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The more time I spend in You Enter a Dungeon (a RP subreddit), the more I'm discovering that I seem to have a modus operandi when it comes to these random RP threads. I seem to like to look for holes, some way to twist things in a way the GM didn't expect or intend.

In one thread, the GM set up a game:

You're in a stone room about 15 meters in each dimension. In the corners are four pedestals, respectively containing: a riot shield, a sword glowing with some green energy that reminds you of a lightsaber, an automatic pistol, and a staff with a brilliant ruby on its end.

A voice that is not yours sounds through your head.

"Welcome to the Game. You have been selected to have an opportunity; risk, but reward. What tool do you choose to face the trials ahead?"

Everyone else (logically) had a human appear in that room, but to me that idea was boring.

Enter the dragon... (my response) )

In another thread from this morning, the GM set up some kind of violent horror idea:

You approach the cabin at midday; it sits in the woods, run down and falling apart.

If the legends are true, you will find a powerful vampire inside. Whether or not you will survive the encounter and get your revenge is another question.

(please describe who you are, what you look like and why you are hiring a vampire to help you get vengeance)

This time I did go with a human character, but I'm 100% sure it's not what the GM was intending. :P

Like, seriously Brendan? (My response) )

To me, half the fun of these is finding some amusing, unusual way to reply. The threads where I do the expected are less fun to me. I wonder if that makes me a brat or a fun challenge?
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The "end game" (such as it is) of Neko Atsume is to get a memento from each cat. There's a small chance of it randomly happening each time they visit. It's usually small items a cat could pick up around the house or yard.

Shadow, no Ritzy Bitz for you! Take that back outside, ewww.

And, because I just don't post about this game enough, check out how wonderful the music is. So peaceful and relaxing and just makes me so happy.


And the RP log from the western ("You are sitting across from your most hated enemy.") storytelling thread on reddit. Though not as bad as tumblr, it's hard to access copies of your old posts on reddit, so I'll probably keep archiving them here. I wish I had coped another RP thread (a NSFW one), but it had barely gotten started before it was deleted. I had thought I had time to save it! Oh well.

Log back here. )

I'm SO SO SO tired today. I was short on sleep all week, then stayed up way too late last night, now I can't muster enough energy to do anything. Which is a problem, as I have work stuff that needs doing...
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The DM of that "You Will Die" RP thread on reddit finally posted my death. Though I hadn't mentioned the nine lives idea, he thwarted it.

Final post back here. )

Cat would end up with the same death eight more times, since it's stuck.

Oh well! Was tons of fun!

I like to come at these RP threads in an unexpected (and hopefully amusing) sort of way, so at risk of becoming known as an animal RPer, I did a similar trick in a new thread. Opening post from it:

[Western] You are sitting across from your most hated enemy.

The cave in was devastating, creating a several meter wide blockade of fallen rock which separated the two of you from the outside world. The only way out was through the tunneling depths of the abandoned mine that led to God knows where.

Sitting at the opposite end of the wall from you was your most hated enemy, the only other survivor of the explosion. Between both of you were the four objects that got you into this mess.

An oil lantern providing your only source of light, a canteen filled halfway with water, a gun with one bullet, and a wooden crate packed with stolen gold bars fresh off the U.S. Mint.

The two of you could only stare at one another in silence, seeing who would make the first move.

Who are you? How did you get here?

I decided to be a mouse, and my mortal enemy a snake. Since the thread isn't over (though I got out of the cave and into a house and a cat is now chasing me) I'm going to wait to archive it here. The DM on this one really knows his stuff though, you can tell he's an expert on old west stuff.
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There's a part of reddit I visit, You Enter a Dungeon. It's a small RP/writing area. One person (the DM/GM) posts a description of a setting, and optionally gives an idea of the characters that might be there, and anyone can post what a character does. DM posts reaction, then player posts again... etc.

When I was new to that subreddit, a thread caught my eye. You Will Die. The DM was playing "death", though not as a character. Players could bring in absolutely any character into any situation, and the DM would go along with it. After each round, the DM would roll to see if the character was killed. First round, on a D20, death had to meet or beat a 20 to kill you. Round two, death had to meet or beat 19. Round three, 18... And so on. If you make it to round 10, you win, you beat death.

People brought in all sorts of tough characters, and a few wacky ones (like a suicidal guy). After reading through all the intense, big time fighter/warrior ones, I wanted to try something different.

