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My mother told me that when you use movers, they always "lose" (steal) one box. I hadn't believed her at the time, but now I'm thinking that's actually right.

Before I moved, I bought a new container of cleaner. I was nearly out of the previous one, I'm 100% certain I bought a replacement.

Before I moved, I had two bottles of shampoo (one almost empty, and a new/full one to replace it).

Before I moved, I had FOUR extra/new tubes of new toothpaste.

All those things are missing, and they all would have been packed in the same box. (The cleaner could go with the other stuff, since it was new/sealed).

But how would the movers know which box to 'lose'? They have tape in their trucks, and they're alone with your boxes in the truck. They do add extra tape to boxes if they think it's not closed well enough, so they could easily open them, check what's inside, then reclose it and if needed, add more tape.

I had numbered my boxes, but things were so hectic, I didn't check them on the other end as I was unpacking.

It's possible, though unlikely, that I left them behind. I checked both apartments very carefully, multiple times, before turning in the keys.

I suppose I should be happy that's all that's gone, things that can be replaced. But still. I use an expensive/special toothpaste that's about $8 per tube, so altogether that's almost $60 worth of stuff. And that's only what I've noticed is gone. I'm sure the box had more than those three things in it.

It's been almost two months since I moved, so it'd be pretty pointless to contact the moving company. Plus I have no proof...
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Move all done! I'm really happy with my new (new-new) apartment. $100 and change more a month than my previous new one, but I have a lot more space (junior bedroom instead of studio), AC, an assigned parking spot (instead of first come, first serve with fewer parking spots than there are apartments), and spiders. Okay, maybe that last one isn't really a feature. I found the biggest one in the bathtub this morning though, and another outside of it. Luckily I don't mind spiders much. But I'm sure the spiders come from the fact that we have nature here. Grass, trees, shade, growing things. Previous-new apartment was nothing but pavement and concrete -- the property (four large apartment buildings) had a grand total of three palm trees growing. This place is right on the border of a river (a creek for those who know the area) and has stuff growing everywhere.

But why am I awake at 2:30 AM? The game I play has a big patch coming out today (due to drop at 3 AM my time) and I did intend to get up for it if I naturally woke up at that time, but my legs were hurting so much all night, I couldn't sleep at all. Dozens of trips up and down the stairs and hours of moving boxes was just too much for me, I guess. For some reason, laying down makes them really, really hurt, but sitting or standing isn't as bad. Seems wacky, but since the game has a big patch coming, I figured I might as well give up on sleeping tonight. zzz I do feel tired, but not sleepy, if that makes sense.

This move went better than the move three weeks ago. That move, moving the same amount of stuff basically the same distance, cost me $440 + $40 tip. It was killing me to pay that much again, but for some reason this move came to $230 + $40. Much much better!

My apartment is currently such a mess. To hopefully avoid bringing silverfish with me from the old apartment, I wanted to unpack and get rid of the boxes as fast as I could. So I unpacked everything and just put it anywhere -- stacks of stuff in random spots.

Unfortunately one box had so many silverfish in it, I threw it all out. It was a box of my drawings and photo albums, so... that was painful to lose. But silverfish lay their eggs in and on things, and there's just no way of cleaning them up. Maybe at some point in my life I'll be sad I lost them, but through my life thus far I haven't wanted physical photos and never looked at them, so... Hopefully I won't feel bad about it later. I would have liked to have kept my drawings (I could actually draw when I was younger!), but paper is the worst thing when it comes to silverfish.

Ugh. I hate silverfish so much. Horrible little bugs.
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What a busy day. In the space of about four hours, I:
- Filled out the application for the new apartment
- Got it approved
- Filled out the 40 page lease
- Got it approved
- Got power turned on in the new place
- Got Comcast set up again
- Bought a Comcast-approved modem (rent from Comcast for $10 a month, minimum 12 months, or buy one outright for $70? I wish I had known buying was an option before I rented from them for TEN YEARS).
- Contacted the movers, though haven't heard back from them yet, which is a tad worrying. I'll contact them tomorrow if I don't hear from them by lunchtime.

Since I'm moving on Monday (movers permitted...), I was worried where the modem would be delivered, so I'm trying Amazon Locker for the first time. There are lockers in various placed (in my case, at a 7-11 up the road) and Amazon will deliver it there. Then you punch in a code, and one of the locker doors open for you. Hopefully that will go smoothly.

Saturday: Pick up keys to new place.
Monday: Movers.
Tuesday: Turn keys to current place in.

Hopefully by this time next week, I'll be settled into my new apartment FOR GOOD (or at least for a year...).
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So I decided to look for a new apartment. Because the current complex is breaking my lease (not having my leased unit ready), I can get out of it.

