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(Crossposting by hand from LJ.)

At first I was sad about people (again) jumping ship from LJ, but now I'm more annoyed by the situation than anything else. I've put way too much time and effort trying to figure out how to keep reading journals and not losing contact with people, but came up with no good solution.

There's no way to not lose quality in my posts. If I post on DW and let it crosspost to LJ, I lose icon selection, plus there's the whole locking issue. (Not that I often lock posts, but I darned well should be able to if I want.)

If I read my friends list on DW (using a RSS feed to bring the posts from LJ to DW), again I lose icons, but also formatting and other things. Plus I wouldn't see others' locked posts.

So sorry people who are leaving LJ. I like you all, but the best I can do is try to read my DW circle (or whatever the hell term they use). I can't promise I'll remember to on a regular basis, but that's the best I can do.
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As of this morning, I think half of my active friendslist is gone to DW. Many of them (more than half?) aren't crossposting to LJ. I'd really rather not lose contact with people, but I barely keep up with my friends page on LJ, I don't think I could keep up with a DW circle(? is that the right term? Circle?).

Ugh. I don't blame people for leaving if that's what they want to do. I just wish there were an easy way to pull all the posts I want to read on LJ, DW, and elsewhere into one big feed.

You can make an RSS feed of your journal on either site, I wonder why you can't get a feed for your friendspage/circle? That would solve this problem.

Ah ha, hmmm, LJ DOES have a feed for your friendspage! (But that works only if you have a "professional" level account, which luckily I do.) So I suppose I could read on DW and pull my LJ friends list in there...

Well how do you like that. I made this post to complain, and by the end of it I solved my own problem.

I suppose now I have to somehow set up crossposting to both places...

Just to be confusing: I'm thistlechaser there (no underscore). Follow me here for the most likely chance of seeing my new posts. Follow me there to see them if I get this crossposting thing worked out.
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No, not some awful (and cheap) de-meowing process at the vet. I ordered her a timed feeding bowl. For ages she's been driving me insane with meowing nonstop for an hour or more before it's time to feed her. Literally nonstop meowing, over and over, for more than an hour. Hopefully, by putting it on a timer, it'll make her stop associating me with the feeding process and might stop her from meowing.

Unless she starts meowing at it...

Admittedly I have a lot less patience for the meowing right now, because I'm in pain. It's really tricky dealing with painkillers, when I know I have to drive to work and function at work all day. Last night I was in pain most of the night, and ended up getting up at 3 AM, since it was too late to take another painkiller.

At least the weekend is coming. Her bowl should arrive tomorrow, and I can take pills whenever I need.

The only downside to the timed bowl is that she won't be eating out of the maze bowl anymore. This one, with the center circle blocked off, since she (and I) can't get the kibble out of it:

That was fun to watch, and it slowed her down nicely.
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Random LJ people: If you're going to defend the alt-right, if you're going to insult me in my own LJ, save yourself the effort of typing out your comment.

To save others from googling it, here's the link for banning folks from your LJ if anyone needs it:

Now especially, using "you liberals" and "a hater" as insults against me is especially funny.
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I love NPR (National Public Radio, like PBS for the radio). It's "smart people news" -- they'll spend as much time on a news story as it needs, not try to pigeonhole it into a 20 second window like other news stations/shows do. My alarm radio is set to NPR. I listen to it on the drive to and from work.

However, lately it's ruining my life. It's a constant reminder of not just how awful Trump is, but how bad America is. (The latest national poll says 53% of Americans support a Muslim registry. I swear to fucking god, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU 53%?)

I keep saying I'm going to stop listening to it, but then I do anyway. Putting my head into the sand doesn't stop the things from happening (if only...). It would make me less angry/sad to not know about it, but I SHOULD know.

Yesterday UC Berkeley students protested a white supremacist coming to give a talk. (And side note, why the hell is the news media calling them "white nationals" instead of "white supremacists"? THAT DOES NOT HELP, THAT MAKES THINGS WORSE. CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE.) Trump threatened to stop giving federal funds to the college for not letting the white supremacist speak.

Ugh. Now I'm getting all annoyed again.
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My friendslist is all the same this morning. Almost without exception, every post on it is expressing sorrow over the US election results. I'm right there with you.

