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I'm on a few authors' mailing lists, and one of them mentioned they wrote a book for this collection: Gypsies After Dark: A Collection of Brand New Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Novels. 22 books. For how much? 99 cents. That's 22 books, not short stories or something. Novels. And from an actual publisher, too! I don't read urban fantasy, otherwise I would jump on that offer.

...ah drat. The other offer won't work. I have a $3.14 credit at Barnes & Noble and I can't even use it to buy pie. I won't be using it, but it seems to be bound to my account. If it was a code number or something, I'd pass it on to someone.

And, since I'm posting random stuff, I'm not even much of a Star Wars fan, and I love this picture. I figured bigger fans might enjoy it:

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I look though lots and lots of books when searching for ones to read. When I find something odd, cool, wacky, or WTFish, I usually just frown or chuckle at it, then move on. However, after posting about that women who credited her dark side as a co-author, I thought now and then it might be amusing to post a collection of odd things I find while looking for new books to read.

Things that will keep me from reading your book: Having your cat edit it. "Edited by the outspoken and fearless Timothy the Talking Cat..."

Things that will tempt me to read your book: A nice cover. (Though I passed on this one anyway. Summary was generic dreck, and it's from Smashwords.)

But not so much odd covers. Linked for size and NSFW? And this one: Linked for size, utter WTF-ness, and total NSFW.

It's nice when a summary shows a complete lack of professionalism, making it easy for me to pass up on a book:

Set in a distant land, a boy grows into a man as he learns about the gifts of his ancestral blood from a mysterious mentor. And then, on one fateful day, he learns that some knowledge comes with a price.
* Attention: this is not a story about werewolves/lycans/whatever you want to call them *

(Out of curiosity about what kind of story it was then, I googled it. It doesn't seem to even have an Amazon page at all, just Smashwords. Also, no ready answer, and I don't care enough to put more time into searching.)

Summary #2:

Meet Mark . . . a man who has everything, a life that is perfect and a woman who honors his every desire. And if he has it all, why do the visions . . . the uncertainty . . . the demons . . . invade his mind and chase him into what could be his own personal hell?

. . . the ellipses . . .

Added bonus, the title/author of Summary #2 is: T.H.E.i. by T. Duncan Butler.

And then there are books that I just know will be bad, but I cannot resist them:

Pet Noir by Pati Nagle
Overview: Can a lowly gumpaw hope for love with a girl who rides in a jewel-encrusted carrier?

Feline investigator Leon, with opposable thumbs and the ability to talk, is possibly the most dangerous cat in the galaxy. Indentured to the Security department of Gamma Station until the cost of his creation is paid off, Leon alternates between harassing his human partner/roommate Devin and fighting sleazoid criminals, yet still finds time to flirt with the lovely Leila, an exotic Burmese who lives in the swankiest level of the station. Will he win her heart, and more important will he win his freedom?

Bad photoshop? Image choice? All-around bad cover design:

(Took me forever to make out that she must be riding, wearing white pants.)

Sometimes a book seems to come together. Attention-grabbing title "The Girl With Glass Feet", interesting cover:

When that happens, I hit up Amazon to check reviews and such. Unfortunately this one didn't have very good ones, so I'm skipping it. Still, kudos for the title and cover!

Another interesting title, though the book wasn't for me: A Fierce and Subtle Poison

I had really bad luck with my book hunt today. I looked at more than 1,700 titles and authors, clicking links to read summaries and look at cover when the title/author caught my attention, more than three hours combing through them, and only came up with a total of three new books to read. One will likely be bad (the Pet Noir one), one sounds interesting but comes from Smashwords (Shadows of a Superhero so it will likely be bad, and one I have hopes for (The Gaslight Dogs). Usually after this much time I have 12-20 new ones to read.
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All my life, I've wanted to be able to run. As a very heavy person, running even a couple steps was a bad idea. But [ profile] gonzostar does lots of running now, and instead of just admiring her for it, why can't I try it too? I still haven't gotten the app issue worked out yet, but I figured I could just try it some and see how it goes.