My goal in coming here was to save money, but with all the fees ($80 pet rent, $30 Internet/month, $30 trash valet/month), I'm not really saving all that much. Looking around, I could get a one bedroom (current one lease is a studio) in a better area, much much better complex, with a parking spot (current apartment has no assigned parking, more apartments than spots in the lot, and no street parking) for not that much more. Plus the place I'm looking at has a $25 pet rent -- so much better than $80. The complex I'm going to visit tomorrow has AC in some units, so that might not happen, we'll see how that changes the price.

I feel insane to think about moving again, but hell, all my stuff is still in boxes. I'd have to pay for this move ($400 at least), but it seems like the stress of moving again would be reduced.

I'd have to go back to a personal Comcast account, but checking their site, I could get it for $30 -- same as here. And I bet, unlike here, it won't go down every couple hours.

While I'd really rather not move again, I'd have to move soon anyway -- into the unit I leased, if nothing else. So if I'm going to move, I could at least try to improve my situation.

I'm going to see a place that looks reasonable tomorrow. The clock is ticking, I'll need to be out before the apartment I was supposed to move into is ready, and unfortunately I don't know when exactly that is.

I wish I wasn't so awful at looking for apartments. I hate doing it, so as soon as I find one that seems reasonable, I jump on it so I don't have to look for more.
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Long, long ago, back when I was a preteen or a teenager, I read a book called It's a Cat's Life.

It was written by a woman who spent her life caring for cats. Cat sitter, vet tech, all sorts of different cat-related jobs. One of the lines in it stuck with me all these years: "Consistency breeds contentment in cats."

I think I'm a cat.

I really, really wish I could get a little consistency in my life right now. The temporary apartment has so many problems. The dishwasher didn't work (got no water). They came by and fixed it, now it gets water... and leaks all over the floor. The bigger issue is my Internet access. Two days ago it wasn't working, so they came in and fixed it. I asked them to confirm that it was the apartment's access and not my previous Comcast account (which wasn't turned off yet). They said they were certain. So I turned off my Comcast account, Comcast said it would take two business days to turn off...

Guess what. This morning I had no Internet access.


I'd like a day without problems. A day where it wasn't 90+ in my apartment. Today is not going to be that day.
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It's been a rough 24 hours! Being on the second floor means endless trips up and down the stairs.

Good thing: A flight of stairs no longer bothers me! Two flights don't! Three! My brain still thinks I weigh 130 more pounds than I do, and even a couple steps was hard. Now I can just run (or plod) up them without trouble.

Bad thing: About five times up and down is the line for my comfort. After that it starts hurting/getting tired. Yesterday I went up and down 12 times in a row, plus assorted other trips up and down during the day, plus more today. I think my poor legs might fall off.

After 24 hours with no Internet (EEEK) I'm finally settling in. While this apartment and complex have a hell of a lot of issues, they're quite responsive on fixing things. The complex offers "free" Internet (which you have to pay a non-optional $35 fee for...), but it wasn't working. They had a tech here in my apartment for almost an hour to make it work. While the $35 fee sucks, I had been paying $68 for Internet alone, so I'm saving. Plus it's the highest level/fastest customer access Comcast Business offers, so it should be good. (So far, so good, though I haven't tried streaming video yet. Edit: Streaming seems really good, whew!)

My apartment is full of boxes, and it's going to stay that way, which is a pain. But it IS a nicer apartment than the one I leased, so I'm going to just try to enjoy it while I'm here, until mine is ready to move into.

Ellie New Cat is settling down (I'm sure the place being full of all of our stuff helps). Unfortunately there's a (young?) cat-eating Boxer dog next door. Ellie likes sitting in the window, and the dog goes crazy trying to get at her when the owner walks it by. The owner seems responsive and is correcting the dog, so that's something.

My apartment complex is right next to a train track (same street as it, only one other complex between the tracks and us -- standing in our parking lot, you can see the trains going by). While I hate noise, I actually like the sound of trains, so that's okay. Train lines seem to be like airports -- they respect quiet hours as much as they can. After 9 PM, they seem to stop doing the train whistles and bells, so you only hear the track noise.

I really, REALLY need to get some book reviews written, before I forget everything about them. Life has just been too busy lately. Long weekend coming, so hopefully soon!
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I went to pick up the keys to my "new" (temporary) apartment this morning. Turns out it's not just my apartment that didn't pass inspection. It's not just my whole building that didn't pass. Two buildings full didn't pass.

On the phone, they told me I'd be in the temporary apartment for a week. This morning they told me it would be two weeks, but no guarantee it wouldn't be longer.

On the phone (last week), they told me my apartment was complete and ready to move in -- it just hadn't passed inspection. I looked at it this morning, and it's not. None of the building is, it's all still a mess of construction. My apartment doesn't even have electric hooked up yet (no meter box).

