th, 2016 11:30 pm
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So much to do. My in box is full of emails, I'll be replying to comments and trying to catch up on my friends list over the next couple days. It's so good to have net access again!

There was a "famous" person on my flight home. Joanne Weir was in the check-in line right in front of me (and didn't even fly first class). I wouldn't have realized it was her at all, but she was recording her voice mail and quietly said into it 'Hi this is Joanne Weir, I can't take your call...' and I was close enough to hear her. Even from behind, I was sure it was her (she had the same unique hair), and when I edged around the front to see her face, I was sure. I didn't say anything to her though, partially because I hate her cooking show/how she acts/her voice and always switched the channel when she was on.

I was so happy to get home and see my cat. Unfortunately she seems to have forgotten who I am. Instead of running to me when I came home (as she does after work), she sat at a distance and eyed me in a 'Who the hell are you?' sort of way. When I approached her, she backed off, still eyeing me like she was scared. Silly kitty, I was only gone a week!

Both times through the TSA line at the airport I got pulled out of line for a pat-down. The first time was okay -- interesting since I never had one before and she mostly just went through the motions. Coming home was a different story and she actually felt my crotch (with the back of her hand), and fully between my thighs, across my butt, etc. That was odd and rather disturbing.

More tomorrow!
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Lufthansa Airline is going to start flying out of a local airport, and so for some reason they came to my company to put on an event about it. Raffle for a round trip ticket to Europe, a small bit of swag (choice between a cookie, a plastic duck, or a tablet stand -- I took the stand), and a VR tour of a plane cabin and a airplane hanger. Because my chances of winning the trip are slim, the VR tour was the thing I was most looking forward too.

Maybe I watch too much scifi, but the reality of VR was really, really meh. It was basically like looking at a 360 degree photo. (You had to stay sitting in a chair, so you could spin but not get closer to anything.) I never once felt the desire to put out my hand and see if I could touch something -- the 3D effects in movies are a lot more realistic.

I don't know if this was just a cheap system (someone else in line said it looked like Google Cardboard) or if all VR is like that. Either way, it was a big disappointment.

But hey, maybe since the VR was disappointing, I'll win the trip. :P The drawing is in 40 minutes, so if I don't edit this post shortly, you'll know I didn't win.
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I realized this morning that I haven't yet had any stress dreams/nightmares about my upcoming vacation. That's especially odd, as I'm flying off instead of having my mother fly in. I guess it almost feels like it's not real? Even though it's less than a month away? (New readers: I'm a complete and utter stressball, and as I remember multiple dreams a night, it tends to really come out in my dreams. Any changes in my life, even things like vacations, tend to stress me out.)

I don't know if part of it is that I'm distracted by my eventual-move (two stressful things canceling each other out instead of feeding each other?). Once I'm back from my vacation, I need to make more progress on that. My lease is up early in September, so it's not pressing yet, but it will be before long. (And boy am I happy I was able to save most of my boxes from the last time I moved -- I knew I would be!)

I made the mistake of starting a new farm in Stardew Valley. That game is such a perfect trap for me -- I can accomplish things in it, which makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing things in real life, which means I feel okay just sitting there and playing instead of actually accomplishing things real life. (But boy, is this second play-through going amazingly well. By Spring 10 Year 1 I had both backpack upgrades. By Spring 15 I had my first house upgrade and three tool upgrades done. While it feels evil of me, I'm going to back Walmart JoJa Corp instead of the community center -- I'm swimming in money, so it should be faster and easier. I'm going to totally avoid the moneysink of farm buildings, since I don't like interacting with animals anyway. Except a slime hutch. I seem to like slimes a lot and miss the feral one from my first save.)

I think/hope my toe has finally actually healed up. I've been off antibiotics a couple weeks now, and it seems to be mostly the same. Now and then I get a twinge of pain from it, which worries me a lot, but it's not reopening nor is it getting hot. (It's especially a worry now, because if it does get bad again, that means IV antibiotics... and my vacation in less than a month.)

Sadly, yet not unexpectedly, my weight has gone up a little. SIGH! Not surprising, since somehow I went down almost five pounds last week (and I'm 98% sure I'm in PMS). Only three pounds as of this morning, but it still depresses me.

I started running, but as I just barely started it (last week), I can't do all that much yet. Other than yesterday, I've been enjoying it. (This whole week I've felt tired and down, and just didn't want to do it yesterday. For the same reason, I've skipped doing pushups twice in a row now.

This whole week I've just felt physically down. Blah. Tired nonstop even though I'm sleeping the same amount of house. Super duper extra hungry, too. Really, all this goes with the PMS thing, I think. (Edit: You know, it's amazing that, at this point in my life, I still have to add "I think" onto that. I'm approaching the point of not having to deal with it anymore, and yet still I don't know for sure. Bodies...)
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For some reason, I like to keep my book review posts on their own, so there will be another post sometime later today with a couple of reviews.