Odd thing #1: It doesn't hurt my knees. It doesn't hurt anything. It doesn't feel at all like running when I was 130+ pounds heavier. :P Duh on me!

Odd thing #2: And, unlike #1, this one really is odd. I don't seem to know how to run. You'd think we could just... run. It must be in our genes. I had to run a couple times for gym class in high school (decades ago), but I haven't run at all since then. I'm 100% sure I'm doing it wrong, as I only land on the balls of my feet and never put the rest of my foot down. Also, perhaps related to that issue, I seem to... bounce? too much. Like I'm not running smoothly, I think I must be going up and down more than other people when they run...

I watched some videos on Youtube, but unsurprisingly there are no "how to run" videos out there. I did learn it's rare to land on the balls of your feet instead of your heels, and that it's safer/better for you to land that way, so go me?

I didn't run for long though, because it just felt so wrong. I have no idea how to force my heels to drop down and touch the ground too, it feels natural to stay up on the balls of my feet if I'm running. I didn't run for long outside, because I worry I look like I'm running oddly, so I ran back and forth in my apartment (I have one long hallway that goes from one end of it to the other).

I have no idea how to figure out how to run right though...

Stardew Valley: I haven't been posting about it much. I'm back into winter again, which is just the worst season of them all. So boring. I'm trying to max out my mining and adventuring ratings (both 9 now), which means I have to keep going into the Skull Dungeon (which I really dislike, it's stressful to me for some reason, I guess maybe because the mobs are so much harder). I wonder if I could max out in the mines or if the XP there is just too low?

Finally, after having a baby for like three weeks, it woke up. I think we can all agree that Haken should not be permitted babies and/or needs some better way to paint the ceiling.

Stop throwing so hard! D:

And lastly, the perfect food for the next time you go to the strip club. Sexy snackfoods? (Work safe on that link? I think?)
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Let's have a random image post! These used to be "random LJ images", but those sites are mostly gone nowadays, so they're just random images from around the net.

Four pictures, all work safe. )

And on apples, I eat a lot of them nowadays. Twice now, I've found the oddest, most disturbing thing. Two different apples had no seeds in them, but instead thick white thread-like things. The first time I encountered it, I thought the core was full of worms (and nearly threw up). The second time was no less gross. I had hoped to never encounter that again, and now every time I cut into one, I worry. Anyone know what in the world causes that? It's so very disgusting and disturbing.
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Three things make a post!

1) Game of Thrones, told with pugs:

The how they made it is a good watch, too.

2) By way of [ profile] donnaimmaculata: Critique my dick pic. This is a more interesting site than it would sound on the surface, as the guy critiques the whole photo, not just the dangly bits. In his own words: "friendly reminder that i’m interested in the quality of the photograph rather than the dick itself." (Edit: I forgot to mark this as NWS, but I hope that would be kind of obvious. :) )

3) The scariest teddy bear ever. The animated toy sold for $712. It actually is pretty darned creepy (though not $712 creepy).

Linked because the sample image is somewhat disturbing.
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Apparently there's a GoT commercial somewhere out there in the world, these come from it:

I can't stop watching that!

I swear, Reading Rainbow wants all of my money. I had to increase my donation again. The first was to get the calendar, then they introduced the designs for the t-shirts and mugs. How cool is this one?

I really like the t-shirts, but I'm getting the mug instead. I can keep it on my desk and see it all the time that way.
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Following the "three things make a post" rule:

- I slept five hours last night. While that's just a drop in the bucket after not sleeping the previous two nights, at least I'm only tired today and not 'oh my god, kill me now' level exhausted. I still hate the machine, it makes me feel like I'm being smothered. Nothing like the feeling of being smothered to help you fall asleep, huh?

It's way too early to know if this is just chance or if it's a Thing, but usually I remember at least one dream a night, and I haven't the past three nights. The first two can be explained by the lack of sleep, but I wonder about last night. To remember a dream, you need to wake up within (some number of minutes, I forget how many) of having it. If the machine makes me sleep sounder/wake up less, I guess I'll stop remembering them. That would be a really big negative side effect; I love remembering my dreams, I often spend much time the next day thinking about them. I guess we'll see.