The temp apartment is a one bedroom, while mine was a studio, so that's in theory an upgrade, but it's in a much worse location. Plus, even though it's newly renovated, the quality is crap. Screens missing, blinds broken, the door locks don't really work (from the outside/the keys, from the inside they work fine).

Plus the apartment I was moving in to has no mailbox. Yet my mail is now being forwarded there. Who knows what will happen to it?

Movers are due in a couple hours, and the apartment I currently live in is already rented out, so I have no choice but to move in there. I just feel like this is a very, very wrong decision. How many weeks will I have to go without unpacking my boxes?

Related note: I have no idea how I own so much stuff. I gave away and threw away so much, yet I still have 20+ boxes and a bunch of non-box containers of stuff. I have odd, strong desire to just throw it all out and run off and live in the woods or something.
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I got a call from the apartment complex I'm moving in to. "We have good news and bad news..." That is NOT what you want to hear from a place you're moving to.

The good news: My apartment is completely finished and ready to move in to.

They opened with that news. Which is good news, but what could be the bad news compared to that?

The building hasn't passed the town inspection and they can't move residents in.

Gods above...

They offered to move me into a different apartment in the complex for a week, and they're going to pay for movers to move me in to my intended apartment once it does pass. So that's something, but I won't be able to unpack anything for at least a week. And I'm going to have to move twice.

Lesser annoying thing: The temporary apartment is in the second floor, with no elevator in the building. My knees ache going up only a couple steps. :( And I'm going to have to move my computer and cat myself and things like the cat box... things I don't want the movers to do.

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It's two weeks and two days until I move, and... I'm done. Everything is packed except last minute stuff that I'm still using. I've done nearly all the move-out cleaning that I can do with boxes in the way and me still living there. I'm all done, yet I still have two weeks to wait and do nothing.

On one hand, I should enjoy this time. I have AC, and I'm moving into a place without it. I'm in a pretty, nice complex, and I'm moving into a place that's more than 50% smaller and a whole lot less nice, so I should just enjoy the last of my time here. But I can't. Because I'm moving in two weeks.

It's actually better to have stuff to do because I feel like I'm accomplishing things and getting stuff done when I pack. Now I'm just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, and stressing/worrying about all the what-ifs. I just want to get on with life -- get moved, get unpacked and settled, iron the bugs out of my new place.

The first day there is going to be interesting. All of the apartments are being moved in to at the same time. (They were all being renovated, the whole building.) I don't know how all the moving trucks are going to handle it -- there's so little parking, and people are going to be moving in all day. Hopefully it will be a little easier for my people, since I'm taking Thursday the 1st off for the move. Maybe more people will move in on Friday the 2nd or the weekend.

Ellie New Cat update: Her nonstop meowing begging for food is 90% corrected in the evenings, yet somehow only 20% corrected in the morning. (How do kittybrains work that she can't connect the two?) Whenever she meows, I run at her hissing and waving my hands over my head (just plain running at her stopped working after a while). It's a good thing I live alone, as I'm sure that would be amusing to watch. However, since she's improved so much in the evenings, I have hope that eventually the mornings will get corrected as well.

I no longer make her talk for a treat, as I think that would send mixed signals. Maybe not, maybe meowing on command might register differently in kittybrains, but I don't need to risk it.
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- In the endless tangle of worries that is my brain, a new BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT WORRY EVER has come to the forefront of the others: The new apartment complex I'm moving into comes with wifi, so I'm going to cancel my personal service and use the complex's (saving almost $100/month), but now I can't stop wondering if it'll be good enough. If I'm sharing wifi with an apartment complex, probably 50 other apartments, what are the chances I'll get the speed/bandwidth that I'm used to? Good enough to play online games (MMOs) and steam video without lag? Is that a pipe dream or might it be good enough that I won't need to return to a personal account?

- In other apparently worry-related news, last night I had a dream I was at work. Working. So when I woke up, I felt like I had been at work all night... just in time to go to work this morning. Thanks, brain.

- I'm watching the new Voltron series from Netflix/Dreamworks. I had loved the original Voltron when I was a kid, so I had hoped I'd like the new series, but right now (halfway point of the first season), I'm pretty meh on it. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It's watchable.

- Ellie New Cat is the oddest cat. She doesn't like to climb things. I used to have a floor-to-ceiling post for her, but she never used it so I got rid of it. Now I have boxes stacked halfway to the ceiling, formed in "steps" that would be easy as pie for her to jump up, and she hasn't checked it out once. She never wants to go higher than the back of a chair or desktop. I never met a cat like that before.

- Packing for my move is going well. I said it before and I'll say it again: It rocks to start really early. I have three weeks and change left, and I'm nearly done packing -- too done! I packed stuff I now wish I hadn't packed, bowls and such.