A normal housecat.

No one had beaten death yet (3% chance to make it to round 10), but how amusing would it be if a plan normal cat were the one to beat death?

Unfortunately the dice didn't agree with me. )

He has yet to post my death, but I wanted to make a copy of the thread while I have a moment. I've taken part in a number of threads in that sub since joining, but this one was my favorite so far. I just wish I had lasted longer! Darned dice...
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A good weekend, just way too short. (Aren't weekends always too short?)

Good things, in a list:

- Watched the first seven episodes of Lost. Wow. I always forget how great the first season was. I've never gotten further than two or three seasons in, so I'm hoping to make it all the way this time. I know a few spoilers (including how the series ends/what the island was all about, if I'm correct about what I know), and the theme just works for me so very well. Do I need to put it behind a spoiler cut? When it's more than ten years old? Better safe than sorry, I suppose. If I remember correctly (don't correct me or confirm!), they did indeed end up having all died in the plane crash and the island was a purgatory sort of place. I love that idea so so so much!

These first episodes were genuinely creepy! The sound effects were so well done! When the monsters(?) shake the trees, there are odd metallic/industrial noises in the effects. It's just so jarring and odd and I love it to death.

- I'm afraid I have to just give up on Farscape for the near future. I tried watching it again this weekend, but it's just not a show you can multitask during. While that means it was a really good story, I cannot just sit there and stare at the screen and do nothing else. (Side note: I really want to see the new Jurassic Park movie in the theater when it comes out, but I don't know how I'll be able to sit there for two hours doing nothing else! Hopefully that I'll be in a theater will make a difference.)

- I got good RP, yay! More than that, I found a mature, experienced RPer, which is becoming more and more rare. RPers keep getting younger and less experienced (*cough* Really! It's not me getting older!), so it's getting harder and harder to find a good match for me to write with.

- The FFXIV benchmark came out this morning, and I was able to confirm that my new machine is indeed a monster. YAY! While there are a few people with a higher rating than mine, I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm usually in the "can barely run this" group of people, and now I'm near the top of the rankings. My new worry is that it will get stolen: I live on the ground floor, with a window RIGHT THERE next to my desk. Anyone could break in while I was away and steal it. :/ Unlikely, as my window faces our "quad" (grassy area where kids play and dogs crap), but it could still happen.

- I finally lost weight. After three weeks (gained a pound, stayed the same, gained pound) I lost five this week. That means in four weeks I lost five pounds. While isn't good (for me), it's better than the previous weeks had been. I'll take it. (I try not to worry how quickly the clock is running down. After surgery, you lose the most weight in the first six months, which are gone. Then the next six months it slows down but still happens. After a year, you're seriously going to be struggling to lose. I'm at 7.5 months, so my time is slipping quickly away.)

- I actually caught up on sleep this weekend, which was nice. Unfortunately my upstairs neighbors woke me at 4 AM this morning YET AGAIN, so I'm currently functioning on less than four hours sleep, which is not at all nice. Mumble grumble neighbors.

Edit: I feel like 2015 is my slowest year ever for reading. The book I'm reading now is really good, nearly perfect, yet... I lost my drive to read. Rarely in my life have I had a time where I just didn't feel like reading, so this is very strange. I've only finished eight books so far this year, so I'm pretty confident in saying that I won't be making my 50 book goal this year.
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Recall how yesterday I posted about the Internet Wayback Machine not having archived a site I was looking for? Well it turns out Google is better than the Wayback Machine. I've never seen this feature mentioned before, I found it by chance.

Google archives stuff!

At the end of the URL, there's often a little arrow. Click it and you get a 'cached' option. I found lots of stuff I had thought was lost!

And in more amusing, less helpful screenshots: I decided to make a DW journal just to back up my old IC LJ one I had rediscovered, so I trotted over to their site and went through the process of making a DW account...


And, as you can see from my images in this post, I have a new FTP tool. I love WinSCP, it's exactly what I was looking for!

And lastly: So very very tired. I've not gotten more than a couple hours sleep for three nights now. Darned upstairs neighbors. I swear to god, who moves furniture at 11 PM? Especially when they also get up at 4 AM? Are there two of them? One noisy late and the other early? Blah.