- Still loving FFXIV. A side effect of that is how much schadenfreude I get from reading WoW news. I had been unhappy there for so long, and I wasn't looking forward to anything about the coming expansion, and I hated the graphics and so much else about the game, now I can sit here and read the news and snicker to myself that I don't have to put up with it anymore. I sure do wish I had quit sooner!

I'm so happy to be getting so much RP on FFXIV. I'm still getting it almost daily (the days I don't RP it's by my choice, not for lack of options). A new fellow just joined our FC ("guild"), and he writes long posts, like me. It's so nice to be able to flex my writing muscles and not feel like I'm making people wait for me.

- It's such a wonderful thing to read a book by a great writer after such a string of bad books. I just started reading BZRK, by Michael Grant (the same fellow who wrote the Gone series that I loved, and wrote all the Animorph books with his wife, along with tons of other YA books from that time). It's not just that his stories are great (they are), or his characters are realistic (so realistic), or he has a GRRMesque willingness to kill off his characters (*cackle*), but his skills at crafting a sentence and describing the world just blow me out of the water. I had to go back and reread this section a number of times (then continued reading the book only to keep flipping back to it).

Even though he was just seventeen, he wasn't really for girls. He was for women.

Women would look at him and let their eyes slide over his face and those shoulders, because you know, women don't stare the way men do. They just need a glance. And then, having memorized him with a glance, they would...

It wasn't until I read that that I remembered there have been studies that confirm just that -- women decide in something like two? three? seconds if they're attracted to another person, much faster than men do. Something about their general body shape (silhouette), the width of their shoulders, that sort of thing.

Unfortunately I accepted a book for review (Salvation, by James Wymore) from a publisher. Bad timing, I'm going to have to read it next instead of continuing on with the BZRK series. Oh well, hopefully Salvation will be good. It has good reviews on Amazon, for what that's worth...

Wow, this turned out to be an actual post! I worried it wouldn't be more than three sentences long. Heh.
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I haven't posted in a few days, so here goes. Some number of unrelated things that have been happening lately:

* I don't usually rec things before I've read a significant chunk of them, but I was reading my friendsfriends list and stumbled upon [ profile] laniew1's LJ. She's writing a Teen Wolf/Avengers crossover. I've only read the first of 30 chapters, but I'm really liking it. The voices all work, both on the Teen Wolf side and Avengers/SHIELD side. I'm not really sure how Stiles/Clint will go, but I'm willing to ride it out and see.

* Much to my great surprise, I've gotten back into RP. I had gone so long (months) without it, I thought that was the end and I just never would again. Then suddenly I was RPing every day, nearly every waking, non-working moment. I think my long dry spell was due to a number of things: 1) I played the character too long. I was bored with him and his story had long since been finished. I should have let him die and moved on. 2) So much OOC drama. Gods above, so much. Dealing with people a decade or two younger than me, some with serious emotional issues, and just wow. Fighting and angsting and just who needs that. What a sap of my energy. 3) Maybe RP burnout. 1 + 2 could = burnout, or it could have really been burnout. Who knows.

If I weren't so exhausted I'd be all EEEEEE AAAIIIEE RP EEEE. Plus it's a little embarrassing that the one of the people I've been doing so much RP with is in my friends list. :) I mean, not like I haven't EEEEE'ed at her directly, but I try to look like at least a semi-normal adult in my LJ. :P

* After a number of disappointing eps, Homeland has gotten back to amazingly good. I swear, that show is everything that works for me, it's like it was written just for me. So many mental games! Out-thinking the other guy, forcing them to do something totally against their nature, brainwashing, training, breaking people and rebuilding them.

