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Class today, another pre-bariatric surgery thing, this time held at the hospital. Two hours long. I'm surprised I'm not bald from pulling my hair out.

I often say "People are stupid!" or "Everyone is stupid!", but I don't really mean it, it's just something I say when I'm angry. But know what? Maybe it's true.

Hour one of the class: Instructor gave us 2-3 sentences of information, then asked us questions about it. Example:

"You should have protein with every meal. After surgery, your protein source could be beef, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese, or a protein shake. It should be the first thing you eat during each meal."

Then the questions were things like "What should you eat first during your meal?" and "What's an example of protein you might eat at your meal?" No one could answer! I got so annoyed, I was just answering everything myself, until the instructor told me to stop (she laughed and did it jokingly, but I know she really meant it). So when I stopped talking, the others spoke up. It was so painful.

One gave a potato as an example of a source of protein we should eat post-surgery and plan our meal around.

Another example. Instructor said "A three ounce piece of fish has 30 grams of protein. So if you eat one ounce of it, how much protein would you get?" No one could answer! Arg! Finally I just answered, because I was getting so frustrated.

People didn't even know the most basic crap. Basic math. Food groups. How in the world do they function in life?

And that was the good hour of the class. The second was the instructor reading to us. Before the class started, they handed out a booklet. While they were handling paperwork, I read the booklet. Cover to cover. Yet we spent an ENTIRE HOUR sitting there while she read it cover to cover out loud to us.

And that not bad enough? After each paragraph, she asked if anyone had questions. They kept having questions that were answered RIGHT THERE IN THE PARAGRAPH!

"After surgery, you won't be able to have soda or anything with caffeine. Any questions?"

"I'll be able to still have Coke and frappuccinos, right?"

Seriously! That's an exact example from the class! Arg!

I do not know how these people function in life. It was a complete waste of two hours time.

And get this: One of the people in the class has the same surgeon as I did, and she was bitching to me how "strict" he was. She said, "He asked me to lose five pounds! And I can't lose even one!" Yeah. He asked ME to lose 10-15, and I've done 21 and still have a month left to go.

Blarg. I swear. Instructor said something like "You should get up and walk every 1-2 hours", and one of the students replied, "So, um, we should stop once or twice on the 18 hour car trip I'm about to make?". I swear, I just swear, these people.
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If you happen to use dried pasta and pasta products, you might want to avoid Barilla. Boxes look like this:

Activists in Italy have called for a boycott of leading pasta brand Barilla after its chairman said he would not use gay people in adverts.

Guido Barilla, chairman of the company of the same name, told a radio interviewer the concept of the "classic" family was fundamental.

If gay people disliked the concept, he said, they could "eat another brand".

Link here.

It's kind of boggling that in this day and age that someone would say that. I'm not surprised that he felt that or planned not to hire gay actors, but to outright say it and tell customers they could go elsewhere? Someone needs to be sent for PR training.
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This is turning into a political blog. Blame the Republicans.

I thought this story had to be made up. I thought there was no way this real.

GOP attacks Maine Democrat for ‘World of Warcraft’ character.

Look at these attack ads the Republicans put out. They look like they were made in MS Paint! One, two.

NBC News writes: "Colleen Lachowicz is a Democratic candidate running for State Senate in Maine. She's also a level 85 orc in the massively popular online game "World of Warcraft." And for that, the Republican party says she is unfit for office."

Insanity. Can we vote these people off the planet yet?
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Sometimes people are so stupid that it's painful.

Two mothers took Nutella makers to court because SHOCK! GASP! Nutella is not a health food. The mothers had blindly believed television commercials and so thought that Nutella was good to feed their kids. They were "shocked" to learn the chocolate spread was actually no different than a candy bar.

When asked why they didn't just read the product label, she said "If I stopped to read every label, I'd probably spend four to five hours in the grocery store". She claims she did it for all consumers, she didn't do it out of greed. HA.