My eyes are killing me, too. I've spent so many hours reading these IC journals and RP logs, my poor old eyes just can't take that anymore.
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So tired. My new upstairs neighbors moved in a couple days ago, and sadly they're so loud. Even more sadly, they're loud before 5 AM. I'm such a light sleeper, their stomping keeps me up at night and wakes me up long before my alarm goes off (are they dancing in high heels and work boots? I think so!). Blah.

There was going to be a picture with this post, but my "freeware" FTP tool stopped working after 30 days. Grrr. Does anyone have an easy, simple one they like?

My eyes are so tired! I've been reading so much since last night. My IC journal posts, my RP partner's IC posts, and I started in on some RP logs, too. Man, I'm so in love with this story we had been playing out! It pains me to know that all too soon I'll reach the end of my reading material for it.

Related to that: While I backed up all(?) of my IC posts on LJ, the fellow I was RPing with did not. D: The site were we had originally posted them ( seems to have deleted them all, which is very sad. I even checked the Internet Wayback Machine, but it was no help. Looks like back in 2012 they had an archive up so you could download your old stuff, but they sent no email out about it or anything... Blah.

I was having fun reading one of my character's posts, then one of his from the same day, back and forth... until I reached a big block of time with none from him -- he hadn't cross-posted it. I have no idea if I had cross-posted all of mine or not. What a loss. :/

I haven't RPed in a couple days now. My current character/plotlines seem to pale next to these old ones. Blah.
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(DW edit: Finally remembered to re-import my LJ here, so I have a backup of it.)

By chance, I found an old LJ of mine. It's an IC account, for a character I used to RP 5+ years ago. [ profile] haken_the_dk Not only did I forget it existed, I forgot everything I wrote in it, so I get to read it now as if it were totally new to me.

It's so so so so odd to like what I wrote. I'm sitting here grinning as I say to myself "This is so good!", then being all embarrassed because it's my own writing and who says that about their own work?

This is also strange, but: It's odd to hear my "voice" in these posts -- I still use a lot of the same phrasing and such. It's not strange that I still use them, it's strange that that seems strange to me.

I wish I had saved more RP logs from that time. I wonder if I have them around somewhere? And I need to somehow back up these LJ posts so I don't ever lose them for good.

I'd really like to contact the person I was RPing with at the time, Mornherald (on DW), but not only do I not really know how to get in contact with him anymore, I worry how we left things. Way too often, when I have a one-on-one RP partner, it always ends badly. I don't know why. I seem to remember having contact with him post-RP though, so maybe we left things okay.

I wish I had more time. There are 90-something IC posts, and I've only gotten through ten of them, and it's about time to log for bed. I'm reading backwards, but I really should stop and go back to the beginning and start there.

Edit: Okay, the earliest ones aren't as good as the later ones. I guess that makes sense, it would have taken me some time to develop the character's voice. So if you glance at that LJ to see an example of what I think is good, be sure to look at the latest/newest posts!

Also, I found an old OOC journal of Mornherald's, last updated last year, and left him a comment. Hopefully it will go to an email account he still checks!
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I remember when I had to make an effort to NOT post more than once or twice a day. I'm not sure if my life is less interesting now or what, but now I have to make an effort to not let weeks go by between my posts. On one hand, that's sad. On the other, I feel like posting about "nothing" would be boring to people. I do still read my friends list every day though.

I had pizza for the first time in more than three months. I had intended my first attempt at pizza to be from a good place, but I've just not gotten there yet (it's really out of the way). Work had free pizza, so I took a slice (and ate less than a quarter of it). While it was low quality stuff, I still enjoyed it (and it didn't make me sick or anything, yay).

In ten days I'll be three months post-surgery. The next big milestone food-wise is six months out (at which time I can try eating beef and corn and probably some other things I've forgotten).

I'm not anywhere near as depressed as I was the first month or two. I guess this whole new life has become the new normal for me. It's still depressing when I think about it, but I guess I don't think about it as much. I never knew how much enjoyment comes from food. Oh well.

In non-food news, I'm spending most of my time RPing, which is great. It's my favorite way to spend time. I have a great new RP partner who is a really good fit. He's about my age, which is becoming less and less common online, and our tastes in RP fit really, really well (which is also pretty uncommon). Our hours aren't a perfect match (he's disabled, he doesn't work, thus stays up all night and sleeps all day, while I have to sleep early because I work early), but he's usually awake by the time I come home from work, so that's good enough. It just kills me to have to log off "early" when there are so many more hours we could write together.

Hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I post again...
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While I RP a lot, it's rare to be in a situation where my character and another person's character really "click" -- when the two characters (and perhaps the two writers) work so well together that the sum becomes greater than the parts. There's plenty of good RP without that click, but when it happens and the characters (writers?) really connect, it's like magic.

On Friday afternoon I encountered someone my character (I?) really clicked with, and we spent all waking hours until bedtime Sunday night writing together. It was amazing.

I have no idea what causes that click. It's an immediate thing, I know when it happens from the first or second post. I don't know how much of it is the character or how much is the writer/real person, but I've come to suspect it's both. (I had RPed with this person previously, but I didn't like the character they were playing, and so nothing clicked. When he brought in this new character and we RPed, just *snap!* there was this connection.)

In my experience, clicking is pretty rare. It happened once in WoW, but that didn't last (a third party was ICly and OOCly jealous of the time the other person was spending with me, so did everything he could to break us up ICly and OOCly. Sadly the person I had clicked with decided to stop RPing with me to keep the third person from being OOCly unhappy... I guess that means one person can feel the click without the other feeling the same.).

I'd love to know what causes that sort of click to happen in RP or RL, but I don't think we'll ever know. It's like when you meet someone's eye and just know the two of you are on the same wavelength.

Whatever the reason it happened, it was a damned good weekend. :D
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Nutritionist: Apparently I'm ahead of the game. She said most people lose 15-20 pounds in their first month, and I've lost 30. She made the same suggestion most of us (me included) already knew: Don't weigh myself every day. She said to do it every two weeks, but I think I'd go crazy waiting that long, so going to go back to doing it once a week and trying not to check other times.

Diet: Just to keep record of things, I've "cheated" twice on my diet:

Once was "on purpose" (last week I was so miserable, crying at everything, losing no weight and eating nothing and thinking my life would never be happy again because I'd never eat "normal" food ever again), so I went to Popeye's (fast food fried chicken). I got a kid's meal (one chicken finger and some fries), gave the drink (soda) to the guy standing behind me on line. Ate half the chicken finger, and amazingly didn't get sick (in fact, I felt better after eating it than when I eat food I'm supposed to). It's amazing the changes that half chicken finger did for my mood, like night/day changes.

The second time, yesterday, was "not my fault" (excuses, it totally was). Panda Express has a chicken and green bean dish, which is just plain chicken breast and green beans in a soy sauce. Seriously low calories, low fat, almost no carbs, so fine to eat. I had a buy one get one free deal, so I went in and ordered two small sides of it. One I ate for lunch, the other I had for dinner... but somehow the woman at the counter packed the wrong thing as the second order and I had a side of orange chicken instead (sweet, fried, spicy). I had a little bite of it, "just to see", and it was so good I ate more (about a third of the small container). I was so certain it would make me sick, but it didn't.

I'm not happy that I cheated, though neither was too horribly bad. Those two things were the only fried things I've eaten in more than a month, the only time I've broken my diet at all. I want to live by "all things in moderation" if possible, though I'd rather start it later, once I'm done with the healing diet part of this.

Flight Rising: I don't need another obsession, but when accounts opened up yesterday, I decided to make one. I'm ThistleChaser there. I told myself I was making one "just to see what the site was like", but that's what I said about Neopets more than a decade ago, and then I was active on the site for ten years. I'm amused at how the first thing that happens after you make a dragon is that some random wild one shows up to breed with it.

RP: Oh man, I'm getting so much RP and it's so good. More than that, I'm getting a lot more social interaction/chatting because of the forum RP group. I'm in the great position where I actually sometimes turn down RP now because I have so much! Even though I write all day at work, writing for RP is a totally different animal. It just feels so good to write that way.

I'm really missing reviewing books. I'm about 25% into the second Stormlight Archive book, and there's still 18 hours of reading left before I finish. x.x I'm really, really loving the book, but man has the series killed my book count for the year. I was on track to beat my 50 book goal, but now I doubt I'll get out of the 30s. Still, it's worth it.
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As of today, I'm okay to eat normal food, but that's easier said than done... )

In non-food news, I joined a forum RP group for the first time ever. I didn't think forum RP would be for me (I like real time RP so much), but forum RP is great because you can write as long of posts as you like. I've always had to hold myself back in RP, but now I can write and write and write. The (very big) downside is how long a post round takes. An exciting scene I'm in hasn't had a post from one person in more than 24 hours, so it stops the whole scene dead. Sigh! Still, as a supplement to "real" RP, I'm enjoying it a lot.
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Arg, being at work is hard today. This morning a new patch came out on FFXIV, and it's killing me to be stuck at work and unable to check the new stuff out.