* I got my blood work back today, and I'm happy to say I won't have to jump out of a window. Because of the heart issue, all my blood work numbers on everything were really bad last time. My doctor said it was all because of my heart and stress around that, but idiot that I am, I didn't believe her. (How many times to I get annoyed at people who don't believe their doctors?) The numbers weren't perfect, but they went back to very close levels as they were before the heart stuff, so I call that good enough for now.

* Related: If I make it through the winter swimming outside, I'll be amazed. The pool is heated (supposedly), but it usually feels as cold as the air. At least this area of the country doesn't get too cold, but I tell you, swimming when it's 50 and cloudy is no fun at all. Soon enough it'll be 40s when I go. (Classes/free swim time is 10 AM, so nothing much has warmed up by then.)

* I'm still "playing" WoW. I'm at the point of hating the game, I resent the direction Blizz takes the storyline, I have little I'm looking forward to in the coming expansion, but through WoW I RP and have a collection of very nice people to chat with, so that's what keeps me there. The game is just a non-too-pretty chatroom to use for RP and chatting. (Irony is, the best WoW RP is done over IM...)
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For this random post about random things, I shall use a random icon. *closes eyes, picks one* Ah ha! [ profile] ani_mama drew this one a while ago, one of those "five random people get free sketches!" things. I love it, I should use it more often. :D

The current book I'm reading is taking forever to get through, which is what's holding up my next post (seeing how I mostly post book reviews nowadays...). It's not a bad book, it has some issues (some of them serious), but all in all I'm enjoying it, which means I can't explain why I'm reading it so slowly.

I have three kids' books lined up to read and post about all in one day/post. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm off all this week, which is really nice! It's hotter than heck here, but I can happily hide inside with the AC blasting.

Ellie New Cat, on the other hand... I'm worried about her. While I'm home, she sleeps at the door, her nose nearly at the crack where it would first open if I opened it. I have no idea why she's doing it, other than she wants to get outside? I hope that's not the case, but I have no idea why else she'd spend so much time there.
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Welcome to Saturday night! This is the "Three things make a post" post, the around-the-world edition!

First, from America: Some random guy reviews the new Agent Coulson action figure, and the actor himself shows up. Clark Gregg arrives at about :45. (I think he was lured there by that Captain America figure...)

The second thing, out of Japan: Toilet candy! Add powder, add water, and once it starts foaming: Chow down! Luckily it's made in a toy toilet...

And lastly, the Chinese want to help women to not be raped. New for sale: Special hairy leg stockings. See?
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Before we get to the book, Google made me blink earlier today. I think I'm allergic to my hairspray (I only use it on one section of my hair, and that section of my scalp itches and burns every day), and I wanted to find out how common that might be.

I... um... what? What in the world are people doing... I just... what?

Anyway, the book! I enjoyed rereading Jurassic Park so much that I decided to grab a few more of Michael Crichton's books. I picked five or six of them at random and tossed them in my To Read pile (thankfully not an actual pile anymore, since they're all ebooks). At random I picked Prey.

I love learning new things when I read, but in this book Crichton takes it way too far. The story will be merrily trotting along, then BLAM! The whole plot pauses for a few pages as he talks about some technology. It's totally outside of the story other than the character is daydreaming about it or thinking about it or whatever. Then the plot will continue a bit until BLAM! A few more pages on the history of that technology. More plot, then BLAM! Another total halt of the story as he talks about how that tech might be further explored, how it relates to other sciences, whatever. Scenes go something like this:

Mary says, "We're glad you were able to come today, Mike."
Mike's attention drifts. Nanotechnology first came about in 1992 when Jack Mercer, a computer engineer specializing in software development, of CalTech and Jane McKay, a biologist with twenty years of field experience in India, now working at Intel got together...
[Three pages of information about the history of nanotech.]
Mary says, "Are you listening, Mike?"
Mike says, "Oh, yes, sorry."
[Plot continues for a while, as if that pages long break never happened.]

The story was okay at best. I think it would have been a much better movie than a book (the whole thing had an action-adventure feel to it, other than the walls of information dropped in at random). Basically it was the exact same story as Jurassic Park, except with nanites in place of dinosaurs. Stupid and/or greedy people with higher tech than they should posses losing control of it and it ends up eating a bunch of people who deserve it, the good people walk away at the end.