Well, her greed could work out for you. If you bought any Nutella in the last few years, you can get a refund for it. The claim form is here, you can get a refund for up to five jars, no proof of purchase or other paperwork needed, just fill in the online form. You can get back up to 5 jars, $5 each, total of $25.
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Damn you, basketball. I usually run home for lunch and watch Price is Right while I eat, but today there's basketball on, so I had to watch something else. The View seemed the least offensive of my choices.

Cut for non-graphic but STUPID sex talk back here... )

Wiki tells me the cast of this show is:

Barbara Walters
Joy Behar
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Whoopi Goldberg
Sherri Shepherd

How in the world do these women not know these BASIC FACTS? And this is a show aimed at women, so they're doing an extra disservice.

Maybe I should have watched basketball...
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There's a difference between knowing an animal is scared and holding the cat in your arms, her body rock-hard tense and flinching at every soft little noise. I know how scared Ellie is all the time, but today a workman had to come into the apartment (her first new person she's seen other than the vet eight months ago), and it was a bad time for her. I had wanted to have her be locked in the bedroom for the visit, but the guy was three hours late (ugh) so I let her out. I had to scoop her up and hold her tight so she wouldn't get out the door. (Why these apartment people never close the door while they work...) Having her hugged to my chest, I felt every flinch she made. The noises she reacted to were so soft (to me) -- the workman putting his stepstool down on the carpeted floor, him stepping onto the metal step with a booted foot. Each one made her whole body flinch. It made me understand her fear so much better than just knowing it as a fact in my head.

WoW is suddenly busy, ICly and OOCly. Yesterday I got one name freed for my new paladin (Reed, who I keep calling Reef by mistake. Hi [ profile] kaelash!). While seeking out a name for the paladin, I discovered Clove was under level 10, thus could be freed. Not a good paladin name, but I also wanted to level a warlock...

Problem was, no free alt slots. I had one mule left (to buy things from a phased area for me to sell). I don't need more gold, I keep telling myself that, so I deleted it and requested that Clove be freed. Now I have the warlock, too!

...only to discover I have zero cloth heirlooms. I had enough honor to buy shoulders, but there's no chest piece for honor that I could find, so I'm back to doing jousting dailies for the champ seals to buy it. UGH. At least I already had 30 seals all on the alts who have the achievement to unlock the vendor, so I picked the one that I thought the quests would be easiest on (DK). Turns out either I suck at DK (1000000% possible) or hunter is a lot better nowadays. I just got done doing all this on Clover the hunter, it's harder and slower on Haken.

And yes, I now have Clove and Clover. I'm already confused.

In the IC end of things, it's been like blast from the past for two days now! All the old great people I used to RP with! Greyspell, Embersong, and tonight Neru! So much goodness. :D

And now for a bit of seriousness. As most people know, I have zero problems what any two (or more) consenting adults might want to do, RL or ICly. So long as everyone involved is of age and agrees, knock yourself out. However, the other side of the coin is that you shouldn't be exposing non-involved people to what you're doing. Someone needs to tell Matty the slave about this. He was walking in the middle of Silvermoon with that RSP. You want your kinks? Want to RP being a slave? I have zero issues, none at all, it's none of my business. But an RSP like that is out of line. (Edit: Rereading the RSP, I know there are much, much worse ones out there. I'm not sure why this one bothered me so very much. Even on second or third rereading, it gets my hackles up so badly. Maybe the utter lack of quality combined with the subject matter. )

Dear Drow DK, Just stop it. I don't know what the hell you're supposed to be, but stop being it. Really. No love, Thistle
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I feel like posting endlessly, now that I can again. Silly LJ, don't go down again!

Random tidbits:

- I had a parakeet named Tidbit. I have no idea why I named it that, but I sure did like that bird. I'd love to have another one sometime, though I love having a cat more.

