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Edit: Um, WTF. LJ won't let me post this. "Client error: Sorry, there is a problem with content of your entry: spam patterns were detected". Seriously? I've been a paid member for more than ten years, and you suddenly think I'm spamming? I'm going to cut out piece by piece and see what is setting that off...


My friends list was full of interesting stuff today!

[ profile] wow_hazmat posted something I was certain I wouldn't enjoy, but ended up loving: Wrestling Isn't Wrestling. A video explaining all the positives of professional wrestling done in a highly amusing and entertaining way. The video is nearly a half-hour long, and I wish it were many times longer. Give it a try, if you're like me, you'll be hooked in the first moments and will grin through the whole thing. (This coming from someone who has not watched professional wrestling since the 80s.)

[ profile] hamsterwoman posted a link to Google Feud: "like Family Feud with Google Autocomplete answers". It's surprisingly hard and often quite amusing!


Okay, this is the part that LJ thinks is spam. I'll post it without the link, just copy/paste it. /// Okay, or not. LJ doesn't like that URL at all. If you care to see the story, remove the spaces from the domain name when you copy/paste.

And lastly, from non-LJ sources: Disney Making Live-Action ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Film - http://dea dl
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Would you like to give a Caesarean section to a Disney princess? There's an app for that!

Princess Anna, from Frozen, is the main character in a game that lets you remove her baby by C-section.

While work safe, the whole idea behind that game is kind of disturbing. You can see step-by-step pictures of it all at the above link.


3-6 months after major surgery (or childbirth, ha), you can lose anywhere from some to all of your hair. As yesterday was the four month point for me, I was hoping I was going to make it through without losing any. Then suddenly I started shedding all over the place. Boo! I hope it just thins, that I don't get noticeable bald spots. Worse comes to worse, I guess I'll just shave my head. :/ Hopefully I won't get to that point though.

Four months is the point where I can try eating raw vegetables and beef. I had some lettuce today, and it was surprisingly good. I don't think I've ever actually enjoyed lettuce before!

I haven't tried beef yet. Oddly I don't miss it at all. I'll probably try it sooner rather than later though.

Going out to work group lunches is something of a pain now. I paid $25 today for a couple bites of food. My meal was only $10 (cheapest on the menu), but most meals were $20 and everyone wanted to get an appetizer platter as well... which cost twice as much as my meal. Then when the bill came, we split it four ways. (At least in my work group, we always just split the check that way... which is fine for them, but I make a small fraction of what they all make, so if I order less I'd like to pay less.) So I had about a teaspoon of hummus from the $20 appetizer platter. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, but I neither needed it nor wanted it. I got three meals out of my lunch so far, and enough meat left for another meal tomorrow, so at least that's something. It's just paying $25 for it is crazy...
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Remember years and years ago when I used to post odd, disturbing stuff? It's time for a flashback to those simpler days.

Based on my subject line, you're probably asking WTF is wrong with you, Thistle?! how does someone "accidentally" do that? Well today's your unlucky day! Just click the cut to find out!

Not work safe (duh). Not mind safe. Not My Little Pony safe. )

If you desire more information about this story (and who wouldn't?), you can find it here. Warning: There's some kind of automatic song that plays (I assume it's a MLP song.) Warning 2: There are more pictures there. It is, of course, NWS.
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In South Korea, "go eat a toffee" means the same thing as "screw you". Really, I'm not making that up. The South Korean football team got pelted with toffee candies when they arrived back in their country. I really can't see how that's some kind of punishment.

Mmmm toffee.

Not in the mood for candy? How about real life tentacle porn? You can get it for starting at the low low low price of $50!

Details, links, and images back here. NWS! )

Have a good holiday, all!
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Three things make a post!

1) Game of Thrones, told with pugs:

The how they made it is a good watch, too.

2) By way of [ profile] donnaimmaculata: Critique my dick pic. This is a more interesting site than it would sound on the surface, as the guy critiques the whole photo, not just the dangly bits. In his own words: "friendly reminder that i’m interested in the quality of the photograph rather than the dick itself." (Edit: I forgot to mark this as NWS, but I hope that would be kind of obvious. :) )

3) The scariest teddy bear ever. The animated toy sold for $712. It actually is pretty darned creepy (though not $712 creepy).