I started my next book last night, Gullstruck Island by Frances Hardinge. It hasn't hooked me yet, but I'm only a few pages in. Unfortunately the writing style doesn't thrill me, and it's written in the British style of single quotes around dialog), which keeps knocking me out of the story.

Looking at the Amazon page again, it's odd that it has only one review... It's been out for years, won awards, and is from a major publishing house (as opposed to self published). Strange that it has only one review. Hope that's not a bad sign.
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"Three things make a post", as the saying goes.

1) [ profile] ani_mama held a contest to give away five speed paintings ("quick 10-20 minute black and white sketches"), and eeee, I won one! She's the amazing artist behind my bestest commissions:

Haken and Morn <3
Haken alone (Look at those cheekbones! And ears! And eyes! Eeeee!)
Keen and Grace
Thistle and Squall (not WoW!Thistle)
The icon on this post.

So I was really happy to have won! I've been thinking about one of the first versions of Thistle, from the book and the MUSH, so I asked for a happy/cute saber toothed cat. "MY BONE, Mr. Butterfly!" :D :D

2) I have only one ep left of the best TV show ever. Misfits!

Simon would really like it if you gave it a watch. You can even watch it free on Hulu!

Remember the old Heroes show? It's like that, take out the silliness and plot holes and the lacking story line, add a bunch of darkness, a ton of seriousness, though a nice dash of humor as well, and the amount of sex you'd get on British TV instead of puritan American TV, and that's Misfits. Great writing, OUTSTANDING wonderful characters, dark and funny!

You really should watch it now. They're remaking it for American TV, which is going to ruin it. Don't wait until then! Watch it now, the real version!

3) I'm finally back over a million on WoW. People were right, when you cross that line, it feels like the new baseline. Million is the new zero! Now I feel like I finally have money again, which is just plain silly. I'm glad I made a new enchanter though, it's bringing in really good money.
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This makes me smile a lot:

Funny that I had forgotten Encarta. At its time, it was such a cool, useful thing. (Though now it's laughable -- You too could pay money for what's free on the net!)

I keep wanting to remove [ profile] dailyreenactor from my friends list, because they post so many pictures a day, but they're all good pictures!

So many different time periods, costumes, details! They may spam my friends list, but I love every post.
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Ellie New Cat doesn't like many things, among them having her paws touched. This is quite the issue as I'd really like to be able to clip her nails. A couple weeks of working on it every day and I can now hold her paws for a limited amount of time and stroke them or let them rest on my hand for an unlimited amount.

Slow slow, it started so slow. I stroked her head, her favorite spots, and touch her paw. She ran off. Next day do the same. And the same. And the same. Eventually she stopped running, just moved out of reach. Eventually I think it clicked in her little kitty brain that the pattings stopped when she moved out of reach, so she grudgingly let me handle her feet with one hand while I pat with the other. And now, finally, she seems mostly okay with it.

She's learned that all sorts of things are okay, though she's still sometimes skittish about two hands coming at her, and I need to work a lot more on getting her used to being picked up. If I "scoop" her up (so she's hugged tightly against my body and can't move) she puts up with it for limited time, but if I lift her with my hands, she doesn't like that at all.

Exciting times, huh? :P

In WoW, Haken got the HH mount. I was worried I'd go the whole darned thing and not get even one. So now I'm down to only seven alts a day needing to do it. (Haken is the last alt I'd want it on, I like his ground and flying mounts, but still better to get one on him than none at all.)

I'm also pondering sending him IC again. (Then I spend the night wandering SMC looking for random RP and scoff at such ideas.)

After much wandering, I found non-random RP (on Thistle), but I probably should have turned it down. I don't know what is wrong with me, but all RP feels wrong lately. I want to RP, I really really really do, but it feels so forced. It feels like: Thistle has X, Y, and Z traits. I've mentioned X and Z so far in the scene, so I better mention Y now! I've been trying to think of how to describe it since yesterday, but I can't put my finger on it. It doesn't feel organic, kind of. I thought maybe I needed to play an alt for a while, so I jumped on Keen, but that was just as blah. Whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon.