But this morning I woke up with a small positive thought: We're now one day closer to Trump being out of office. And tomorrow we'll be another day closer.

I just have to try not to think about the damage that will be done before he's gone.

I heard the saddest quote on the news yesterday. Some woman said, paraphrasing:

"They always told me I was wrong for not believing in gay rights. But Republicans hold the House, Congress, and now the presidency, and that's telling me I was right all along. Blah blah back to traditional values, things the country "should" believe in, the quote went on and on.

It makes my heart ache.

I try to focus on the positive things. Hillary won the popular vote. So there are more good, kind people in the country than there are people who support that abusive, racist, bullying piece of crap.

I wish we could address the issue of why it's not the popular vote that counts, but as Democrats keep winning the popular vote and yet losing the election, the Republicans won't ever let that happen.
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The last apartment I was in, I had AC but never used it. A whole year, and I didn't need to use it once for weather-reasons. (I did run it once when I used the self-clean on my oven.)

I move to an apartment with no AC, and TWICE IN TWO WEEKS, in the middle of FALL, we have heatwaves! Arg.

It's currently 93 in my apartment, at 5 PM. It's been 90+ for hours now. I really just want to cry at the apartment choices I made.

Related to that, the complex sent out an email:

Now that we are getting closer to being able to release our last two buildings it would be great to get a "Yelp" from all of you. For everyone who post's a Yelp Review about how great it is to live at [complex] a Starbucks Gift Card will be presented to you when your review posts!

The last two buildings. Where I was supposed to move into. More than two weeks ago. Which they first promised to be done in a week. Then two weeks. Then "two weeks but no promises". Do you really, really want me to post a Yelp review right now, complex? I do not think you do.
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All summer I was in an apartment with AC. I used it three times. Two of those three times I could have easily done without it. Once was necessary because I had used the self-clean on the oven and didn't realize it would heat up my apartment by literally 20 degrees. So, weather-wise, I didn't need to use the AC even once.

Move to a new apartment with no AC. Less than a week later, heat wave. 90 outside (which is also 7 degrees hotter than where I used to live ONE TOWN OVER, five minute drive away). Evening and it's still hot outside, and way hotter inside. And it's going to be even hotter tomorrow.

The one plus side to this is that, since I'm in the temporary apartment, it has a bedroom window and is on the second floor, so I can leave it open at night. (Leased apartment has no bedroom, let alone bedroom window, and is on the ground floor.) If I couldn't get a cross-breeze going, I'd be really miserable.

Next summer is going to be fun...
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I got a call from the apartment complex I'm moving in to. "We have good news and bad news..." That is NOT what you want to hear from a place you're moving to.

The good news: My apartment is completely finished and ready to move in to.

They opened with that news. Which is good news, but what could be the bad news compared to that?

The building hasn't passed the town inspection and they can't move residents in.

Gods above...

They offered to move me into a different apartment in the complex for a week, and they're going to pay for movers to move me in to my intended apartment once it does pass. So that's something, but I won't be able to unpack anything for at least a week. And I'm going to have to move twice.

Lesser annoying thing: The temporary apartment is in the second floor, with no elevator in the building. My knees ache going up only a couple steps. :( And I'm going to have to move my computer and cat myself and things like the cat box... things I don't want the movers to do.

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In hopes of getting my deposit back, I've been cleaning my apartment from top to bottom for a couple weeks now. I've cleaned the ceiling (really, I dusted it and made sure no cobwebs were on it). I cleaned the floor. I cleaned every little thing in between.

And yet I still won't be getting my full deposit back. Not unless I pull out the fridge and the range and clean under/behind them. Seriously. How am I supposed to move the fridge? And I wouldn't think the range could even be pulled out! It must be hooked into the cabinet/counters somehow...

Plus, since I have a cat, they're going to use a blacklight on the carpet to look for pee. That's fine with me, as she's never once peed outside of the box... except google tells me it picks up saliva as well, which means it will show where she had hairballs. They told me if the blacklight picks up anything, they'll have to replace the carpet and do some kind of treatment to the floor.

Sigh. I really feel like this is a scam. I've lived here two years. How can they not expect there to be some wear and tear and some cleaning needed? It's probably stated in that 55 page lease I signed that you have to give it back in the same condition you got it in.