- I have a ton of non-packing, move-related stuff left to do. I've been dragging my feet on it for some reason, things like change of address through the post office, scheduling power to turn on in the new place, etc. Much of it can be easily done online, though some of it (like canceling Comcast) will need a phone call and an office visit to return hardware.

- Though I said I was done with Freecycle, I decided to list one more thing. I had three very nice plush toys (picture of them), very good condition (kept on shelves, never played/slept with). I thought they would get lots of interest and snapped right up, but nope. Only one single request, and that person wanted just one of the three. (I ended up saying no to that person, since I'd have to take the other two to Goodwill to donate, splitting the group would just double my work.) I know this area has very few families/kids, but I still thought there would be interest in them. Oh well.
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In the middle of this month, my LJ will hit 14 years old. How amazing and scary is that? I still want to go back and tag the old entries, but I have seven years of them that aren't done... During those early years, I posted daily or multiple times a day, so that would be a lot of work. However, it would be interesting to read all those posts again, so...maybe. (Every year I say the same thing, so I'm not exactly holding my breath that I'll get it done this year.)

It's exactly one month until I move. I really, really like having all this time ahead of time. I've thrown out so much stuff. I had multiple boxes I never unpacked in the last 10+ years, but stuff I knew I didn't want to throw away. I ended up throwing away about 90% of it. :P

My new apartment is going to be a studio, which I'm kind of worried about. It's going to be kind of like living in a dorm room, but without a roommate (THANKFULLY). One room, tiny kitchen, tiny bathroom. So the more I can get rid of, the better.

It's odd, but usually when I move, I think it's going to be a long-term thing, that I won't want to move again. But this time I know I won't be staying there more than a year or two. The parking situation is what's going to be what makes me leave. (I could pay $160 extra a month for a parking spot, but the place also has no AC, so it's not like it's perfect other than not having assigned or much street parking.) So basically it feels like, once I'm home from work early afternoon, I won't be able to leave again for the day because I won't have a spot when I get back. I know I don't like going back out after work, but sometimes there are doctors appointments and I keep wanting to try to reach out and get some kind of social network going, but that would be hard enough even without stressing about finding a parking spot when I get back. So, a year or two in the new place, then I'll move again.

...I know I said this wouldn't be about books, but wow, that In real Life one I just finished is still in my brain and won't leave me alone. I want to know MORE MORE MORE about professional eSports teams! I even watched some Starcraft videos on YouTube.

I think I'm going to be able to get my apartment clean enough to get most of the deposit back. My bedroom rug is the big problem. Ellie New Cat always throws up on it, and there are some visible spots. I need to get some carpet spot cleaner or something.

Work is rough right now, but that's nothing new.

Gaming is... somewhat the same. A number of months back, I got roped into a leadership position that I didn't want, but no one else wanted and they all voted for me to get it. The group needed a leader or it would fold, and it was a very old group, but I didn't want it all the same (I had been about to leave the group, in fact). Months later, and I still have the position. I still don't want it. It's nothing but stress for me, and next to no benefit. Problem is, no one else wants leadership, so if I give leadership to anyone who will take it, it will hurt the group, and I feel too responsible to want that to happen... so it's sort of a catch-22.

TV: I watched the first season of Mr. Robot, which was AMAZING. Like nothing else ever on TV. I loved it! I'm waiting to watch the second season until it's over though, so I can marathon it. Better Call Saul's second season should be about over soon, too? So I can start watching that. Yesterday I started Stranger Things, which is completely freaking me out. I didn't know it was horror-ish (or maybe I'm just a scaredy cat).
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Everything about my life right now seems all wrapped up in my coming move, which is odd as it's still a month and a half away. I have my lease signed for the new place, so that's locked up. Good apartment location, right on the back corner, so it should be the most quiet option. Unfortunately I think the afternoon sun will pour in, so that will make it hotter in the summer (no AC, so that's an issue). The unit on the opposite side would be cooler and more private, but I think less safe. It faces a fence to another apartment complex, one a little more run down than the one I'm moving into, so it would be easier to break into with no one seeing it.

Endless worrier that I am, I'm worrying nonstop about the parking situation there (no assigned parking, very small lot -- fewer spots than there are apartments). The thinking part of me says it should be minimally annoying -- once I'm home for the day after work I never want to go back out, and I'd rather not go out on weekends as well, and since I get home from work early I can get a parking spot and not worry about losing it later in the day. But the rest of me? Endless what-ifs and all sorts of images of parking nightmares. It's stupid and pointless to worry (the lease is signed, there's no backing out even if I want to), but I live my life like one of those tiny dogs that trembles endlessly, so I just can't quiet the worry.

I got the moving company reserved already, though I have to call them this morning to give more information. (I sure do wish companies would do more business by email than by phone!)