- I saw a post about this on my friendfriends list: School District Won't Allow Black Valedictorian. I have no idea if the story is true or not (though that it happened in Arkansas makes me lean towards 'Duh...') because I stopped reading at this point:

"Although the high school is predominantly white, 46 percent of students are African-American."

...wait, what? If 46% of the students are black, then no it's not predominantly white. o.O White students have a slight majority. Words have meaning, people! (Edit: Now I'm questioning myself, and google/online dictionaries aren't clear and don't agree. Some say that a simple majority = predominant. I always thought it meant a vast majority, a large majority, not a 'by the skin of your teeth majority'. Am I wrong?)

- I have no idea what, if anything, has suddenly changed about Sealed Vial of Poison (I can find no mention of anything changing), but suddenly they're selling like hotcakes. All those that I went into Cata with?

They're finally selling! Woot! I started selling them at 100 gold and have been going up from there. Only a dozen or so left, sadly.

- I'm waiting to hear from a GM about getting a name freed. Dogcatcher was slightly amusing at first, but now it makes me mumble. There's a level 1 with a much nicer name, so I entered a ticket asking for it to be freed. The ticket has been escalated, which was a good sign in all my previous name freeings. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my new Alliance AH mule! I kinda feel the same about the guild name. Team Jacob. It was kind of amusing in the beginning (what with worgens/werewolves all new), but now I'm kind of really meh about it. I'd consider selling it, but I have so much stuff in the bank. Maybe I'll like it more with a worgen wearing it, instead of human Dogcatcher.

Posting posting posting!
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Okay, okay, I was willing to laugh at this whole 'world ends on Saturday' crap, until a news story today. One of the insane people who actually believes that is having his pets put to sleep today. Because, you know, the world is ending tomorrow.

D: D: D:

At least the guy says "that he intends to wait until the earthquakes hit Denver before he starts killing his pets" so maybe, maybe he actually means that.

This guy has serious mental problems, someone should be looking into getting him some help.
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Weird Al travels the world and fixes grammar issues! Like here and here!
(Credit to [ profile] fealubryne for the original find!)

And for [ profile] teaandfailure: Weird Al spoofs Lady Gaga's "Born This Way".

Want two minutes of peace and relaxation? Then check out this promo for a skydiving business.

When I was a kid, I really really wanted to try skydiving. Now? You'd need to physically throw me out of the airplane.

And one serious bit: I love the birther movement. Poll: 48% Of Iowa Republicans Say Obama Wasn't Born In US. "That percentage is actually slightly better than the national average for typical Republican primary voters." Know why I love it? Because there is no easier way to know for certain that someone is stupid and has zero idea how the political process works. When someone is running for president, both parties do major investigations of that person, one to defend them and the other party looking for something to attack them on. Not to mention, things like legal documentations and processes and such. Anyone who thinks the fact that someone wasn't born in this country could somehow be missed is proof positive of just how stupid they are.

Edit: Cutest kitten video ever!
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I visited the Bad Baby Names site (a collection of quotes from a board about naming your new baby) thinking it would be funny, but instead it's just so so painful and cringe-worthy. I worry about people with this little sense having babies.

Have three examples:

What is a nature realated name for a boy? I am pregnant with a boy and I already have four girls. My girls are Summer Skies, Autumn Night, April Shower, and Spring Flower. Please help I am due in November.

I am not pregnant yet but thinking about names...I just thought of the name Lourdes Solange. This baby will be 75% latina and 15% european :)

Which name do you think?
Brecklyn Kate
Ridgely Mae
I'm torn between the 2.
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Sarah Palin, while on the Glenn Beck show, said:

CO-HOST: How would you handle a situation like the one that just developed in North Korea?
PALIN: But obviously, we've got to stand with our North Korean allies. We're bound to by treaty--
CO-HOST: South Korean.
PALIN: Eh, Yeah.

During the presidential election season, she didn't know that North Korea and South were two different countries, so this is actually an improvement! Give her another two years and she'll be confident about which one is our ally.

Clip is one minute long, and it starts by saying she'd have the Republican nomination. How amazingly scary is that?