I'm tired of being an adult.
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Spoilers for tonight's episode. Brief. Annoyed.

Click for spoilers. )

Mumble grumble.
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My back isn't broken yet, but I'd really appreciate it if the world would stop piling straw onto me.

[Rereading this post, I decided to add something positive to each point -- the other side of the coin. I'll add it in brackets.]

Weight: Two months ago I had hit my lowest number ever (200.2 SO CLOSE to being under 200!) and I never was able to get below it. I've gained seven pounds as of this morning (though this morning is unofficial, five pounds gained from official weighing date). It's just so amazingly frustrating as I'm not cheating, I'm not eating badly. [On the plus side, I'm off my high cholesterol medication, which means I'm down to one single prescription. As I used to be on four different diabetes meds and two other ones, that's a wonderful thing.]

Exercise: With my toe still not healed (seriously, I've had an open wound on my toe for months now, and I've been on antibiotics just as long) I can't do my usual exercises. There are still hand weights and pushups, but that's not the same as aerobic exercise. Which of course adds into the weight problem... [The good part is I'd be ready to do knee-high pushups if only I were willing to try. I worry that the position might put too much stress on my healing toe though. SOON! And then next will be doing pushups on the floor!]

Running: I decided there's no use waiting. Once my toe heals (if it ever does...) I'm going to try to start running. I wanted to use that "couch to 5K" app... but apparently my phone is too old to run it. An iPhone 4 is NOT that much older than an iPhone 6! It's utter BS that I cannot run what appears to be a simple app on my current phone! [All my life, I've wanted to be able to run. It was the one thing I felt like I was missing out on when I was heavier. I'm not sure if it will work for me, it might kill my knees, but I'm excited to try. SOON! As soon as my toe heals!]

Money: Adding into all that, money is still really rough. As in I'm living on my savings even though I have a full time job in the tech industry. This adds into the other issues, as in constant doctor bills for my toe ($250 per visit, weekly visits, even with insurance) and being unable to splurge and upgrade my apparently-ancient phone... [Hard to see a positive one on this point. At least I'm not homeless?]

Toe: I'm really so sick of dealing with it. My toenail was removed over a year ago, and it's never healed up since then. It reopened/re-got infected a couple months ago, and the infection is resistant to all antibiotics other than one. The pills cost $250 per pill, and I have to take them twice a day, and I'm on my third 10 day renewal of them, so the insurance company is being an ass about it. It's a constant fight with them to get my renewals, and they won't even cover a full renewal at once. I have to pick up 5 days, then the other 5 days on the day I run out of them, and the insurance has to approve it every time. It's nonstop calling, stress, and worry that I'll run out before the renewal is approved. [At least I do have insurance, so it's not all out of pocket?]

Vacation: I had the "good" idea to get a mileage credit card so I could fly home to visit my mother for free. I spent enough on it (and paid it off) to get the miles I need, but apparently it takes EIGHT WEEKS to credit the miles to you. Add to that the EXTREMELY limited number of seat options, and I doubt I'll be able to go home in June. (Seriously, a month ago, when I checked what was available in June, there were six seats for the whole month.) [Blah.]

Taxes: My mother's tax guy offered to look at my taxes and see if he could do better than the $1,000 TurboTax says I owe, but it's been about three weeks and I haven't heard back from him, even though I've emailed him multiple times since then. It's less than ten days until I have to file... [Well, I'm prepared for the worst. If he can't do any better, I was already mentally prepared to pay that $1,000...]

Life isn't supposed to be like this, you know? I work a full time "good" job. I have health insurance. I live about as far from an extravagant lifestyle as you can get. I have no children and no debt. [Hopefully things will get better soon... Money is unlikely, not until my lease is up and I can move to a smaller/cheaper place, but hopefully my toe will heal up soon and I can get back to exercising, which will help with the weight issue...]

This post was like talking to myself! :P
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Man. My work network is touchy. Something about the comments on my last post got part of my LJ banned:

You're seeing this page because the website you tried to access may be hosting viruses or other malicious software. This site is blocked to protect your computer and the [company] network.