RP (role-play) has eaten my brain. I started a new book which is supposed to be very good (The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive Book 1) by Brandon Sanderson), but I'm having a really hard time getting into it because my brain just keeps going back to RP RP RP RP. It does seem like a really well-written, interesting story, so I hope I can start focusing and get into it.

About four days now of not using the CPAP machine, and while my total hours of sleep are lower than they should be (about 6/night), I still feel like I'm sleeping better and I'm much better rested. Just wish I could sleep more, but my brain never wants to quiet down and let me drift off, plus it wakes me up an hour before my alarm goes off.

Friday is my "class" at the hospital for pre-surgery stuff. I have no idea why it's called a class. I'll be getting my blood drawn/EKG done, meeting with a finance person to make sure insurance stuff is in place, with a nutritionist, doing paperwork, and some other stuff. Tuesday next week is my final appointment with the surgeon.

Now, if only my insurance company would get off their asses and approve me, I could be at least a little less worried about all this. Less than a month to go, arg.
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Two hours passed my bedtime and RP is still going strong. La la la la, not sleepy, I can keep going!

For now, have some images made by the best babysitter ever. Someone left their six month old baby with them, and so they photoshopped various status update photos for each hour.

Multiple images behind cut )
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I don't like writing about diet/weight nonstop, but it seems the only news I have to share lately. However, I'll make it brief. I lost three pounds this week (WOO). Yesterday my schedule got messed up (had to stay late for work meeting), so I ate a "bad" lunch (not just a deli sandwich with bread, but a large one instead of small -- I bought it telling myself I'd save half for later, knowing full well that was a complete and total lie). Felt like crap the rest of the day from eating too much.

In sleep news, stayed up too late RPing last night, but oh was it good and totally worth it. :D I suspect my RP is going to take a turn into the dark and depressing, which is A-OK with me. Skipped using the CPAP machine because it was so late, and slept wonderfully -- best sleep I've gotten in weeks. Even short on hours, I feel a lot more rested today than usual.

Still no word on the insurance covering my surgery or not. They said it could take up to 15 business days to decide (starting this week), so that puts us awfully close to the surgery date itself... Worry worry.

I did that 40 minute phone call with the nurse. Was boring and pointless, but mostly painless. Mostly stupid covering-their-asses questions like "Have you ever been so sad you didn't want to get out of bed?". First off, no. Second off, if I did feel that way, I sure as heck wouldn't tell you as that would likely red flag me on surgery.

Off to work! Have a good almost-Friday everyone!
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Community: I loved every episode of the first season, and disliked every episode of the second. I don't know what happened to the show then (or was it me?). I'm back to loving the third season though, so that's good.

Especially in the second season, I'm really, really not liking Pierce anymore. In the second season, he was just plain mean. It might not have been so bad if I were seeing an episode per week, but seeing multiple in a day? I wanted to hit him in the back of the head with a shovel. Forget mean, he was downright evil at times. The third season he seems back to non-evil again, so I no longer spend each episode hoping he'll vanish from the show.

I'm watching the Glee episode now and it's killing me. :D

Captain America: Winter Soldier: I'm always one of the last people to see movies, mostly because I hate going to the theater to see them. A number of non-spoiler thoughts:

1) I hate tumblr sometimes. Okay, most of the time. Mostly I avoid the site, but now and then I get bored and check it. One of the times I visited was right after Winter Soldier came out. Tumblr was in a frothing rage at how little Black Widow was in it. "Marvel is running a war on women!" and other such lovely comments. Based on that, I expected her to be mostly just a walk-on role, maybe a few minutes of screentime. But nope, it was just Tumblr being its usual SJW batshit insane self. She was a main character! Did she have a larger role than Captain America? Nope, but his name is in the title. Might someone fairly want to see more of her? Sure, of course. But she was not "barely" in the movie! Grrr.

2) I should have seen it sooner. I wish I had more time, because there are so many fics that I now must read. I love plots with all that stuff that was going on to make the Winter Soldier what he was. (Vague to avoid spoilers.)

