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Monday: We discover a massive problem at work. Every single one of our company's tools in customer hands stopped working. Customers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for our software licenses. I worked a 19 hour day.

Tuesday: Arrive to work five hours later, on next to no sleep, to find out all the work I did on Monday wasn't necessary... and that I had to do the same amount of work again, just in a different way.

Wednesday/today: Woke up to find my (personal) computer didn't work. EEEEK! When I wiggled the mouse to wake it from sleep, it made the right sounds as if it were waking up, but the monitors didn't come on. I cut the power, after a moment turned it back on, and it booted for a second, then died. Then, on its own, booted for a second, died. Booted for a second, died. Over and over on its own. My hardware knowledge is very limited, but opened it up and saw nothing bad that I could tell. Tried a different outlet. It wasn't dusty, but blew it out anyway. No difference.

Took it to a repair place. They checked the power source and other hardware, said it had no issues. He reset the BIOS and reset something else (and did something with some battery... but it's not a laptop) and it booted up after that. At first I thought "YAY!" but everyone I describe the issue to thinks that likely wasn't really the issue, so now I'm still worried. (That's especially a pain since my tower is so massive. It's a custom gaming machine, and it's really hard for me to carry around, it's so heavy. If I dropped it...)

But the place fixed it, and it was only $150. I thought it would be more, so yay. Hopefully yay.

And then... bees. Yes bees. BEES. In my apartment. They came in through my fireplace. At first one, then three, then a hell of a lot more. I grabbed my cat and got out of my apartment. Unfortunately I was not at all dressed to go out in public. (Sweat pants and a sweater, both I used to wear when I was 170 pounds heavier, so my pants were basically falling off me and I was swimming in the top.) Went to the leasing office and they sent a man to deal with the bees. I suppose he killed them? I waited outside.

He said he closed the fireplace vent (WHY do apartments have fireplaces anyway? And why wasn't the vent closed already?). Then either another bee got in or it was one that escaped the killing spree. I ended up taking a black garbage bag and taping it over the fireplace. It's not like I was ever going to use it for a fire anyway, and I keep stuff in front of it so I can't hardly see the bag.

Ugh. What will tomorrow bring? A plague of frogs?
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Long, long ago, back when I was a preteen or a teenager, I read a book called It's a Cat's Life.

It was written by a woman who spent her life caring for cats. Cat sitter, vet tech, all sorts of different cat-related jobs. One of the lines in it stuck with me all these years: "Consistency breeds contentment in cats."

I think I'm a cat.

I really, really wish I could get a little consistency in my life right now. The temporary apartment has so many problems. The dishwasher didn't work (got no water). They came by and fixed it, now it gets water... and leaks all over the floor. The bigger issue is my Internet access. Two days ago it wasn't working, so they came in and fixed it. I asked them to confirm that it was the apartment's access and not my previous Comcast account (which wasn't turned off yet). They said they were certain. So I turned off my Comcast account, Comcast said it would take two business days to turn off...

Guess what. This morning I had no Internet access.


I'd like a day without problems. A day where it wasn't 90+ in my apartment. Today is not going to be that day.
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It's been a rough 24 hours! Being on the second floor means endless trips up and down the stairs.

Good thing: A flight of stairs no longer bothers me! Two flights don't! Three! My brain still thinks I weigh 130 more pounds than I do, and even a couple steps was hard. Now I can just run (or plod) up them without trouble.

Bad thing: About five times up and down is the line for my comfort. After that it starts hurting/getting tired. Yesterday I went up and down 12 times in a row, plus assorted other trips up and down during the day, plus more today. I think my poor legs might fall off.

After 24 hours with no Internet (EEEK) I'm finally settling in. While this apartment and complex have a hell of a lot of issues, they're quite responsive on fixing things. The complex offers "free" Internet (which you have to pay a non-optional $35 fee for...), but it wasn't working. They had a tech here in my apartment for almost an hour to make it work. While the $35 fee sucks, I had been paying $68 for Internet alone, so I'm saving. Plus it's the highest level/fastest customer access Comcast Business offers, so it should be good. (So far, so good, though I haven't tried streaming video yet. Edit: Streaming seems really good, whew!)