I'm assuming it's mention of m-o-d-s -- changes to a game. Not even a link to them or detailed talk about what they do, just that they exist.

At least my whole LJ isn't blocked. At least LJ as a whole isn't. ...hopefully I'm not speaking too soon.

Edit: [ profile] kelen: I got the email that you commented, but I won't be able to reply until I'm home. :P And it was banned after my comment, so it's not based on the new info in your latest one, so no worries on that.
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Know what's worse than doing your taxes once? Doing them twice.
Know what's worse than doing your taxes twice? Doing them three times.
Know what's worse than doing your taxes three times? Doing them four times.
Know what's worse than doing your taxes four times? Doing them five times.
Know what's worse than doing your taxes five times? Doing them six times.

That's right. I did my taxes SIX times today. Part of it was TurboTax's fault, part of it was TurboTax's fault (again), part of it was mine(?), and who knows about the rest.

First time I did it, it looked perfect. I didn't have the issue I had last year: Somehow, though I LOST money on a retirement account, I had to pay $1,000 more in taxes -- I did my taxes without the retirement account form, did it with it, and the difference was $1,000 more I had to pay. However, I got all the way to the end before I noticed TurboTax now starts you in Premium (paid) even when you select free (you have to jump through a couple hoops to stay in free mode). The only way to downgrade to free was to clear your taxes and start over... So I did that.

And then last year's problem returned: That retirement account, which LOST money again this year, increased my taxes by nearly $1,000.

Thinking it was the free version of TurboTax that made the differences, I sighed and went to do it again. $60 to pay for TurboTax premium is still better than $1,000 higher taxes... But that didn't change anything, I still owed $1,000 more with that one form, even though I entered everything exactly the same.

So why stay on Premium if it wouldn't help? I cleared my data and started over again in free...

Then I started questioning myself -- why, when I entered the exact same data couldn't I reproduce the original results? So I switched back to Premium and carefully (so carefully) went through it all again. Yet I still owed the $1,000 more.

So... back to free once more for the final time.

During my first time doing it, when it was doing the final check before you can submit, it told me I had to check this box. Box 6, a:

And somehow checking that box made almost $1,000 difference. Notice the number listed ($5.35), somehow deducting that on Schedule A could make $1,000 difference? So I think maybe that first time I did it, I ran into some kind of a bug... So I'm trying not to kick myself for not just submitting it that first time, since maybe the IRS would have noticed the difference and that would have lead to trouble. Still, maybe it wouldn't have...

(It doesn't let you edit the forms directly unless it wants you to, so there's no way for me to just go back and check the box now.)

I'm so annoyed at that darned retirement account. It's done nothing but lose money -- I would have more money now by a lot if I had just left it sitting in a saving account. Hell, I'd have more money now if I kept it under my mattress. My mother pushed me hard to invest it, so finally I just gave in. While I know she was only trying to help me, that damned retirement account has been nothing but trouble since then, and if I take my money out now, I'll just lose even more...

Grump, grump, grrrr.
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I do not know what drives me to continue to watch this show. Every week I ask myself the same thing, and yet the next week I watch it again.

But I swear to god, this week's episode was the absolute worst. I actually have the episode paused so I can write up this rant.

Where in the world is the logic in the whole Paul/Jesus character storyline? They left him TIED UP on the road. They sped off in a truck... and the guy got himself untied, caught up much later on foot, and somehow jumped onto the top of the speeding truck? What in the world were the writers thinking? Did not one of the actors say 'Hey, this doesn't really make sense'?

Of course that wasn't the only lack of logic. Somehow Rick and Daryl caught up to the same truck on foot.

And OF COURSE the truck rolled off into the lake.


Pretend there's an apostrophe in the spoiler cut link. LJ code doesn't like them.
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While Netflix has serious and major issues, at least their support people are wonderfully helpful.

It all started with Luxembourg. I live in the US (California). Their HQ is in the US (California). Something about their servers or code or something was sending my payment through Luxembourg instead of up the road, so I was getting charged 50% higher monthly rate and a foreign transaction fee from my bank.

So I contacted them. An hour dealing with various support people (they kept passing me higher and higher, not because I was angry (I wasn't), but because apparently this was some issue they had never seen before). But eventually they "fixed" the issue and gave me four free months to cover all the overcharges and fees.