In WoW news, I did the loooooon quest chain to get the firefly flamefly pet. I had read that it was 48 quests long, but I think that was way off. Maybe 25? And they were mostly sort of amusing, so I didn't mind too much doing them all. Tomorrow I'll probably get one of the last two pets, then the final one over the weekend.

The websites I read were wrong and Org fishing dailies are in the game now! Eeek, I missed two days of doing them! (A slacker am I!)

Also RPed for the first time in way too long. RL has been stressing me out so much that I hadn't been wanting to, but I really need to not go that long again! I like RPing! Doooo it, me!

I really, really like the fox hunter pet. Mini-Keen has a red one named Acorn. While I love seagulls (his is named Livingston; it's not IC, but it's not an IC pet), I think I might like the fox more. Acorn might be my main non-IC pet. I was iffy on the name at first, but it quickly grew on me and now it's my favorite of all my pets.
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The county I live in is going to start to license stores that want to sell tobacco. $400 for the license, then $200 per year after that. The funds will be used to help keep minors from having access to tobacco.

The morning news did interviews with stores selling cigarettes. One said "This is discrimination! We're a minority! This is a hate crime!"

Persecution, ur doin it wrong.


Also, a small MMO note. I realized something, WoW is mirroring FFXI when it comes to expansions. Both had their best one (FFXI's ToAU, WoW's WotLK), followed by one that changed the world (WotG, Cata). FFXI's went back in time to a war-destroyed world, WoW's went forward in time to a dragon-destroyed world.

I bet I was the only player sad to see the new login screen this morning. Come back, Arthas! You're much sexier than a silly dragon with an ugly jaw and an annoying voice!

It's really hard to take Deathwing seriously as a bad guy. He looks silly. He sounds like a whiny kid. Maybe once we kill him, the Lich King can raise him as a cool frost wyrm. :P
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I need to stop watching TV, or maybe just stop watching the news, it keeps pissing me off.

A school district here wants to show anti-bulling films for grades K-12. Included in this film are all family types -- mixed gender, mixed race, same gender, same race. Of course, the religious people are up in arms about OH MY GOD, KIDS BEING EXPOSED TO THE EVIL OF SAME-SEX COUPLES. Note: There is no sex in these films, nothing sexual is being talked about, only families are discussed (how different people can have different families).

The "logic" (and it pains me to use that word) of the religious peoples' arguments is that they don't want their kids to see the movies, and if the kids don't see the movies with the other kids, they'll be bullied for not seeing it.

Gods a-fucking-bove. Well then how about you drop the hate and let your kids see that OH MY GOD, GAY COUPLES EXIST AND THEY DON'T HAVE HORNS AND POINTY TAILS AND OH MY GOD WON'T TURN YOUR KIDS GAY JUST BY THEM SEEING IT R&*$&R)$&!@()$&@!

There. Happy now? You've made me type in all caps and random-character curse at you.


Edit: #*&$)!@&$) This woman is saying that same-sex couples "are in no way equal" to non-same sex couples! SHE IS CLAIMING SHE IS TOLERANT, SHE IS NOT A HATEFUL PERSON, BUT SAME-SEX LOVE IS NOT THE SAME SO KIDS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO KNOW IT EXISTS. *froth* Of course she didn't say "same-sex love" because, duh, gay people can't love! (#&$&()!@&$)!)
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Fricking reality shows that are popularity contests. The winner of last year's Big Brother couldn't tell time with a non-digital clock. More than that, she does not understand how "quarters" work. "It's a quarter to two o'clock", etc. When asked how many quarters were in an hour, she didn't know. When asked how many were in a dollar, she guessed eight. But she was pretty, blonde, and popular, and so she won.

Tonight's winner (who I won't name in case anyone doesn't want spoilers), said of evolution: "Evolution can't be real because I ain't got no fur on my face like a monkey does". So, your proof that a theory that says things change over time is wrong is that... something changed over time. But he's a traditionally handsome, young, popular guy, so he won.