My apartment is full of boxes, and it's going to stay that way, which is a pain. But it IS a nicer apartment than the one I leased, so I'm going to just try to enjoy it while I'm here, until mine is ready to move into.

Ellie New Cat is settling down (I'm sure the place being full of all of our stuff helps). Unfortunately there's a (young?) cat-eating Boxer dog next door. Ellie likes sitting in the window, and the dog goes crazy trying to get at her when the owner walks it by. The owner seems responsive and is correcting the dog, so that's something.

My apartment complex is right next to a train track (same street as it, only one other complex between the tracks and us -- standing in our parking lot, you can see the trains going by). While I hate noise, I actually like the sound of trains, so that's okay. Train lines seem to be like airports -- they respect quiet hours as much as they can. After 9 PM, they seem to stop doing the train whistles and bells, so you only hear the track noise.

I really, REALLY need to get some book reviews written, before I forget everything about them. Life has just been too busy lately. Long weekend coming, so hopefully soon!
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In hopes of getting my deposit back, I've been cleaning my apartment from top to bottom for a couple weeks now. I've cleaned the ceiling (really, I dusted it and made sure no cobwebs were on it). I cleaned the floor. I cleaned every little thing in between.

And yet I still won't be getting my full deposit back. Not unless I pull out the fridge and the range and clean under/behind them. Seriously. How am I supposed to move the fridge? And I wouldn't think the range could even be pulled out! It must be hooked into the cabinet/counters somehow...

Plus, since I have a cat, they're going to use a blacklight on the carpet to look for pee. That's fine with me, as she's never once peed outside of the box... except google tells me it picks up saliva as well, which means it will show where she had hairballs. They told me if the blacklight picks up anything, they'll have to replace the carpet and do some kind of treatment to the floor.

Sigh. I really feel like this is a scam. I've lived here two years. How can they not expect there to be some wear and tear and some cleaning needed? It's probably stated in that 55 page lease I signed that you have to give it back in the same condition you got it in.

I'm tired of being an adult.
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For the last couple evenings, I've been logging off my computer earlier to get more pre-bed reading time in. Step one of that plan works surprisingly well (logging off earlier), but step two (reading longer) keeps falling through. My brain seems programmed to go to sleep after an hour of reading -- when I start reading a half-hour earlier, I go to sleep a half-hour earlier than my usual time. It's very odd and surprising.

I'm back to running. I had to take some time off because I pulled something in my leg. Idiot me one day decided to run without any stretching at all (I was angry and just Didn't Want To stretch). I spent a week after that limping around, then started to feel better so tried running again, but it hurt from the first step so I stopped and gave it another week. I still get little twinges of pain in the muscle, but it's held up through two days of running, so I guess it's okay.

I feel almost like I'm lying when I talk about running, because I measure in minutes, not miles, and it's not all that many minutes (YET). But everyone has to start somewhere, and I spent most of my life thinking I would never be able to run, so I'm happy even for the little bit I do.

I know it probably sounds strange, but when I was heavier, that's the one thing I felt my weight was holding me back from: running. I was happy enough with all my life and what I could do and not do, other than I really, really wanted to try to run. (130+ pounds heavier and even walking hurt my knees, running was NOT an option at all.) I thought I'd die never being able to run, so I'm really quite pleased I can do it now.

Hm, I seem not to have a "sleep" tag, so I guess "so very tired" is it, even if I'm not all that tired...
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Such a fun topic for a post, huh?

I haven't done my push-ups for more than a week, because I pulled something in my shoulder and it hurts to the point of I'm losing at least half a night's sleep over it. Oh, it feels 100% fine when I'm sitting upright, but as soon as I lay flat, it really hurts. No comfortable position = very little sleep. zzz I hate that I'm not doing them, because my progress is going really slowly. I'm still doing them on the edge of the bathtub, not on the floor yet. I'm getting closer to being able to do five sets of 20, but even when I do hit that number, I'm not doing them "deep" enough yet, so I'll need to wait more to get down on the floor. It doesn't help that I no longer have fun doing it -- it used to be new and exciting and cool, now it's just exercise that takes too long. Five sets of 20, with a two minute rest between each set. Lots of downtime.