And the last set of random images:
Really cool artwork, I wish I had a bigger version of it. Warning: naked people (nonsexual).

More cool artwork(?), I have no idea what this is, but I love it.

A Russian comic strip about a rat.

Some of the strangest Pokemon fanart ever -- NWS! NWS! Cool, but NWS. Naked "human" male bits.

Very, very cute HP fanart.

Wizardmon... as a pirate! There's a limited audience for this one, I know. PokeMUSH folks! I don't remember Wizardmon ever being a pirate! I guess Delee had done this wonderful alt. (For non-MUSH folks, Wizardmon was our website AI. She was supposed to answer questions about our game, but she learned from the people she talked to, and so she became perverted mighty fast.)

Aww, yay men dancing! Yet another image from a Russian LJ, so I didn't know the story behind it. NWS naked men (nonsexual).

And this is the last of the 40 38. Goodbye! (NWS for... waving! For real! NWS!)

I miss the old days where I used to post tons of random images. Unfortunately LJ has changed; the spam posted on the Russian side of things is beyond belief. If I bring up a page of the 200 latest images posted,
easily 180 of them are spam. It's just not worth sorting through them looking for interesting stuff anymore.
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II hate it when I write and delete posts over and over. "But this person would think X about it!" "That group would think I mean Y!" I always tell people that they have the right to write whatever they want in their own LJs, and here I am unable or unwilling to follow my own advice. (I don't know what the hell is wrong with my brain tonight. Now I'm rereading this paragraph again and again. "Is it too emo?" "Are people going to be annoyed because I don't say what I mean?" STOP IT, BRAIN. I SWEAR.)

Well, on the subject of minor things that are unlikely to offend or be misunderstood, my damage on all of my alts has come up nicely. In some cases the alts got the Halloween ring fitting for their class, but I think a big part of it is me getting experiencing with playing and updating my macro bars. (Last time I PvEed most of them was last Halloween.) Most are now doing 5-7K, sometimes hitting as low as 4K (my rogue). Thistle does the best, he does 8-10K. I've not been kicked out of a group yet, and no one has rolled an alt on my server to tell me I suck. Good enough for me.

Eight alts have been going every day. Still not one single mount.

This image from Blizzcon tickles me more than anything on WoW in a long time. "Other races that struggle to pass through doorways", heehee. And the Alliance saying "We'll keep trying!" just kills me.

And tonight's ten random images. I'm not sure if there will be a last set of ten. I was supposed to be picking them at random, but the ten left I've grown kind of meh about, so we'll see.

Back from the days when there were ads on the net I saw ads on the Internet: Only YOU can help little boys in need of cybering: Give cyber today.

Happy Pride day, officers! I love this picture so much. They look so happy! Um, the women do, anyway.

Russians have the wackiest things... Things, not "things". NWS

From FFXI, I forget the name of them, but they sure as heck count as cute. ToAU: The WotLK of FFXI. I miss you so.

Best Pet Ever... if you don't mind a pet who might eat your face off and then happily bite your skull in half. One, two.

If I had the art skill to doodle this in the middle of my class notes... Warning for M/M kissing and Hetalia.

"I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight"? (Naked man, no bits shown, probably NWS anyway.)

Yummy sandwich? I love this image so much, though I have no idea why. His expression? His looks? Sandwich meats?

"So I said... Are you listening? Are you?" I love images that so clearly tell a story. :D

Tiger tiger, burning bright, are your shadows made of stripes? ...wait, that's not right.
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  • Q: I have 10 characters, will you add an 11th slot so we can have all 11 classes?

    A: Not sure just yet, might keep the current character cap but let you have them on any realm, so you can have many many characters on one realm.

    Okay, that would be the best thing MoP could bring. All 50 alts on one realm? I don't need 50 slots, but I sure as heck need more than 10!