First off, exciting times! While this DOES NOT COUNT, as tomorrow is my official weighing day, I couldn't help but take a picture anyway. The first time I've been under 200 since I went away to college (multiple decades ago).

Now I just have to eat really, really good today so it doesn't go up for my official weighing tomorrow. :D (And yes, I'm bad, I can't help but weigh myself every single day. Yes, it makes me crazy. But I also think it makes me more accountable for my day-to-day eating.)

For a couple reasons, I think I'm going to move to Kaiser insurance when we're able to switch. Money is part of it (they're the cheapest plan by far), but also [ profile] gonzostar posted some information on coverage of skin removal, and it seems like it will be a much easier process there. I'm not 100% sure I want to have it done (surgery, eek!), but my surgeon said I have about 15 pounds of stomach skin (can you imagine?), and getting my breasts done would be another big chunk, so I almost want to have it done for "easy" loss off ~25 pounds.


Stardew Valley people: I found an easy way to get a screenshot of your whole farm. Go to, upload your save file (open Windows Explorer, enter %appdata%, and you can find it from there), and you get a page like mine, scroll down to the bottom for the map. You can see my farm and all my game stats there.

[ profile] orangerful had said I had a had a good farm, which started my quest to make that screenshot. As you can see, my farm SUCKS. I hadn't even realized how bad it was until I saw that overhead shot. So much wasted space! I think I'm going to scrap the whole thing and start over.


I'm spinning my wheels right now on so much stuff. My vacation is coming up in less than a month, and there's so much I have to do/plan, I'm so nervous about so much. (I really hate my brain sometimes.) Even though I'm planning on leaving my apartment four hours before my flight (leaving two hours for what should be just over a 30 minute drive, but it'll be rush hour, and two hours for security and such), I'm so worried something will happen and I'll miss it.

Also, I had thought I wouldn't have to check my bag, but it's a couple inches too big, so I guess I'll have to. That's not such a big deal on the outgoing leg, but onto the returning home leg, I have a 45 minute layover (shorter than I'd like), so I have no idea if I or my bag will make it... Plus there's always the worry that someone might steal your bag during luggage claim.


Though it's still early, I'm plotting and planning things for my move. I'd like to be rid of my sofa, but I had no idea how hard of a task that is. If I have someone come in to haul it away, it will be a minimum of $150! It's way too big for me to get out of my apartment myself, otherwise I could sneak it into the apartment complex trash (not supposed to dump furniture there, but people do).

I'm semi-considering buying a saw and, assuming it's made of wood inside, breaking it down into smaller pieces that I can take out during the night myself (putting a sheet down to contain any mess). However, I have no idea of a number of things: How expensive a saw is. What I would do with the saw after. If it's made of wood inside or if there are metal bars. How big of a job it would be to saw a sofa into pieces myself.

I will NOT be buying a new sofa to replace it. :P
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All my life, I've wanted to be able to run. As a very heavy person, running even a couple steps was a bad idea. But [ profile] gonzostar does lots of running now, and instead of just admiring her for it, why can't I try it too? I still haven't gotten the app issue worked out yet, but I figured I could just try it some and see how it goes.

Odd thing #1: It doesn't hurt my knees. It doesn't hurt anything. It doesn't feel at all like running when I was 130+ pounds heavier. :P Duh on me!

Odd thing #2: And, unlike #1, this one really is odd. I don't seem to know how to run. You'd think we could just... run. It must be in our genes. I had to run a couple times for gym class in high school (decades ago), but I haven't run at all since then. I'm 100% sure I'm doing it wrong, as I only land on the balls of my feet and never put the rest of my foot down. Also, perhaps related to that issue, I seem to... bounce? too much. Like I'm not running smoothly, I think I must be going up and down more than other people when they run...

I watched some videos on Youtube, but unsurprisingly there are no "how to run" videos out there. I did learn it's rare to land on the balls of your feet instead of your heels, and that it's safer/better for you to land that way, so go me?

I didn't run for long though, because it just felt so wrong. I have no idea how to force my heels to drop down and touch the ground too, it feels natural to stay up on the balls of my feet if I'm running. I didn't run for long outside, because I worry I look like I'm running oddly, so I ran back and forth in my apartment (I have one long hallway that goes from one end of it to the other).

I have no idea how to figure out how to run right though...

Stardew Valley: I haven't been posting about it much. I'm back into winter again, which is just the worst season of them all. So boring. I'm trying to max out my mining and adventuring ratings (both 9 now), which means I have to keep going into the Skull Dungeon (which I really dislike, it's stressful to me for some reason, I guess maybe because the mobs are so much harder). I wonder if I could max out in the mines or if the XP there is just too low?

Finally, after having a baby for like three weeks, it woke up. I think we can all agree that Haken should not be permitted babies and/or needs some better way to paint the ceiling.