3) I had more than a couple periods of being bored, but all in all, the scenes with Winter Soldier made up for them. I especially LOVED the last hidden scene after the credits.

RP: I can't believe how much I roleplayed today. Usually I do one scene that lasts an hour or two. Today I played all day. I know I've said this before, but it's so nice to be getting back to it! I haven't gone a day without RP for a while now! (Except one, by choice, because I needed a break.)

All in all, a good weekend!
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It's only a three day weekend, so how I ruined my sleep schedule already is beyond me. It's an hour after bedtime, but since I'm wide awake, I might as well post.

1) My issues with the Kindle are definitely my eyes. Tonight I had my glasses on instead of my contacts. They're weaker, so a lot worse for distance stuff, but for reading? Wow! The text was so sharp and nice against the white background! The size that's too small for me in my contacts was fine for me in my glasses, so I had a nice amount of text per page and everything was perfect.

2) I actually enjoy the "ads" (offers) Amazon displays on the Kindle. One-day Amazon sales, book discounts, all sorts of things. Sometimes I close and open the cover again just so I can see a new one! (Disclaimer: I also let Amazon email me all sorts of sale/specials emails, so I already liked seeing the offers before getting the Kindle.)

3) I'm so very happy with online/FFXIV things right now! I've gotten more RP this weekend than I had in the last month, and there are great people to chat with, and we even do "silly RP" (semi-IC but not really) which had me laughing all night tonight. I sure did get lucky to find this group. :D

4) What in the world took me so long before I gave Community a try? I love the show so much! It's not just the funniest show I ever saw (I mean that literally! I get multiple honest, loud laughs each episode, and I don't usually find much on TV funny), I like the characters so much. Even the minor ones are great! Well, except one guest star -- there's only one episode I didn't like, the one with Jack Black. I don't know what it is about him, but I HATE that man. I hate how he looks, I hate how he acts, I hate the character he played, I hate the sound of his voice. I usually avoid spoilers, but I had to pause that ep to look it up and make sure he was just a guest star and not becoming a regular. I think the paintball ep was my favorite so far (I just finished season one tonight).

Tomorrow is a holiday here in the US. I'm not sure what I will do, though I should go grocery shopping. It'll likely be mobbed though, so we'll see.

I'm really behind on reading my current book. I expected to be done with it today or tomorrow, but with the Kindle/eye issues I haven't been reading much at all.

...Okay, apparently this wasn't too quick of a post.
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When I returned home from work, my new Kindle was waiting at my door. Same with the previous Kindle: They just left it at the door, in a public walkway, where anyone could have just walked off with it without notice. Luckily no one did.

In the first moments of using it, I was very unhappy: None of my books had cover images and it was slow as hell to use. Turned out the slow part was the cause of and because of the lack of covers, and soon both issues were fixed. (It had to download 100+ covers, and apparently downloading so much made everything slow.)

My first reaction was that it was cool that it was so small.
My second reaction was that it would be a problem that it's so small.

Unfortunately small ereader means a small screen (duh). I like to keep the text big in an effort to go easy on my eyes, but just using the second largest text size (which is smaller than what I use on my iPad), and I get very little text per page. The largest size is bigger than I need -- luckily, as then you get just a tiny bit of text per page. It's just too bad the second largest is too small.

The other issue is that, unfortunately but understandably, the Kindle feels really, really cheap compared to my iPad. However, as one was $700+ and the other about $150, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The touch screen doesn't work nearly so well (with the iPad, it's like you're moving it with your brain because it's so responsive), plus even when not downloading something, the Kindle is noticeably slow. Not like AOL dial up slow, but things like my computer, phone, and iPad respond instantly to a tap or a command, there's a slight delay on the Kindle. The delay plus the less responsive touch screen makes it frustrating to use.

Another issue is that it's all black and white. I know it's not reasonable, but I wish sellers would list things an item doesn't have -- like I wouldn't have bought that first Kindle if I had known it didn't have a touchscreen. Color only comes into play when looking at the covers/picking a new book, but it's depressing to not have it.

However, this is only my first day using it. I'm going to finish at least my current book on it (probably the next one as well) to give me a chance to get used to it. Maybe I'll stop noticing the issues. (And speaking of not noticing things, the built-in ads only bugged me once today, with that was with lots of use and playing around with it. I'm pretty sure they won't be an issue.)