  • No post last night = no 10 random images. So here are the second set of them:

    Kids vs kid zombies. This would be cool even if I weren't on a zombie kick right now.

    This makes my heart happy. I don't usually save macros, but that one is mine forever.

    Death Knight food groups. Done by [ profile] itsbacon. Unfortunately that DK RP group is long gone, but I still love this picture so much. <3 <3 (Warning for... cute DKs?)

    I love the colors of this -- WoW fanart, a hunter by the file name. I wonder if that was a nelf druid?

    My fandom... Long time back, there was a 'my fandom' thing going around: describe your fandom in a couple words or a picture. I liked being shocking even then... (Warning for... Sirius Black's fate?)

    "Stupid" doesn't happen only on WoW...

    Know the only thing that can improve on three naked women? watermelons, of course. NWS, watermelons naked women.

    Mmm, tell us more, religious folks

    One day I'll make a blog post about India. Until that day, have this image. I never get tired of looking at this. So colorful!

    I love you, Japan. Never stop with your randomness.

  • I've been dragging my feet on getting an icon of WoW Thistle done. There was an offer for a "child like" style on [ profile] teenycom, so I thought that might be a match. Most icons were $1, but I agreed to $2 for the pet. Big version of it. I let the artist pick out expressions and coloring of the wolf. At first I didn't like the "smile", then I realized it was perfect because Thistle does this odd little not-a-smile-really thing. (For now! That will eventually change.)

    All Thistle's little changes make me happy, even if lots of them are too small for most folks to probably notice. Like his horse, Symmetry, is finally coming to "life". Forsaken horse. Some Forsaken person in the IC twitter project told Thistle that it sometimes takes some time for newly raised things to come back to themselves. That seemed a nifty idea, so I went with it. Up until this point Symmetry has been a dead dead thing -- he didn't react to anything or show interest in it. Slowly that's starting to change!

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I was looking for one image, but I had no idea what I named it, so I downloaded every image file on Catlove and spent a mostly enjoyable couple hours looking at every single one. ("Mostly enjoyable" because it was a shock and then sad to see pictures of my previous cat, photos I had totally forgotten I had, when she looked so young and active.) Very early in my search, some pictures started catching my eye. They were good enough to deserve reposting.

No picture here is later than 2009, and the oldest ones are from 2001. Some of these will be NWS. Some of them will not be to certain viewers' tastes. I'll place as fitting warnings on them as I can. Please believe them or you might end up unhappy. :)

...hours later. Man, it took a long time to arrange this. Saving file names (without file extensions, oops), then having to recreate the URLs from various directories. Turns out 40 in one post is kind of overwhelming, so I'm going to do 10/night for four nights. I have them arranged in groups (truly random, animals, naked people...) , but I think I'll pick a few from each one, just to continue with the 'random' theme.

One day I was shopping in a Japanese dollar store and found this... costume for your crotch? One, two, three, four, five.

I needed this bumpersticker in 2008, and I need it even more now. (political, sort of)
And this license plate (also fitting for a number of DKs).

Tiny baby hamsters: One, two, three.

FFXI had the best sigs, poor Dragoons used to be so unloved.

Thistle and Squall sitting in a... no, wait. It's sad when you have so much outstanding commission art that you lose track of it! This is FFXI (and MUX) Thistle, pre-WoW. He and Squall were (at best) friends, nothing more. Done by the wonderful [ profile] ani_mama.

Don't ask me to explain this, no one could. NWS, nakedness.

Old joke, but good one.

Three Avatar the Last Airbender fan pictures. I bought the middle one (it's a magnet, it's currently on my fridge). As un-religious as I am, I still really, really like this image. He deserves peace and happiness in the end, for all life threw at him.

Would you believe I totally forgot I did this, that I ever cross-stitched at all? It's beautful! I wish I knew what became of it.