While I hate to talk about my running, because it likely makes people think I'm doing more than I am, I'm still doing it and slowly improving. I'm setting small goals along the way. First one is 20 minutes, at least half running (so close!). Then 20 minutes, all running. Then I'll go up from there.

I think I need new/better sneakers for it, I use the ones I've been walking around in/full daily use for a couple years now. It's really jarring when I run. I suspect sneakers with more cushioning would help.

Related to that jarring thing, a gross/TMI bit of running stuff. )

Apparently I'm not wrong, that really is a thing. "Contributing factors likely include the physical jostling of the organs..."

Summer (or, well, any non-winter season, I guess) is so hard on me when it comes to sleep. I'm a seriously light sleeper, so the very moment even one bird makes a peep outside, I snap fully awake. There's some darned bird that is loud in the bush outside my window at 4:45 AM. It's not even June yet, it's only going to get light earlier and earlier (and thus wake the birds earlier). :/ My upstairs neighbor gets up at 5 AM, so I'd wake up then anyway, but still. 15 minutes means a lot, when you're not sleeping much! Plus it's an annoying way to wake up -- I hate that bird.

I've been trying to go to bed earlier at night, but that cuts into my very limited reading time.

Edit: Since I'm flying soon, I've been really worried about all these news stories about how long the TSA security lines are at the airports. I checked the airport I'm flying out of, and average line time is 20 minutes. I'm not sure if that's because our airport is better, or if 20 minute lines could really spark the amount of news stories there have been lately, or maybe the airport's posted average is wrong...
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The "end game" (such as it is) of Neko Atsume is to get a memento from each cat. There's a small chance of it randomly happening each time they visit. It's usually small items a cat could pick up around the house or yard.

Shadow, no Ritzy Bitz for you! Take that back outside, ewww.

And, because I just don't post about this game enough, check out how wonderful the music is. So peaceful and relaxing and just makes me so happy.


And the RP log from the western ("You are sitting across from your most hated enemy.") storytelling thread on reddit. Though not as bad as tumblr, it's hard to access copies of your old posts on reddit, so I'll probably keep archiving them here. I wish I had coped another RP thread (a NSFW one), but it had barely gotten started before it was deleted. I had thought I had time to save it! Oh well.

Log back here. )

I'm SO SO SO tired today. I was short on sleep all week, then stayed up way too late last night, now I can't muster enough energy to do anything. Which is a problem, as I have work stuff that needs doing...
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A good weekend, just way too short. (Aren't weekends always too short?)

Good things, in a list:

- Watched the first seven episodes of Lost. Wow. I always forget how great the first season was. I've never gotten further than two or three seasons in, so I'm hoping to make it all the way this time. I know a few spoilers (including how the series ends/what the island was all about, if I'm correct about what I know), and the theme just works for me so very well. Do I need to put it behind a spoiler cut? When it's more than ten years old? Better safe than sorry, I suppose. If I remember correctly (don't correct me or confirm!), they did indeed end up having all died in the plane crash and the island was a purgatory sort of place. I love that idea so so so much!

These first episodes were genuinely creepy! The sound effects were so well done! When the monsters(?) shake the trees, there are odd metallic/industrial noises in the effects. It's just so jarring and odd and I love it to death.

- I'm afraid I have to just give up on Farscape for the near future. I tried watching it again this weekend, but it's just not a show you can multitask during. While that means it was a really good story, I cannot just sit there and stare at the screen and do nothing else. (Side note: I really want to see the new Jurassic Park movie in the theater when it comes out, but I don't know how I'll be able to sit there for two hours doing nothing else! Hopefully that I'll be in a theater will make a difference.)

- I got good RP, yay! More than that, I found a mature, experienced RPer, which is becoming more and more rare. RPers keep getting younger and less experienced (*cough* Really! It's not me getting older!), so it's getting harder and harder to find a good match for me to write with.

- The FFXIV benchmark came out this morning, and I was able to confirm that my new machine is indeed a monster. YAY! While there are a few people with a higher rating than mine, I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm usually in the "can barely run this" group of people, and now I'm near the top of the rankings. My new worry is that it will get stolen: I live on the ground floor, with a window RIGHT THERE next to my desk. Anyone could break in while I was away and steal it. :/ Unlikely, as my window faces our "quad" (grassy area where kids play and dogs crap), but it could still happen.