Linked because the sample image is somewhat disturbing.
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I came to share a video, only to find LJ looks totally different. Different font (ugh, harder to read), different menus. I wish they'd stop changing things! My eyes suck, never before have I been annoyed at font being too big, but it's just too big. Blah.

Anyway! I've loved this string quartet's version of Coldplay's Yellow forever. Seriously, even if you've never even heard of Coldplay or dislike them, check out that music. It's so beautiful! I did some poking around, and that same quartet has done covers of hundreds of rock songs! This one is the best of the ones I've listened to, and I would feel confident saying the best of them all.

The String Quartet Tribute To Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody:

The violin sounds so much like a voice! It's incredible.

Ugh, I had to go to my user page to find something, and it's changed as well. I can't believe they're using this font, it's awful, what the hell is the purpose of a font with a quarter of the letter faded out? Look at the lowercase a, for example. Now I'm really grumpy.

Anyway. From [ profile] isiscolo, a rec for Welcome to Night Vale: Constellations (The Thirteenth Take Remix). It's such a sweet story, I finished reading it a couple hours ago and I'm still smiling over it.
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Ridiculous or not, every day of the year is a food holiday. National PB&J Day, National Green Tea Day, whatever. Now there's a handy tool to look up which food holiday your birthday falls on!

Click here to check.

I have a good holiday day. National Chocolate Brownie Day!

What's yours? Are you happy with it? If not, I'll put in a date at random and give you a new holiday day! (Warning: The resulting confusion as to when your birthday now happens might result in no gifts!)
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- India has a problem. When someone's got to go, apparently they just pull down their pants and do their business, no matter where they are. In an effort to address this health-impacting issue, the UN has created a video. It's surprisingly catchy for being about singing, dancing poop.

Technically work safe, though lyrics have a curse in them (bet you can guess which one!) and of course it's about poop.

I now have the Take Your Poo to the Loo song stuck in my head. Thanks, India.

- I've never played Jenga before. Heck, I've never even seen it played outside of a television commercial, but I still bet that this version is probably a lot more entertaining. Extreme Jenga, played with 600-pound blocks:

- I'm surprised no one has created a site like this before now. Coloring Book Corruptions -- they make coloring books fun! corrupt innocent coloring book pictures.

The images are large, so click the cut to see samples. Take your Pooh to the Loo? )

- And lastly, apparently I really should be watching Community. They did a special opening for one of their episodes. Community meets GI Joe:

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The good: I love this Japanese commercial. I only wish it were longer! ...and that we had gum that made me feel this way.

The bad: Star Wars: a NUDE Hope: An Erotic Parody on Amazon. Cover image might be considered NWS if you work in a church or kindergarten class? It made me snicker.

The ugly: Give the one you love a dead horse head pillow. Only $45!
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Late Christmas gifts, of a sort?

1) For years I've read my friendsfriends list (friends of friends, NAME/friendsfriends to see it), but so often it's overrun with spammy communities I have no interest in. [ profile] susandennis discovered a fix for it: Tack ?show=P onto the end of it! So if you were me, your URL would look like:

Notes: The friendsfriends list is a paid account feature.

2) I hate side-scrolling. Do you hate side-scrolling, too? If so, and if you use Firefox, this addon is for you. Which addon? This addon! With the nearly doubling of my friends list, I get multiple posts a day with images so wide they force me to side-scroll the whole page. I used to use Adblock to block them, but my list of blocked images was getting really long, and I had no idea if I was slowing my browsing down. With that Image Resizer/Scaler addon, you can resize an image in the page by just right-clicking and dragging. The only downside is that, unlike adblocking, each time you reload the page you have to resize oversized images.

Bonus! 3) Not using Adblock? You really should be! Why in the world would you want to see ads on the internet? Plus it's safer not to see them (since they can spread malicious code). Get Adblock here.