And non-random:
If you're looking for a Crimson Deathcharger on WRA-H, there are currently two on the AH for 42K. That's less than a third of what I paid! D: D: I'm seriously tempted to get one for mount collector/Dalaran AH mule, but... ground mount. What's the use? :/ There's also a Reins of the Spectral Tiger up for 210K. That tempts me even more, but... ground mount. (Edit: Hour later, all are gone. One of the horses was relisted at 150K, the price I bought mine for. Maybe I should have tried flipping it. Sigh. Stupid rooster.)

Speaking of, anyone want to buy a damned magic rooster? I'm never going to sell that thing. Every time I think about buying something expensive to flip, I think of that damned rooster.

Flipping cheaper things tickles me though. I bought 8 stacks, 200 per stack, of things for 4-5 gold per individual item, I'm slowly selling for 13+ gold each. *happy AH person eyes* So much profit! /Ferengi

On the RP front, it was a nice evening. Three quiet, mellow scenes, lots of downtime in between. Wild, crazy, Deeply Meaningful RP is nice, but quiet nights are nice sometimes, too.

Tonigh's chicken breast came out yummy. A little dry (will I ever stop overcooking things! I'm so paranoid about undercooked meat and my thermometer is broken). Soy sauce, worcestershire, and a heaping spoonful of garlic, in a ziplock bag for 24 hours. I wanted to try the 'scoring the meat first' idea, but I hadn't wanted to handle raw chicken last night. Oh, oops, and I forgot to try adding the olive oil, too. Oh well, it was still yummy.

And a video! The Walken Dead ! Found by [ profile] lives_this_life.

Oh hey, earthquake. Woo! Big enough that there were little noises in my wall! My stomach always gets upset after them, as if I were really dizzy.
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Both videos linked here are NWS!

While no video will ever top the Japanese condom fairy, "On my tum tum~", this one is really wacky on its own:

Cross between a Japanese video game and, um, I have no idea. Many nearly-naked men, but not in a sexual way. Not in any way that the human brain will be able to understand.

I need to use the Little Taiko Boy one (condom fairy) one in more posts, because then I get to rewatch it. Hey, Christmas is coming! It'll be perfect to share with all your friends! :P

In other news, got lots of RP tonight, woot. Keen had a long scene with Grr (which made me happy, I feel bad that I don't play Keen enough), then Thistle and Harlo had a nice long scene.
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Bollywood dancing. With birth control pills.

I wish I were better at this kind of dancing. It's surprisingly hard! It's one of my hardest exercise DVDs. Luckily no one can see me when I do it, so I'm free to randomly flail and pretend I'm keeping up okay.
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It takes a lot to gross me out, but *shudder*. Even making him sexy (*SHUDDER*) squicks me so hard. That is the least sexy cartoon series in the history of time and I never, ever, ever want to think of the characters in a sexual way.

This, on the other hand, amuses me greatly. I love Tarzan's expression! And Gaston! NWS! I feel bad that I have no idea who some of those characters are. I'm not sure who either of the two near Aladdin are or the one on the far right with the funny hat.


I finally RPed tonight, woot. Wasn't the new character, I STILL haven't RPed him, grr. I've totally lost my EEE YAY NEW CHARACTER bounciness, and I'm getting tired of waiting for the right people to be in the right place so I can toss him at them.

But! Grr and Keen had a date, which was cute. (And apparently I worried needlessly. I had mentioned not wanting to take all of Grr player's time, but he said he liked RPing with me and was glad we keep RPing, eee! I'm always pleased and surprised when folks say that. :) )

I had to RP with Kianlar instead of Keen (both are ICly Keen) because I needed the bike and only Kianlar has it. Boy did it make me twitch endlessly having to see my auctions selling/timing out but I couldn't go scurrying off to the AH! It's so so so much better when I'm on a different alt and can't see it.

Clover the new worgen is coming along. He got to 43 or 44 tonight (43 I think). I'm so sick of XPing, I really dislike questing. As soon as he hits 60, it's archaeology time. He'll be Professor number, um, four I think. Keen, Thistle, Dande are the only ones so far, I think?

And in conclusion! [ profile] veloxe found quite the amusing video. A visit to Goldshire on Moon Guard!


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