- I finally lost weight. After three weeks (gained a pound, stayed the same, gained pound) I lost five this week. That means in four weeks I lost five pounds. While isn't good (for me), it's better than the previous weeks had been. I'll take it. (I try not to worry how quickly the clock is running down. After surgery, you lose the most weight in the first six months, which are gone. Then the next six months it slows down but still happens. After a year, you're seriously going to be struggling to lose. I'm at 7.5 months, so my time is slipping quickly away.)

- I actually caught up on sleep this weekend, which was nice. Unfortunately my upstairs neighbors woke me at 4 AM this morning YET AGAIN, so I'm currently functioning on less than four hours sleep, which is not at all nice. Mumble grumble neighbors.

Edit: I feel like 2015 is my slowest year ever for reading. The book I'm reading now is really good, nearly perfect, yet... I lost my drive to read. Rarely in my life have I had a time where I just didn't feel like reading, so this is very strange. I've only finished eight books so far this year, so I'm pretty confident in saying that I won't be making my 50 book goal this year.
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Recall how yesterday I posted about the Internet Wayback Machine not having archived a site I was looking for? Well it turns out Google is better than the Wayback Machine. I've never seen this feature mentioned before, I found it by chance.

Google archives stuff!

At the end of the URL, there's often a little arrow. Click it and you get a 'cached' option. I found lots of stuff I had thought was lost!

And in more amusing, less helpful screenshots: I decided to make a DW journal just to back up my old IC LJ one I had rediscovered, so I trotted over to their site and went through the process of making a DW account...


And, as you can see from my images in this post, I have a new FTP tool. I love WinSCP, it's exactly what I was looking for!

And lastly: So very very tired. I've not gotten more than a couple hours sleep for three nights now. Darned upstairs neighbors. I swear to god, who moves furniture at 11 PM? Especially when they also get up at 4 AM? Are there two of them? One noisy late and the other early? Blah.

My eyes are killing me, too. I've spent so many hours reading these IC journals and RP logs, my poor old eyes just can't take that anymore.
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Well poo. For the first time in my entire life, I had a doctor I really liked. I've been seeing her for eight or nine years now. She's the most positive, wonderful person I know. She hugged me for losing weight (after asking if it would be okay), and forever after I wanted to lose more just because it made her so happy.

She was both a general practice/internal medicine doctor as well as a specialist. Thanks to the insurance company, she was forced to just take specialist patients. (I assume that she could have picked to stay with general instead of specialist, but I bet that would come with a cut in pay, so I don't blame her. The specialist medicine is probably more interesting, too.) So myself and her other general patients have to find a new doctor.

I really don't want to. Like I said, she was the only good doctor I've had in my entire life. What are the chances I'll get another one so friendly and positive?


In unrelated news, I'm (FINALLY) almost done with Shadow Scales/Seraphina 2 book. Anyone who is holding their breath for the book: Reread the first one instead. The first 50% of it was boring as hell (just about humans and a bit about the half-dragons, no dragons at all). The second 50% has the dragons, so it's somewhat more interesting, but overall the book feels like such a slog. I have about an hour and a half left of reading in it. I want to be done just so I can move onto some other book that might be better. Sad! The first book was so good.
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Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
Rating: Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)
(Book received free for review from Random House.)

The good: I loved the author's writing. Her world was detailed and interesting, and she quickly drew me into the story.

The bad: This was a "chapter sample". I've never been given one of those for review before. (Thus the short review, how much can you say about a chapter sample?)

The future: I already bought a copy of the complete book, which I'll read and review next.


RL happenings: Like many people who live in an apartment, I hate my upstairs neighbors. Oh but I have really good reason to. They're the kind who cannot wake up when their alarm goes off. They let it sound for many minutes before they turn it off. This is a problem as they get up at 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM, or 4:45 AM. Every morning. Weekends included.

Once they're up, they're VERY loud. Stomping and yelling to each other. Run the dishwasher at 4 AM? Sure! This morning, Sunday morning, they were using their washing machine at 5 AM. But hey, I was awake at 4 AM thanks to them already, so no big deal?

I'm the type who, once they wake up, they're awake -- there's no going back to sleep for me. That means I tend to be very, very tired.