Edit: The reviews on the How to Avoid Huge Ships book on Amazon are really amusing!
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I'm in love with this video of a flash mob. I don't know why, but it makes me cry (happy crying!). It's just so beautiful and sweet and the people are all so normal/average!

While you can watch it below, I'd recommend going to YouTube and watching it in high def. Credit to [ profile] lives_this_life for finding it.

I know a lot of people on my friends list knit, so this might amuse them: Kint your pie crusts!

I'm not sure this is good for a piano, but what a cool video it makes! The camerawork was clever (loved the dog cam!) and the house is beautiful. (In my headcanon, the four are totally in love and live in that house. Makes the video even happier to me!)

It really amazes me all the sounds they can get out of one piano, some string(?), and a piece of paper. (Make sure you watch all the way to the very end for the post-"credit" stuff.)

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Firefly: The Complete Series on DVD for only $5.99! All the eps (including three that didn't air), plus extras like deleted scenes, interviews, etc. See the Amazon page for all the details!

Edit: Need more LJ friends? There's a friending post going on here!
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Thankfully I have a meeting shortly, so I won't spend more time looking through this blog. The posts bother me more than I would have expected. (Seeing it all in stark numbers maybe?)

Surviving in Numbers

Through numbers, women tell the stories of their rapes and sexual assaults.

I dislike tumblr for a lot of reasons, but this blog is worth reading.
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I have a meeting in a moment, but I wanted to share this link first. Posted originally by [ profile] elisel: What People Really Look Like, as seen by a massage therapist. A really positive morning read!

Amazing picture of the man, too. I can't wait to read more of his blog, when I have time.
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Lunchbag Art is where a father posts all the lunchbags he makes for his kid. Every day he makes a new one:

I was depressed to read that the school throws them out every day (unless a teacher wants to keep it).

Such a waste! He could easily sell these for school supplies for the kid (or school) or whatever...

Two more back here, big ones. )

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Welcome to Saturday night! This is the "Three things make a post" post, the around-the-world edition!

First, from America: Some random guy reviews the new Agent Coulson action figure, and the actor himself shows up. Clark Gregg arrives at about :45. (I think he was lured there by that Captain America figure...)

The second thing, out of Japan: Toilet candy! Add powder, add water, and once it starts foaming: Chow down! Luckily it's made in a toy toilet...

And lastly, the Chinese want to help women to not be raped. New for sale: Special hairy leg stockings. See?
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I almost never visit tumblr anymore. Now and then someone pokes me to check something there, then I get pulled in and spend hours scrolling though stuff. Now and then, I come upon good stuff. Rarer still, it's something good enough to cross-post here.

This may be the best thing I ever found on tumblr.

I haven't watched Glee in a couple seasons, but it didn't surprise me that they did a cover of that Gangnam Style song (which, by the way, I had successfully avoided until now -- I had never heard the full thing before today). Someone (groundchele on tumblr) slowed the Glee version down to half-speed and described the result as:

"it sounds like demons at a strip bar and you walk in because demons took you capture and they need to take u too their boss but the boss is at a strip bar and you walk in and everythings in slow mo and theres hot demons pole dancing and you look around and theres gross demons shouting and throwing money and off to the side with a cigar is a big demon guy with a suit whispering something to a waitress and you look at them and they glare at you and then at your handcuffs"

That is 100% accurate. That is the most perfect description of this ever. I can see the whole scene perfectly in my head, and it's made all the funnier because this came from Glee.

Click for song.
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I wish I could mentally write and post to LJ. I have things to write about, honest! Info about my job, the latest books I've read, my life, but no time! Or when I have time, I have no drive. Alas. Maybe this weekend!

So, for now, some amusing things. Both are political, but in a mild (and funny) way.

A mother in Kenya gave birth to twin boys. She named them Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

By way of [ profile] kishenehn, a tumblr: White People Mourning Romney. So very, very amusing!

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I'm between tasks at work. It's so odd to have a free moment. Lost and confused, I visited tumblr and found Dog Shaming. What a cute and fun idea! People put signs on their dogs to 'confess'.

And I am hungry.


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