Positives to it? It's smaller and lighter, though when using it at home, the iPad's size and weight aren't an issue (away from home is a different story). I can't really think of any other positives other than "It's cool" (though a lot less cool than it would be if it had color...).


And on RP! Eeeee! I RPed all night and it was wonderful! I haven't RPed so long and with so many people since... I don't know, sometime back in WoW? Usually scenes with lots of people are rough, but mostly the group broke into smaller conversations with new people coming and going through the evening. I love playing a social butterfly character -- it makes it so easy to ICly meet new people and take part in scenes!

RP seems to go on all day and all night, so I think I'm going to be able to go back to playing daily. So happy! :D And oddly for a large group of RPers on a MMO, no one was bad! I think the worst RPer I encountered today was still at "pretty good" level.


I'm loving the current book I'm reading, and the Kindle tells me I'll finish it in about three hours of reading (okay, cool feature there!), so in the next day or two I'll post the review for it. If I don't get to it before Monday, have a good long weekend, all! (Unless you're not in America. In that case, have a good normal weekend, all!)
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I haven't posted in a few days, so here goes. Some number of unrelated things that have been happening lately:

* I don't usually rec things before I've read a significant chunk of them, but I was reading my friendsfriends list and stumbled upon [ profile] laniew1's LJ. She's writing a Teen Wolf/Avengers crossover. I've only read the first of 30 chapters, but I'm really liking it. The voices all work, both on the Teen Wolf side and Avengers/SHIELD side. I'm not really sure how Stiles/Clint will go, but I'm willing to ride it out and see.

* Much to my great surprise, I've gotten back into RP. I had gone so long (months) without it, I thought that was the end and I just never would again. Then suddenly I was RPing every day, nearly every waking, non-working moment. I think my long dry spell was due to a number of things: 1) I played the character too long. I was bored with him and his story had long since been finished. I should have let him die and moved on. 2) So much OOC drama. Gods above, so much. Dealing with people a decade or two younger than me, some with serious emotional issues, and just wow. Fighting and angsting and just who needs that. What a sap of my energy. 3) Maybe RP burnout. 1 + 2 could = burnout, or it could have really been burnout. Who knows.

If I weren't so exhausted I'd be all EEEEEE AAAIIIEE RP EEEE. Plus it's a little embarrassing that the one of the people I've been doing so much RP with is in my friends list. :) I mean, not like I haven't EEEEE'ed at her directly, but I try to look like at least a semi-normal adult in my LJ. :P

* After a number of disappointing eps, Homeland has gotten back to amazingly good. I swear, that show is everything that works for me, it's like it was written just for me. So many mental games! Out-thinking the other guy, forcing them to do something totally against their nature, brainwashing, training, breaking people and rebuilding them.

* I got my blood work back today, and I'm happy to say I won't have to jump out of a window. Because of the heart issue, all my blood work numbers on everything were really bad last time. My doctor said it was all because of my heart and stress around that, but idiot that I am, I didn't believe her. (How many times to I get annoyed at people who don't believe their doctors?) The numbers weren't perfect, but they went back to very close levels as they were before the heart stuff, so I call that good enough for now.

* Related: If I make it through the winter swimming outside, I'll be amazed. The pool is heated (supposedly), but it usually feels as cold as the air. At least this area of the country doesn't get too cold, but I tell you, swimming when it's 50 and cloudy is no fun at all. Soon enough it'll be 40s when I go. (Classes/free swim time is 10 AM, so nothing much has warmed up by then.)

* I'm still "playing" WoW. I'm at the point of hating the game, I resent the direction Blizz takes the storyline, I have little I'm looking forward to in the coming expansion, but through WoW I RP and have a collection of very nice people to chat with, so that's what keeps me there. The game is just a non-too-pretty chatroom to use for RP and chatting. (Irony is, the best WoW RP is done over IM...)
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After a string of great books, I hit three duds and a meh one.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I looooved Westerfield's steampunk trilogy so much, but I hated every single word of every page of this book. Or, well, of the couple chapters I read. If a book were ever written for the exact purposes of me hating it, it would be Uglies. I read a lot of YA books, so unfortunately I encounter a lot of teenagers with teenage problems; I couldn't care less about that sort of thing. This book couldn't be more that. In Uglies, everyone is born "ugly" (normal), but at some age in their teens everyone gets a ton of surgeries to make them into a Pretty. Uglies live in Uglytown. Pretties live in New Pretty City (kill me now, I hated those names so much). What little I read about this book was stupid teenagers in godawful stupid romances thinking about nothing other than being "pretty". If I could kill myself with a book, I wouldn't be writing this post now.