My current apartment offers a pre-move out inspection, so they can tell me anything that will impact getting my deposit back. That's nice. It's on August 23rd, so I intend to try to have all my cleaning done by then. It's nice that there's so much time, I can do one big task a day instead of having to get it all done NOW NOW NOW.

There was so much paperwork. My new lease was 51 pages long! I tried to read it all (since it was all online and so I had time to do it), but man, I feel like the whole thing is a trap that's just waiting for me to fall into. My ending-lease paperwork for the current apartment was another 20-something pages, including information like, if they find a new person to lease to, they could tell me to leave before my lease is officially ended... (I suppose I have to live on the street then?)

Lease for the new place mentioned that we're close to somewhere with "public entertainment" and there could be noise after hours. I have no idea what that's referring to -- I'd think a sports stadium or something, but there's nothing around the area that I can see. (Maybe it's a default thing they put into leases...)

As I had lived in my last apartment for 10 years, when I moved into my new apartment, I put up wall decals. I'm so sad to be taking them down. Not only are they semi-expensive, but there's no saving them -- when they come down, you throw them out, since they're like big stickers. I really liked them so much, I'll miss having them.

Books! [ profile] hamsterwoman posted a link to the new ebook of the month club -- a free ebook once a month. Win!
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I put in an application for a new apartment today. While I haven't heard back yet, my credit and rental history are very good, so I don't expect there to be any problems (famous last words). The studio apartments are all currently being renovated, due to be done by August 1st, and I need to move in in September, so turned out I got my pick of them (picked a corner unit in the back, hopefully will be the quietest). Ground floor. Apartment choice isn't in writing yet, I need to see to that.

Other notes:

No air conditioning, windows only in the front of the apartment (so no cross-breeze). It's early July and I haven't yet used my AC once this year, so... hopefully that won't be too big of an issue.

Has washer/dryer! That's a big, big positive and one I hadn't figured I'd be able to get. (Also has a dishwasher, which rocks.)

Pent rent is such a scam. I have to pay $65 extra every month because I have a cat... My current pet rent is $25, which is still a scam, but less so than $65. Highest listed pet rent I've seen was $75, so $65 is pretty bad.

Oddly the apartment comes with "high speed internet access". If it really is good access, I can drop Comcast, which will save me over $100.

It's maybe 5-10 minutes further from work. Technically it's one town over from where I am now, but it's so close to the border, it might as well be the same town.

Water/trash/net is about $100 a month extra. (I'm currently paying about the same for just water/trash here.)

Big minus: No assigned parking. Street parking is insanely jammed. There's a resident-only parking lot, but it's small. I strongly suspect there are more apartments than spots. This is likely going to be the issue that makes me eventually move. Sad. (You can get an assigned spot, but it's $160 per month...)

Is it perfect? No. But it's in my price range, and I'm getting more features than I had hoped I would (washer/dryer), so hopefully it will work out. It's really, REALLY small. I've always said I never needed much space and my current apartment is too big for me, so I guess I'm going to get to test that out. :P
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You know what, Salvation Army, I didn't want to give you my stuff anyway. You could have made good money off a newish working flat panel TV (along with DVD, Tivo, and a new-ish glass table thingie I was using as a TV stand), but it's a two month wait for you to send a donation truck out to get it? Clearly you don't need my stuff. And like I said, I didn't really want to give it to you so much as I just wanted to be rid of it in the easiest way possible.

I dabbled in Freecycle tonight. I was pulling out a bookshelf to give away, and found I had a bunch of old gaming systems (PS2, GameCube, N64). I decided to list them and see if anyone wanted them, and someone responded. While it was more of a pain than I would have liked (I had to be dressed and ready to meet him in the parking lot for a half-hour window), I'm glad someone took it. Will he sell them? Maybe. But either way, hopefully they'll end up in the hands of someone who wants them.

I ended up putting the bookcase out with the trash instead of Freecycling it. Maybe someone will pick it up on their own or not, but it was too big for me to have to deal with dragging out to meet someone (even if it's only out to the parking lot).

The tricky part of this is that I don't want Freecycle/Craigslist people to come in my apartment -- I'd rather them not even know which apartment is mine. So I have to lug things out to the parking lot to meet them. It's not far, but for something big, or something that could break, it's a pain.

It'd be nice if my apartment complex had a board for posting stuff. I bet there's someone here who could use a TV. I spent some time looking for a shelter that would take a used TV, but it seems like they only want new or money. Maybe loading it into my car and taking it to SA myself might be the easiest...
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I realized this morning that I haven't yet had any stress dreams/nightmares about my upcoming vacation. That's especially odd, as I'm flying off instead of having my mother fly in. I guess it almost feels like it's not real? Even though it's less than a month away? (New readers: I'm a complete and utter stressball, and as I remember multiple dreams a night, it tends to really come out in my dreams. Any changes in my life, even things like vacations, tend to stress me out.)