The next month, the same thing happened. So I got a fifth free month, plus nearly the whole sixth month free.

The next month, the same thing happened...

You can see where this is going.

Last month and this month were a different issue: I was being charged the right amount, going through the US payment center, but I was supposed to still have free months left.

At least this time it didn't take an hour dealing with support. Every other time, the shortest amount of time this issue took was 75 minutes.

This time they gave me half the months in refunded money and the rest as free months. (I would have rather had it all refunded so I could stop paying attention to if they were charging me or not, but they couldn't do that.)

So let's see if this issue happens again next month. While I'm not holding my breath that it's fixed, at least the Netflix support people are very good to work with -- some of the best I ever have.

Edit: And sadly, I didn't win the 1.6 Billion dollar lottery tonight. I feel stupid as hell for entering a lottery, but I guess if it's over a billion, I suppose I can make an exception. I didn't even match one single number. :P

Edit2: Sigh. Maybe Netflix support should focus less on being nice and more on getting things right. I just got the credit email from them. They refunded me ONE month, not half of the due. Now I'm going to have to contact their support again. This is really, really getting old.
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I'm getting tired of Netflix's issues. After sending my payments through Luxembourg, thus 1) charging me 50% more a month than they should, and 2) making my credit card charge me a foreign transaction fee, they shut down and reopened my account to supposedly correct this issue.

It didn't work...

Last month I was charged $14 again instead of the $8 it should be, plus the foreign transaction fee. I have no idea why dealing with them takes so long, but I spent an entire hour with their support team, even though I was able to directly quote what happened last time (had a log of the conversation). Hmm, I checked the box for a copy of the log from this one too, but it never arrived. That's a problem... (Sigh.)

The "solution" this time? Not just cancel and reopen my account, but cancel it, delete it from their systems, and make a whole new account. For some other service, that might not be a big deal at all, but that means I lost all my lists and progress on various shows and such.


On top of that, I need to keep track of this so that they don't mess up and charge me too much again. As it stands now I should have:

1 month free (for being charged at all this month)
4 months free (from being overcharged multiple months last time)
$6 credit to my next month after that (for the difference in what I paid vs should have paid this month, if I had has to pay at all)

The bigger issue on top of that is that I should be charged the $8/month "current customer" fee for the basic account level (or what's currently basic: two screens, HD where available), not the "new customer" fee of $9/month. I really hope I remember to check that five months from now...

I hope this settles the issue. I'm sure Luxembourg is a nice place, but having my payments be sent through leads to nothing but problems.
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While I haven't posted about it here, my money situation is getting tighter and tighter. I live in one of the most expensive places in the country (more so than even places like New York City). My rent is significantly over 50% of my pay... and my rent keeps going up while my salary does not. Add on the endless medical crap that I seem to always be going through, and I'm losing $300-$1,000 in savings per month, every month. That's a serious problem.

Fun fact: My sister's rent for a four bedroom home is less than a quarter of my rent for a one bedroom apartment.

I had posted about turning off my TV service a couple months ago, but then I chickened out. Part of it was that I had months of Tivo service left, but most of it was that I just didn't want to let it go. However, Tivo is up for renewal mid-November, so this seems the time to do it. I discontinued that this morning.

My mother is coming for a visit. And while I love her, this is going to be a hard visit. She does not understand/believe that I'm having trouble with money. She thinks I "deserve" to live well and buy what I want -- I understand why she says it, but that logic drives me crazy. How much money you have, your spending ability, is not based on what you "deserve". She loves shopping (I hate it) -- for her it's just a fun activity to do. She has a very very rich long-term boyfriend who gives her money for whatever she wants, so I think that skews her view of things. Once she leaves, I'll be turning my TV service off. (Edit: Not to hide that I'm doing it, I already told her I am, but she likes watching TV so I want to have it while she's here.)

This shouldn't be a hard thing to adjust to (I hope). The rare times I turn my TV on, it's to watch something I Tivo'ed -- so I could just as easily download it or watch it online.