This morning they were especially loud, including what sounded like them throwing everything they own down the stairs. Turns out that was basically what they were doing. Looks like they were moving out, YAY. Sleep! Perhaps tonight I'll get a full night's rest!
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Work safe but suggestive image behind the cut. )

I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but the above image made me snicker, so I decided to share this.

While I haven't watched it, the movie is free to watch online (if you're over 18). It is, of course, NWS. Porn and all.

Reviews say parts of it (the non-sex stuff: costuming and effects) are surprisingly good, but the sex is bad. That about matches up with the porn versions of the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, all those movies.

Unrelated: While I 100% failed on my diet today (or, well, 66% I guess -- breakfast and lunch), I seem to be on track to succeed on the sleeping end of things. I (sadly) bowed out of a good RP scene so I could go to bed.

On! And [ profile] gonzostar (or anyone), do you have a protein shake you like? I tried to research it tonight, but opinions on brands/flavors are surprisingly hard to find. I must be failing in my searches, because the opinions have to be out there somewhere. I need to start shopping for the shakes, powders, and the special vitamins soon.

Must not get nervous. Still lots of time left to figure all this out. *meditation noises*
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My last big pre-surgery task is to relax. Don't stress. Sleep. The problem is, whenever I get really stressed, I get sick. If I get sick, no surgery. So I'm going to try not to think about it. Be zen. Make meditation noises. Ummmmm Ummmmm.

Unfortunately I got a bad start. My sinuses were bothering me last night, so I lost too many hours of sleep to a headache keeping me awake. I've been short on sleep for weeks now, so I must catch up. (This weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the US, so hopefully that will help.)

I can't believe how little time is left.

8/29 (Friday) Lab work and EKG (Before work, hopefully it won't take too long and I won't be too late. No idea how long an EKG takes.)
9/1 (Monday) Labor Day (off)
9/2 (Tuesday) Class and appointment with surgeon (PTO day from work)
9/8 (Monday) Car to dealer -- probably half-day of sitting there (can't be put off, unfortunately)
9/12 (Friday) Mother flies in (2:30 PM)
9/15 (Monday) Surgery -- unknown time.

Unrelated, I'm finally replacing my computer monitor. The game I play (FFXIV) has a day/night system, and at night I'm basically blind because it's so dark. My monitor is 10+ years old, so it's probably the reason why. I bought this one, which is due to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait!
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I did bad dieting this week. I broke my diet four or five times, including cookies last night (serving = 2 cookies, I had 6 -- annoyingly, they weren't even very good). I just spot-checked my weight to see how bad it would be when I check officially on Wednesday.

I'm down seven pounds in five days.

I'm not complaining at all, but I had french fries on Saturday. I thought I was doomed.

This is just all so strange.

Also: So very very tired. Stayed up until 3 AM Friday and Saturday night RPing (eeee!), never caught up on sleep from being low last week. It's been more than a week since I got more than 5-6 hours sleep per night. zzz
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Two hours passed my bedtime and RP is still going strong. La la la la, not sleepy, I can keep going!

For now, have some images made by the best babysitter ever. Someone left their six month old baby with them, and so they photoshopped various status update photos for each hour.

Multiple images behind cut )
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I don't like writing about diet/weight nonstop, but it seems the only news I have to share lately. However, I'll make it brief. I lost three pounds this week (WOO). Yesterday my schedule got messed up (had to stay late for work meeting), so I ate a "bad" lunch (not just a deli sandwich with bread, but a large one instead of small -- I bought it telling myself I'd save half for later, knowing full well that was a complete and total lie). Felt like crap the rest of the day from eating too much.

In sleep news, stayed up too late RPing last night, but oh was it good and totally worth it. :D I suspect my RP is going to take a turn into the dark and depressing, which is A-OK with me. Skipped using the CPAP machine because it was so late, and slept wonderfully -- best sleep I've gotten in weeks. Even short on hours, I feel a lot more rested today than usual.

Still no word on the insurance covering my surgery or not. They said it could take up to 15 business days to decide (starting this week), so that puts us awfully close to the surgery date itself... Worry worry.