The Adventures of Whatley Tupper: A Choose Your Own Adventures book for adults by Rudolf Kerkhoven and Daniel Pitts. I bought this book soon after getting my iPad. "It uses ebook technology! Clicking links to make decisions, using your back button to get out of them!" Seemed like a good idea at the time, yet this book sat in my To Read pile for years. Eventually I started it just so I could be done with it. I went through one possible story in it. It wasn't awful, but it was far far from good. Way too few choices to make, and the writing was silly (silly-stupid, not silly-funny). I just didn't enjoy it at all and didn't bother going back to see where the other options lead.

Flesh Cartel: part 9. I'm not even going to link to the damned thing. I said I wouldn't continue with the series even if I got it for free, then I found it for free and said 'whatever' and grabbed a copy. Skimmed most of it. Finally started getting into it... only to have it end. Because it's only 40 pages long. Pissed me off even more than I had been about this series. Why can't they just release it as a whole book?! Grrr. (Oh yeah, because they make $3/40 pages this way...) Never ever ever have I been so happy an ebook was being pirated.

Currently reading: Doglands by Tim Willock. I love talking animal stories, but alas this isn't a good one. It's not awful, it's not bad enough for me to stop reading (yet?), but it's not very good. The writing is unexciting, the characters are flat and unbelievable, the worldbuilding is poor. (Wow, I think Doglands is another example of paid reviews showing up on Amazon. All 5 star reviews other than one 4 star.)

The first three books aren't being included in the 2013 count, but Doglands might be if I get at least halfway through it.

RP! Eeeeee RP! RP! I feel like twirling around in circles until I get dizzy and fall down. It's been so long (more than a year!) since it's made me so happy and excited and eeeee! I have no idea what the difference was. Was I burnt out and I just got over it? Was I tired of the character I was playing? Was it just not the right type of RP*? I don't know.

* I hate to admit it, but apparently I do have a type of RP I like. I love RPing relationships. I'm not in it for the ERP/cyber/tiny/whatever name you know RPing sex as ("tab A, slot B" gets really boring to me nowadays), but the whole emotional connection thing just sends me floating through the roof. (The character I was previously playing basically had zero chance of a meaningful relationship, he was too damaged for it. Lately I've been playing a new (er, old character that I dropped) one, who is perfect for relationships.) And luckily I found a good player! Our RP styles seem to match SO WELL WHICH IS SO EXCITING IT'S MAKING ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS. But seriously, nowadays there are so many different types of RP, it feels so special to find someone who likes to post in the same way I do (same tense, length, style).

It makes me so happy! I know it sounds silly, but it makes me grin endlessly that someone wants to RP with me and is willing to plan to RP with me in the future. It's silly because people are willing to do that now! But the new guy is someone who I don't know, so he's not wanting to RP just so I think he likes me or blah blah some stupid messed up crap. My brain has issues, I know. But it's been more than a year! And it's silly to get so excited, we only RPed twice and have one more scene coming, but it's so nice to be excited about RP again. (Really! A whole year of having NO interest in it!) Midway though tonight's scene I ICly gave his character an out to end it now (I wasn't sure if he had OOCly wanted to RP again) and he didn't take it! He extended the scene of his own will! SOMEBODY LIKES ME! (Silly, silly me, I know. :D )

On moving: As usual, I panicked too soon. I went insane packing the first couple days, then I was mostly done and did little the next few. Then I panicked again (STUFF LEFT TO DO!), then I did nothing for a couple days... I'm almost as done as I can be while still needing to live here, and I have 10 days left! Heh. I have so many boxes packed, I can hardly walk through the apartment. I still need to deal with moving electric etc to new apartment, and updating physical address with about a kazillion companies I deal with.

Oddly, Ellie New Cat isn't reacting at all to any of this. She's not climbed on single box (she's not a climbing cat in general, the sofa is about as high as she goes). She hasn't shown any reaction to any of these changes at all. I realllly hope that continues once we're in the new place. I have horrible worries that she'll get stressed out and pee on stuff.


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