I just need to make a list of shows I want to catch (which will be surprisingly short, I think it's about three shows right now -- Great British Baking Challenge, Face Off, Ink Masters (four I guess, and whatever that post-Ink Masters show is called). Most of the rest of what I watch is on Netflix or downloaded.

Eventually, hopefully this December, I might get a promotion/raise at work (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE). If it's not this December, it will be next December, and I don't know if I can hold out that long. I mean technically I can, but it will be rough, and the idea of living paycheck to paycheck would keep me up at night.
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This has been a really rough week, and I've had quite enough of it. In handy bullet points:

* Two weeks ago, I gained a pound. My first weight gain since surgery. Last week I stayed exactly the same weight (to the tenth of a pound!), and my spot check this morning showed another pound gained (official weigh-in day is tomorrow). What the bloody fuck? How? Can't claim water weight gain three weeks in a row. I'm trying not to panic, but dammit. Not losing weight is bad enough, but gaining? NO.

For the first Easter in my entire life, I didn't have ONE SINGLE piece of candy or chocolate. Nothing. Not even a nibble. And THIS is how I'm rewarded? Grumble, mumble.

* Social things in FFXIV are annoying me muchly. A linkshell/LS (like a way more casual guild, but you can have many of them) I'm in made me a staff member a while ago. This made sense, as I was the one who was most actively a leader, helping people, dealing with membership crap, all that. Last night the LS leader threw a tantrum because some other staffer made a mistake (re-invited someone after the leader had kicked them from the LS for good reason but without telling any of us), demoted every single damned staff member for it! And then said he was going to close/destroy the LS. People talked him down, he made all of us staff members again... including the person he had rightfully kicked and had wrongfully been returned to the LS! Why make her staff? As "proof that he wasn't showing favorites". What the everliving fuck? Staff positions are (or should be) work, not a mark of who the leader likes best! I told him so, but got no reply.

I'm so done with that LS, but... I have a few friends left there (very few) and I have no where else to go, and I'm still without a FC (free company/a guild). It's so damned hard to find a good group in MMOs.

* I had (very mistakenly) thought my trip to the ER last week would be covered by my insurance. I had paid all of my deductibles already, so I thought it would 100% be covered. Nope. As of this point (bills are still coming in), I'm up to owing $800. This is on top of an unexpected owing $2,000 on my taxes (after LOSING getting a $1,000 refund). I bought my new computer ($1,800) based on my tax refund and having no other big bills coming in. Sigh.

Mumble, grumble, mumble. It's like every part of my life is stressful right now. Offline? Bills. Online? Social issues -- the whole reason I play is to have friends to chat with, RP with, and hang out with. Online and offline both? Better not eat, I'm gaining weight!


And in lighter news, the Fandom Secrets site has a winner this morning:

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When I'm in the car, I'm listening to NPR. There's always interesting stuff to learn through them.

While driving to lunch, one of their hour-long shows went off-topic to announce an exiting story: Hillary Declares 2016 Run, Files For Divorce. The story had really interesting info on how this would impact her campaign and such. (You can listen to it or read the transcript at the link.)

They ended the story with:

"Though the news is still being developed, one thing is certain: This is an April Fools' prank."

Seriously? I can put up with "jokes" from websites and random people, but a news show should not run fake news as a joke. Not only did it piss me off because I got all excited about it (her officially running, not the divorce), but what if someone turned off their radio mid-story and missed that it was a joke? You should be able to trust a news source when they run a news story.

I suppose that's better than the evening news yesterday. They ran a story about how McDonalds was now going to be serving breakfast all day in some areas.

In unrelated, yet good news: The MMO content I mentioned this morning that I spent five hours yesterday trying to beat? Beat it tonight, woot. Took three more hours and a bunch of tries (with a party of randoms, but a party who stuck together through it all so we learned to work together). That means I got to see all of the end of the storyline for this expansion.

One of the cutscenes? More than an hour long. And there were more than a dozen other cutscenes in a row, adding up to almost three hours of cutscenes and wonderful, shocking, great, amazing storyline. Three hours. That's a whole movie worth of cutscenes! FFXIV is an amazing game.

Now I just have to hold out two months and change for the new expansion and more storyline. Don't know how I'm going to do it. :)

Huh. I have a bunch of FFXI and WoW icons, but no FFXIV ones.


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