I did that 40 minute phone call with the nurse. Was boring and pointless, but mostly painless. Mostly stupid covering-their-asses questions like "Have you ever been so sad you didn't want to get out of bed?". First off, no. Second off, if I did feel that way, I sure as heck wouldn't tell you as that would likely red flag me on surgery.

Off to work! Have a good almost-Friday everyone!
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Following the "three things make a post" rule:

- I slept five hours last night. While that's just a drop in the bucket after not sleeping the previous two nights, at least I'm only tired today and not 'oh my god, kill me now' level exhausted. I still hate the machine, it makes me feel like I'm being smothered. Nothing like the feeling of being smothered to help you fall asleep, huh?

It's way too early to know if this is just chance or if it's a Thing, but usually I remember at least one dream a night, and I haven't the past three nights. The first two can be explained by the lack of sleep, but I wonder about last night. To remember a dream, you need to wake up within (some number of minutes, I forget how many) of having it. If the machine makes me sleep sounder/wake up less, I guess I'll stop remembering them. That would be a really big negative side effect; I love remembering my dreams, I often spend much time the next day thinking about them. I guess we'll see.

- Still loving FFXIV. A side effect of that is how much schadenfreude I get from reading WoW news. I had been unhappy there for so long, and I wasn't looking forward to anything about the coming expansion, and I hated the graphics and so much else about the game, now I can sit here and read the news and snicker to myself that I don't have to put up with it anymore. I sure do wish I had quit sooner!

I'm so happy to be getting so much RP on FFXIV. I'm still getting it almost daily (the days I don't RP it's by my choice, not for lack of options). A new fellow just joined our FC ("guild"), and he writes long posts, like me. It's so nice to be able to flex my writing muscles and not feel like I'm making people wait for me.

- It's such a wonderful thing to read a book by a great writer after such a string of bad books. I just started reading BZRK, by Michael Grant (the same fellow who wrote the Gone series that I loved, and wrote all the Animorph books with his wife, along with tons of other YA books from that time). It's not just that his stories are great (they are), or his characters are realistic (so realistic), or he has a GRRMesque willingness to kill off his characters (*cackle*), but his skills at crafting a sentence and describing the world just blow me out of the water. I had to go back and reread this section a number of times (then continued reading the book only to keep flipping back to it).

Even though he was just seventeen, he wasn't really for girls. He was for women.

Women would look at him and let their eyes slide over his face and those shoulders, because you know, women don't stare the way men do. They just need a glance. And then, having memorized him with a glance, they would...

It wasn't until I read that that I remembered there have been studies that confirm just that -- women decide in something like two? three? seconds if they're attracted to another person, much faster than men do. Something about their general body shape (silhouette), the width of their shoulders, that sort of thing.

Unfortunately I accepted a book for review (Salvation, by James Wymore) from a publisher. Bad timing, I'm going to have to read it next instead of continuing on with the BZRK series. Oh well, hopefully Salvation will be good. It has good reviews on Amazon, for what that's worth...

Wow, this turned out to be an actual post! I worried it wouldn't be more than three sentences long. Heh.
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Sheepsquatch by I. Ronik
Rating: 2/disliked (1-5/hated-loved)
(Book received free for review from Streetlight Graphics Publishing .)

You know, if a book bills itself as being bad, it should be. With a title like Sheepsquatch, I thought this book would have to be amusingly bad. It wasn't. It wasn't even plain-bad (though it wasn't good, either).

A comment on Amazon compared it to one of those bad SyFy movies, which was pretty accurate. Unfortunately, what works for a movie (not caring about the characters because they're all stupid and will be dead soon) doesn't work in a book.

There's not much plot to explain. A Sheepsquatch (or, I suppose to be more exact, a were-sheepsquatch) is loose in the woods and likes to kidnap women. The police are trying to catch it. Unfortunately the chief of police has a fatal flaw: When he saw a dead woman, he had a massive heart attack and died. The book outright said it was because he saw a dead body. (Not grossly killed or gory or anything.) How in the world does one survive as a copy long enough to become chief if he will fall over dead when he sees a dead body? (I know, I know, the book description says "it's best not taken seriously", but how can one read a book without questioning things like that?)

The subtitle was what sold the book to me. "It's ba-aaad." Sheepsquatch. Ba-aad. I'm easily amused.