I don't know if part of it is that I'm distracted by my eventual-move (two stressful things canceling each other out instead of feeding each other?). Once I'm back from my vacation, I need to make more progress on that. My lease is up early in September, so it's not pressing yet, but it will be before long. (And boy am I happy I was able to save most of my boxes from the last time I moved -- I knew I would be!)

I made the mistake of starting a new farm in Stardew Valley. That game is such a perfect trap for me -- I can accomplish things in it, which makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing things in real life, which means I feel okay just sitting there and playing instead of actually accomplishing things real life. (But boy, is this second play-through going amazingly well. By Spring 10 Year 1 I had both backpack upgrades. By Spring 15 I had my first house upgrade and three tool upgrades done. While it feels evil of me, I'm going to back Walmart JoJa Corp instead of the community center -- I'm swimming in money, so it should be faster and easier. I'm going to totally avoid the moneysink of farm buildings, since I don't like interacting with animals anyway. Except a slime hutch. I seem to like slimes a lot and miss the feral one from my first save.)

I think/hope my toe has finally actually healed up. I've been off antibiotics a couple weeks now, and it seems to be mostly the same. Now and then I get a twinge of pain from it, which worries me a lot, but it's not reopening nor is it getting hot. (It's especially a worry now, because if it does get bad again, that means IV antibiotics... and my vacation in less than a month.)

Sadly, yet not unexpectedly, my weight has gone up a little. SIGH! Not surprising, since somehow I went down almost five pounds last week (and I'm 98% sure I'm in PMS). Only three pounds as of this morning, but it still depresses me.

I started running, but as I just barely started it (last week), I can't do all that much yet. Other than yesterday, I've been enjoying it. (This whole week I've felt tired and down, and just didn't want to do it yesterday. For the same reason, I've skipped doing pushups twice in a row now.

This whole week I've just felt physically down. Blah. Tired nonstop even though I'm sleeping the same amount of house. Super duper extra hungry, too. Really, all this goes with the PMS thing, I think. (Edit: You know, it's amazing that, at this point in my life, I still have to add "I think" onto that. I'm approaching the point of not having to deal with it anymore, and yet still I don't know for sure. Bodies...)
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For some reason, I like to keep my book review posts on their own, so there will be another post sometime later today with a couple of reviews.

First off, exciting times! While this DOES NOT COUNT, as tomorrow is my official weighing day, I couldn't help but take a picture anyway. The first time I've been under 200 since I went away to college (multiple decades ago).

Now I just have to eat really, really good today so it doesn't go up for my official weighing tomorrow. :D (And yes, I'm bad, I can't help but weigh myself every single day. Yes, it makes me crazy. But I also think it makes me more accountable for my day-to-day eating.)

For a couple reasons, I think I'm going to move to Kaiser insurance when we're able to switch. Money is part of it (they're the cheapest plan by far), but also [ profile] gonzostar posted some information on coverage of skin removal, and it seems like it will be a much easier process there. I'm not 100% sure I want to have it done (surgery, eek!), but my surgeon said I have about 15 pounds of stomach skin (can you imagine?), and getting my breasts done would be another big chunk, so I almost want to have it done for "easy" loss off ~25 pounds.


Stardew Valley people: I found an easy way to get a screenshot of your whole farm. Go to, upload your save file (open Windows Explorer, enter %appdata%, and you can find it from there), and you get a page like mine, scroll down to the bottom for the map. You can see my farm and all my game stats there.

[ profile] orangerful had said I had a had a good farm, which started my quest to make that screenshot. As you can see, my farm SUCKS. I hadn't even realized how bad it was until I saw that overhead shot. So much wasted space! I think I'm going to scrap the whole thing and start over.


I'm spinning my wheels right now on so much stuff. My vacation is coming up in less than a month, and there's so much I have to do/plan, I'm so nervous about so much. (I really hate my brain sometimes.) Even though I'm planning on leaving my apartment four hours before my flight (leaving two hours for what should be just over a 30 minute drive, but it'll be rush hour, and two hours for security and such), I'm so worried something will happen and I'll miss it.

Also, I had thought I wouldn't have to check my bag, but it's a couple inches too big, so I guess I'll have to. That's not such a big deal on the outgoing leg, but onto the returning home leg, I have a 45 minute layover (shorter than I'd like), so I have no idea if I or my bag will make it... Plus there's always the worry that someone might steal your bag during luggage claim.


Though it's still early, I'm plotting and planning things for my move. I'd like to be rid of my sofa, but I had no idea how hard of a task that is. If I have someone come in to haul it away, it will be a minimum of $150! It's way too big for me to get out of my apartment myself, otherwise I could sneak it into the apartment complex trash (not supposed to dump furniture there, but people do).