Stop throwing so hard! D:

And lastly, the perfect food for the next time you go to the strip club. Sexy snackfoods? (Work safe on that link? I think?)
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One way to make miles on my credit card is to fill out surveys. It's not really worth it at all (time:miles ratio is really off), but if I'm doing nothing else, I'll fill one out. I did one about TV, and at the end it asked me if I would be interested in being contacted to watch a new show and talk about what I thought of it. Hey, seeing a new show ahead of everyone else and get paid for it? Sign me up!

Silly me forgot how awful most TV is. This was a sitcom I assume was targeted at 20-somethings. The humor in it was so painfully bad, not at all a match for me. That being said, it would be cool if this show ended up on TV and I had gotten to see it ahead of time. (I'm not permitted to talk about the show itself, so unfortunately I can't mention the title or details about it here.)

Within eight weeks we get paid (a $35 gift card that can supposedly be used anywhere).

The most interesting part was the final 'question'. The host said thanks, and all of our replies to that showed to the rest of the group (none of our other answers showed up to each other, only the company/host/show producers saw them). It was interesting to see the nicknames people picked for themselves (people who pick a name like "[name]'s mommy" always make me roll my eyes -- do you really have no identity other than who you gave birth to?), and how well people could type/write.

While I didn't like the show at all and said that in my answers, I hope, since I seemed to be one of the people most able to write, that they ask me to do more of these.
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I've found an effective distraction from my worries over my upcoming trip: Dealing with pre-moving stuff. :P

Once my lease expires, I'm going to be moving. (I really, really need to look up when that will be. I believe I have a few months left, but I need to know so I can better plan.) I'm hoping to move somewhere where I'll be paying $1,000 less per month, which will mean I'll no longer be eating into my savings each month. However, with that much cheaper of an apartment, I'm going to lose some "must have" feature. Either AC, an in-unit washer/dryer, or it will not be in the local area. I'm really sad about that.

I'm also falling out of love with this area. I just cannot afford to live here anymore. Even if I get a promotion at work (which might not even happen this year), it doesn't come with hardly any additional money.

Anyway. That's not what I wanted to write about. While moving is stressful, I'm in the "fun" stage of it now. (Or maybe that should be "satisfying".) I'm going through everything I own, seeing what I can throw away or donate. (I thought about eBaying what I could, since I need money, but I think that would be more trouble than it's worth.)

I think sadly I need to get rid of most of my physical books. When I had moved to my current apartment, I donated 90% of my books (three car trunks full) to the library. I have less than one bookcase of them left, all ones not currently available in ebook format, but being honest I'll never read physical books again. There's no use lugging them around. Plus I have a lot of big hardcovers that I was keeping for the art, yet I haven't looked at in 20 years...

That will mean I can get rid of a couple bookcases, and I suspect my outside table as well (at $2,000/month rent, there's no way in hell I'll get a porch/personal outside area, so I'll no longer have need of it).

I'm continuing to struggle with my weight. I decided that having oatmeal for breakfast every day might be part of my issue. Since I try not to eat bread, what am I doing eating some carb-heavy food for breakfast every day? Even if I was adding greek yogurt and a few nut to it for protein. While protein bars are expensive enough to make me sad, I've gone back to having one for breakfast instead.

So, while things aren't all that great right now, once I'm able to move, things should get better money-wise (if not living conditions-wise). And it's good to know that my vacation will be very inexpensive ("free" airline tickets, staying with my mother, and she'll feed me).
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My credit card miles finally came through, so I was able to book my flight to see my mother. Round trip, California to Maine, ended up costing me $11. $11. Round trip flight across the country. How amazing is that?

The dates I had to pick weren't 100% perfect. I'll only be there five full days there, not counting two travel days, she wanted me to visit at least seven, but on thinking about it, I think shorter is probably better. I've not gone on a flying-away vacation in 20 years, and only one 'leaving home but not flying' vacation in that time. I'm already stressing out endlessly, and it's almost two months away. :P

What if I hit horrible traffic on the way to the airport and miss my flight? What if I read my ticket wrong and end up there on the wrong day/time? What if I pack something I shouldn't? What if my luggage gets lost? What if my apartment burns down while I'm gone? What if I get sick before I go? What if I get sick on the plane? Endless stupid 'what if' questions.

Amusingly, the only thing I'm not worried about is the flying itself -- I'm not worried the plane will crash or something like that.

Even though I get a free checked bag with my mileage card, I'm thinking I might be able to pack so light that I can just take a carry-on bag. That'd rock, I think.

It's going to be hard being totally offline for a week. I'm online nearly every waking moment, other than when I'm driving. The thought of being without a computer for a week is already making me twitchy. :P (Yeah, I have a smartphone, but it's not new and the screen is very small, so it's hard for doing online stuff.)

Though the first year is free, the mileage card is $90 per year after that. I was thinking I was going to cancel it after the first year, but now I'm thinking not. If I can get enough miles for a free trip like this, the $90 fee is still worth it. (It'll just be much, much harder to earn a free trip after this first one. Just opening the card gave me nearly enough points for the trip, I only had to make one big purchase to cover the rest. From here on out, it's going to be all purchase-based.)


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