The writing was surprisingly good. Not like "wow I have to stop reading to admire that sentence!" good, but no typos and no grammar issues. That was a nice change from the books I've been reading lately.

There was one odd issue: There must have been a typo in the file name(?). On the home screen of my Kindle, the book's title shows as Sleepsquatch instead of Sheep.


Speaking of sleep... This five day sleep study is going to be the death of me. I didn't sleep Sunday night, so I came into this already very short on sleep. I got about 45 minutes of sleep last night (30 minutes of that when I took off the stupid machine and tried to get a brief nap in before my alarm went off).

Forget about waterboarding, they should put the Guantanamo detainees on CPAP machines.

For those lucky enough not to know, CPAP machines force air into you while you sleep, to keep you breathing steadily. Your mouth/nose gets covered with a mask, a hose attached to the mask, and air is pushed in at wind tunnel force. I'm not exaggerating, there is real wind coming out of the hose. So yeah, you're trying to sleep with a mask on, if the mask slips at all you get WIND hitting you in the eyes, the mask is attached to a big hose, the hose to a small-ish machine (so don't turn over or it might knock the machine off your bedside stand!). Plus for these first five days I get to be wired up to a finger oxygen/pulse sensor as well.

I'm a light sleeper. Someone walking by on the sidewalk outside my apartment wakes me up. I also can't sleep with the covers even touching my chin, let alone anything covering my mouth. And I'm supposed to be able to sleep with this setup?

I have to do this for four more nights. I've gotten three hours of sleep total in the last two nights, and I doubt I'll get much more while on this damned study. I'm so exhausted now, I think I'll be a danger near the end of the week.

Why am I doing this? The third in a series of miserable sleep studies? Just another damned hoop I have to jump through to get surgery. Sigh.
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I left my apartment to go to work this morning, and noticed the registration on my car had expired. (In California, you get stickers with the month/year that you have to put onto your license plate, so it's very easy for you (or the police) to see if it's expired.)

I know I paid for the registration (because I was happy at the thought of never again needing a smog test since my car is a hybrid), so why didn't I get new stickers?

While collecting information so I could talk to the DMV, I discovered my car insurance paper said my insurance expired back in 2013.


All this was caused because I moved and failed to update my address with these two groups. As I had to update my address in 32478234738341923401278 different places, I'm not kicking myself that I forgot two.

The insurance was easy to solve -- just log into the company's website and print a new ID card.

The car registration, not so easy.

Step one: Try to change my address on the DMV website. No-go. For some reason, it thinks my car isn't owned by me. (I paid for it in full when I got it, so there wasn't even a loan that could be causing that confusion.)
Step two: Call the DMV. They have a handy thing where you can leave your number and they'll hold your place in the queue and call you when it's your turn to talk to someone. Worked well!
Step three: I have to go in to the DMV office or supposedly I can get this done at AAA since I'm a member there.

I'm going to head to AAA after work and see if that works out. I'm so paranoid now, since the fact that it expired is right there on the back of my car for anyone (POLICE) to see.

Hopefully it will go fast and smoothly. This isn't how I had wanted to spend my Friday evening.
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First off, have a cat, from the ru_cats_daily comm:

Second, I'm really, really annoyed. And tired, but annoyed is the important part here. The instructions for using the sleep study equipment SUCKED. I have no idea if I successfully set the recording device on or not -- if not, I have to do it all again another night.

There were two screens, one for standby, one for record. One had an icon of a lock and nothing else. The other had an icon of a person with blinking bits where the bands go as well as a spinning circle thing (looked like a hard drive or something recording). One would think the one with the spinning circle was the recording screen, but the tech said he left it in standby and the spinning circle one was the one displayed. But how could a lock be for recording? Unless it was locked in case you rolled over in the night and your weight pushed a button...

I'm so annoyed. Really, I am. I don't want to do this again. I realized why I still smelled the guy hours after I had gotten home -- the case all this came in smelled like him. (And I had it on my bed, ugh!)

Not to mention, I got even less sleep than I usually do. Blah. So long as it actually recorded, I can cope with the lack of sleep.

I HOPE if it didn't record they'll discover it and call me today, so if I go a day without a call I can relax. However, he said it would take days to process, so if they don't look at it until they start working on it, it might not be today. :/


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