Blah. Just blah.
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"Well it appears I've been hacked.

I tried to log on this morning and suddenly out of no where I get a message demanding my Authenticator key. This of course is rather odd as I dont have an authenticator."

Direct quote from, our server's forums. That's not even the only hacking message that's been posted today. Can you not see that the reason for your problem is right in front of your face? "This of course is rather odd as I dont have an authenticator." DUH

I can't post this on As much as I want to, I can't post this in the guy's thread. I'll just bitch and mumble here. $1 if you use your cellphone. $6 if you want the keychain. With either you get a spiffy pet. $6. The cost of keeping your account secure is $6. A one-time charge of $6. And day after day after day they're seeing multiple posts about being hacked. And they don't spend $6.

This makes my head hurt.
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"Oh boy, our sports team won!" *riots*
"Oh no, our sports team lost!" *riots*

I don't know how far out of California this story got, but on Christmas a white cop shot a black man. Black guy (with multiple priors) was resisting arrest. Cop warned him he was going to use his taser on him. One of two things happened: The cop grabbed his gun by mistake and shot him, or he said to himself 'This guy is pissing me off, I'm going to kill him'. Trial's been going on for a week or so, jury came back this afternoon. Involuntary manslaughter. Seemed a reasonable decision to me (cop had just a couple hours training on the taser and depending on the model (department had both kinds) it could be on his left or right side, it varied by day which side it was on).

Resisting arrest is a damned, damned stupid thing to do. Yes, you shouldn't get shot for it, but still. An adult should know better. That's not the point of the post though.

The family of the man killed asked for people not to be violent, no matter how the decision went.

For the last four or five hours, various religious and other "community leaders" have been blanketing the airwaves, asking people not to be violent.

These idiots are rioting anyway. They're robbing stores in their own city, likely owned by their neighbors. They're spraypainting the "victim's" name everywhere... hurting their neighbors. This is the city that THEY have to live in. If there was any justice, the copy who were trying to stop all this would not have to live in that city, too.

Posts like this make me feel very not-liberal. I'd be all for putting these people in a cage somewhere and treating them like the animals they're acting like. (I know, I know, insult to animals...)

I just don't get how people think it's their right to riot and loot, burn, steal, do all sorts of bad things, just because they're stupid unhappy.

They're treating the guy who got shot like a hero. Women are on camera crying his name, men holds their hat before them and whisper his name. He was a criminal and he was stupid. He died because he was stupid. Not because he was a black man stopped by a white cop, but because the cop told him to do something and instead he fought.

...on second though, I suppose it makes sense he's a hero to them.
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I'm glad I saw this from home, because I keep laughing out loud over it. :D God Hates Protestors! Need a few samples to tempt you into clicking?

There were tons I wanted to quote, so hard to pick just a couple!
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I'm torn between facepalming and wanting to shoot people. A story from Time: Eating candy as a child will make you into a criminal!

"Moore's analysis suggests a correlation: 69% of people who had been convicted of a violent act by age 34 reported eating candy almost every day as youngsters"

Correlation does not imply causation!

*pulls hair out*

Idiots! Gah! Look, I can do this "scientific research", too! Here are my findings: "100% of people who get cancer drank water at some point in their lives". Oh my god, water causes cancer!

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This is so stupid it makes my head hurt.

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This video scares the living crap out of me. How can anyone, anyone, be so amazingly hateful? It makes me cringe to see how normal they look. Seriously, this made me want to cry. (The song ends at 5:00, but watch the full thing, until 5:30. The last :30 seconds are the worst.)

How about two things much more positive than that? Um, sort of!

NWS! NWS! NWS! Funniest porn-ish thing I have ever seen in my whole life: That's quite a hat!

Warning: Humor based on death. Poor photoshipping skills, but still funny as heck.. I'm assuming the text says "As Planned", though who knows with white text on white background...


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