I'm semi-considering buying a saw and, assuming it's made of wood inside, breaking it down into smaller pieces that I can take out during the night myself (putting a sheet down to contain any mess). However, I have no idea of a number of things: How expensive a saw is. What I would do with the saw after. If it's made of wood inside or if there are metal bars. How big of a job it would be to saw a sofa into pieces myself.

I will NOT be buying a new sofa to replace it. :P
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I've found an effective distraction from my worries over my upcoming trip: Dealing with pre-moving stuff. :P

Once my lease expires, I'm going to be moving. (I really, really need to look up when that will be. I believe I have a few months left, but I need to know so I can better plan.) I'm hoping to move somewhere where I'll be paying $1,000 less per month, which will mean I'll no longer be eating into my savings each month. However, with that much cheaper of an apartment, I'm going to lose some "must have" feature. Either AC, an in-unit washer/dryer, or it will not be in the local area. I'm really sad about that.

I'm also falling out of love with this area. I just cannot afford to live here anymore. Even if I get a promotion at work (which might not even happen this year), it doesn't come with hardly any additional money.

Anyway. That's not what I wanted to write about. While moving is stressful, I'm in the "fun" stage of it now. (Or maybe that should be "satisfying".) I'm going through everything I own, seeing what I can throw away or donate. (I thought about eBaying what I could, since I need money, but I think that would be more trouble than it's worth.)

I think sadly I need to get rid of most of my physical books. When I had moved to my current apartment, I donated 90% of my books (three car trunks full) to the library. I have less than one bookcase of them left, all ones not currently available in ebook format, but being honest I'll never read physical books again. There's no use lugging them around. Plus I have a lot of big hardcovers that I was keeping for the art, yet I haven't looked at in 20 years...

That will mean I can get rid of a couple bookcases, and I suspect my outside table as well (at $2,000/month rent, there's no way in hell I'll get a porch/personal outside area, so I'll no longer have need of it).

I'm continuing to struggle with my weight. I decided that having oatmeal for breakfast every day might be part of my issue. Since I try not to eat bread, what am I doing eating some carb-heavy food for breakfast every day? Even if I was adding greek yogurt and a few nut to it for protein. While protein bars are expensive enough to make me sad, I've gone back to having one for breakfast instead.

So, while things aren't all that great right now, once I'm able to move, things should get better money-wise (if not living conditions-wise). And it's good to know that my vacation will be very inexpensive ("free" airline tickets, staying with my mother, and she'll feed me).
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The Island by Jill Minkman.

This book was one roller coaster of a ride, but not in the way people usually mean that.

For the first third of the book, I thought it was "not awful, but the author made a really, really bad decision".

Set on an island, a small group of people were trying to survive the end of the world. There had been a few nuclear bombs set off, and then a round of biological warfare killed most everyone left. 150 years later a new, tiny society rose. At age 10, children were considered adults and had to go off and live on their own (joining the rest of the "adults" over the age of 10 but pre-marriage living alone in a house together).

This new society had evolved its own religion. They believed the Force was in everyone, that everyone should use their Force, that the Force could be used for good or bad, that if your Force was strong enough you could do things with it. They greeted each other with "Your Force be with you". Why in the world did the author use "Force"? All I could think of was Star Wars...

Then the main character stole The Book, their religious text that explained all about the Force. On the cover was a picture of... Luke and Leia!. At that point I laughed out loud and suddenly loved this book.

Then it happened. The romance subplot. I love me some romance, but I HATE HATE HATE 99% of the "romance" in young adult books. This is how it happens. Every time.
1) Girl sees boy. Falls in love with him on first sight. She knows he's her soulmate. He's the most handsome boy she's ever seen. She always says something like "why are no other boys like him?". She knows she's going to spend the rest of her life with him.
2) Girl and boy interact. She finds him the most annoying boy ever. Is snippy/sarcastic/mean to him for no reason.
3) The two are apart, girl is suddenly back in love with him. He's her everything, nothing has any meaning unless he's there! ...but wait! Why didn't he kiss her? She decides she must be ugly (yet the book described her as the most beautiful girl around), or she must be stupid (yet she's the smartest)...
4) Repeat the above steps a couple times.
5) They finally kiss, tell each other they both felt love the whole time, live happily ever after.

That drives me up a wall. Is that an accurate teenage relationship? I have no idea, but suspect probably. But accurate or not, it is not enjoyable to read about.

The book ended with an information dump, explaining how all the stuff around the Force came to be. Oh, and of course the boy and girl lived happily ever after.

So, it was an okay book. Not horrible, not good. Would have been many times better without the "romance".

Unpacking: I swear to god, I'm never going to finish. It's been about two weeks now. I'm down to ONE box (not counting the ten small ones full of decorations). But even after I finish that last box, I still need to deal with all the stuff. While unpacking, I put everything anywhere, just so I could get rid of the boxes. On one shelf of the bookshelf next to me is an old purse, a pair of slippers, a CD (no idea what's on it), and a big package of paper napkins. I can't unpack the decorations until I get everything organized and make space for them.
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Today is the first day I've felt even the slightest drive to unpack (9 days after my move). I have about a quarter of my boxes still sealed shut, with a number more open and waiting to be unpacked.

I like my apartment more and more the longer I'm here. The hardwood floors are great (Ellie New Cat likes racing up and down the hallway, slipping and sliding like crazy -- it's fun to watch!). My windows are giant and have a nice view (though because I'm on the ground floor, feels less private). Ceiling fan rocks my socks -- feels so much cooler!

I wish I had moved sooner. I thought the apartment I had been in was higher-end (the rent seemed to indicate that!), but now I see that wasn't the case. The previous building had walls that seemed to be brick and nothing else -- in the summer they would heat up like a brick oven and radiate the heat in for days after. This building stays cool. I keep the AC set way warmer, and when I come home from a day of it being off, it's still cool inside. Insulation, what a concept!

I had been dreading moving somewhere where I have upstairs neighbors, but it's not bad at all. They did soundproofing, and the upstairs apartments have carpet instead of hardwood. Maybe the people are quieter, too? Rarely I hear footsteps, once I heard singing. The only sound I hear on a regular basis is a cell phone vibrating (which drives me crazy, since I think it's mine).

There are tons of dogs here and a surprising number of children. (The rents in this area are so high, few folks raise families here.) I find I don't mind seeing/hearing the children at all, which surprises me. My windows face a big grassy/tree park-like area, so the kids play out there in the afternoons, but it's kind of nice. For some reason it makes me happy seeing them, seeing adults walk with babies, seeing whole families. I can't explain it, as I'm not really a kid-person. Maybe it makes this feel more like a home? Like a neighborhood? Maybe because seeing kids is so rare here? (Seems like I can go weeks without seeking a child.)

The storage room is the best thing ever. Why is it a storage room and not just a room being used for storage? It's outside, connected to my porch, you have to go out the sliding glass door and onto the porch to get to the (locked) room. It's so wonderful to be able to store clutter away and out of sight.

I never did find the TV cable I was missing, and today I discovered I'm missing something else: My diswasher soap. If those are the only two things that go missing in this move, I'm doing well. (Though I do wonder if I lost a bag somewhere, those are two last minute things that could have gotten packed together.)

Surprisingly, I miss being able to use my oven. This oven is new (like almost all my appliances, yay), so it needs to run a while to burn off the coating. That makes it smoke, so I want to wait until I can open the windows and such. Mid-week, when the heat wave ends.

It's nice having a maintenance staff to clean the grounds, around the dumpsters, etc. Assumedly to do repairs inside apartments too, though I'm having a heck of a time getting them here. I still have no rod in my closet!

So, all in all, if my boxes would magically unpack and my apartment organize itself, everything would be near-perfect. As-is, it's as good as it can get while everything's still a mess and totally unorganized (seriously, my bathing suit is currently on the living room bookshelf!).
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I have no idea what happened to my sleep schedule. Four days in a row I got up at 5 AM (for no reason at all!). Yesterday I "slept in" until 6 AM. 8 PM I'm exhausted and ready to sleep, but I make myself stay up until at least 9. At least I'm going back to work tomorrow, so the sleep schedule will better fit. Sure do wish I could have slept in some of the last few days though...

I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. It does not feel at all like I had six days off. More than that, I'm worried my cat isn't ready for me to be gone most of the day. She's still clingy and on edge. (She's getting better every day, but she's not settled yet.)

I finished an outstanding book mid-move, Knife of Never Letting Go. One of the best I've read in a long time. Just haven't had time to post about it yet. I'm currently reading Sky Jumpers (given for review) and it's darned good, too. It's nice having multiple good books in a row.

Unpacking is going SO SLOWLY, but that's kind of okay. I have no deadline to finish. Sometimes I need an item, so I unpack until I find it, or sometimes the mood takes me and I unpack a few boxes. I did rearrange my bedroom furniture today, which was necessary so I could have a nightstand and set up my alarm clock for tomorrow.

Still no TV, sort of. While I pay for 200+ channels, all I get are 2-13. The previous person who lived in my apartment put a block on any extra channels, and the cable company set the removal date for that block as literally 9,000 years in the future, so it blocks my access as well. They couldn't send anyone out to fix it until Tuesday, so I had a long weekend of nothing much to watch.

Except! I've been rewatching West Wing on Netflix. Such an amazing show, I love it so much. Everything from the music to the characters to everything.

I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. :/ I'll be working longer hours from now on, too. Sigh.


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