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And here I thought I'd go all day without a post! I had one written up (about Jon Stuwart on Fox and Michele Bachmann's fears of being kidnapped by lesbian ex-nuns), but I worrying that I've been posting too much political stuff lately, I deleted it.

And then I found this video! The day has been saved!

I love the part about the wedding "Wouldn't it be fun to pee on the bride's and groom's faces?". Ummmm, no? :P

Also, in honor of the last Game of Thrones ep tonight, have the theme done in 8-bit, which is pretty darned cool. While I've heard horrible things bout the game of the Game of Thrones, I'm sure it'll be somewhat better than 8-bit!

Edit: Oh my, this is the bestest tattoo of bestest tattoos ever!
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What a great too-short animation movie. All the more impressive that it was created by a student. I'd pay money to see a full length version of this!

The animation on the people remind me a lot of [ profile] ani_mama's icon and her more casual art.
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Continuing the trend of reposting great old videos, remember this one?

The Craft of War. I hadn't seen it in a year or so, but it came up in conversation so I tracked it down. Still the most awesome thing ever.

It's funny, the first time I watched it I thought both main characters were Alliance, I hadn't realized the woman was Horde/belf (I wasn't playing WoW, had quit after just a month or so). Now I know why I love that city/background music so much!

In a very related thing, it's still sad to me that WoW splits the playerbase up into two factions, I'd still rather have it be all PCs vs NPCs. Heck, I wish for that even more now than ever. I went back to Hordeside to make a Vial of the Sands mount for the lovely [ profile] kaelash, and the AH was full of people flagged for PvP. I had such intense uncertainty in my stomach! Should I be happy they're defending the city? But even more strongly, I worried that whichever Alliance they killed off might have been someone I knew. (And yeah, yeah, silly, death isn't meaningful like that, but that's still what I felt.)

I miss Hordeside. Timing is funny on that -- this weekend we had a giant (100+ people) successful IC event run by our guild. I still don't feel like Alliance though. Will I ever? Do I want to? I wonder how people play both sides. I'm not sure if I'm having trouble with this because I played Horde for years and never ever ever set foot once on Alliance side or if it's something different about me as a person (or maybe both).

I'm RPing by email (sort of) on Haken, so if anyone who has previously RPed with him (or Keen) wants to, poke me in comment and we can set it up.

Dandelion is nearly 80 (needs less than a quarter of a level). My patience for questing ran out a few levels back and I've been doing it through archaeology. I figure if I need to quest for guild rep, I might as well do it at 85 when I get ~75 per quest rather than now when I get ~20 per quest.
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Multipurpose subject line!

First off, I've found the most amusing line of videos: Alliance vs. Horde ! They're spoofs of those Mac vs PC ads (which I also loved to death but seem to be gone). There are nine of them on Youtube. It's hard to pick one, they're all darned good. Here's one at semi-random:

Secondly! The sad day has come: Alliance feels more right to me than Horde. I guess that was inevitable, with me spending all my time on it. Now when I'm on Horde I feel all turned around, like I'm running into the wrong places. Red is bad/caution/danger, right?!

It helps (doesn't help?) that Stormwind is SO SO SO SO much easier to get around in than Org. A different color roof for each district? When everyone flies? So much better than every single damned roof in the city being red and covered in spikes!

Also, many apologies to Greyspell (who doesn't have a LJ so I can't link to him). I kinda hadn't logged Haken in in 10+ days, and I had IC mail to respond to. *cough* It's strange how little I do H-side anymore. Three transmutes on my alchemist, the JC daily if I have the mats on hand or is the sparkly one, and that Thieving Little Pluckers daily (because it's easy money and amuses me). Other than that, just check in on the AH now and then.

I've stopped buying mats for the last remaining product I still sell on the AH, but alas I have a massive amount of it stored up that I still need to move (plus I have a hard time not buying more when it's cheap). It's silly to make more gold though, when it's stuck on that side. I'm semi-pondering moving an alt with half or more to Alliance, but I hate having to pay RL money to do so.
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While this zombie kitten video IS highly cute, I wouldn't be reposting it if not for the clever choice in music:

They used the theme from The Walking Dead, the best zombie end-of-the-world show ever on TV! (And man, I can't wait for the next season to start!) Credit to [ profile] achika_soladia for the video link!

In other cat-related news, while I hate Twitter, there's a Game of Thrones newsfeed that gathers all the ep-related tweets from the night and reposts them. Those I'm willing to read. Best one of the last ep?

@TNRLM: My cat was mesmerized my Arya chasing cats on #GameOfThrones. This show really does hit all demographics.


My RL cat continues to not like Glee. I think all the singing bothers her (probably sounds like yowling or screaming). She'll sit there, staring at the TV, then when someone starts to sing her ears will slllloooowly pin backwards, then she runs off. She watches a lot of TV, but Glee is the only show that sends her running.
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I love this music, I love the singer! The story in it is sad, but has a happy ending! The music is so very stuck in my head though! :D

I have no idea what this was made for or why, but it's a really fun watch/listen. I'd suggest watching/listening in HD if you can, the quality is high enough for it to be worth it.


Apr. 28th, 2011 01:40 pm
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This animated short got its maker a job at Pixar. Not surprising at all, it's one of the best animated things I've seen in a while.

It's so impressive how well the characters communicate and how quickly you feel for them!
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Weird Al travels the world and fixes grammar issues! Like here and here!
(Credit to [ profile] fealubryne for the original find!)

And for [ profile] teaandfailure: Weird Al spoofs Lady Gaga's "Born This Way".

Want two minutes of peace and relaxation? Then check out this promo for a skydiving business.

When I was a kid, I really really wanted to try skydiving. Now? You'd need to physically throw me out of the airplane.

And one serious bit: I love the birther movement. Poll: 48% Of Iowa Republicans Say Obama Wasn't Born In US. "That percentage is actually slightly better than the national average for typical Republican primary voters." Know why I love it? Because there is no easier way to know for certain that someone is stupid and has zero idea how the political process works. When someone is running for president, both parties do major investigations of that person, one to defend them and the other party looking for something to attack them on. Not to mention, things like legal documentations and processes and such. Anyone who thinks the fact that someone wasn't born in this country could somehow be missed is proof positive of just how stupid they are.

Edit: Cutest kitten video ever!
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Wow. Just wow. I love the music in this and I'm so totally in love with... what I can't describe without ruining your experiencing it on your own. Let's just say this is really, really well made.

I wish this were longer than three minutes!

Fixed video link!
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You all are going to need to watch this for yourself, there's no way you'll believe my description of this video: Pokemon meets Jesus Christ in a religion-positive sort of way, featuring a really cute geeky Japanese guy.

This is so cute, not mocking of religion (unless it's some subtle Japanese thing that's going right over my head), and just had me laughing.

Edit: And if that's not your style, perhaps you'd rather watch Harry Potter pole dancing. (She's darned good at it!)
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Thanks to the Daily Show, I have learned that there is in fact a whole "rainbow of rape"!

Education is power, my friends! Click here to see the video and then you too will know if you have been raped, rape-raped, or only rape-ished!

ilu, Daily Show.
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I'm dying here. Dying! So dying I'm tempted to say "literally dying"! Everyone remembers how Bill O'Reilly argued that god exists because there's no explanation for how tides work, today he fires back at the "pinheads" who corrected him on that.

"Oh yeah? Oh yeah! Well then how did the MOON get there, smart guy! No one knows!"
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The Jurassic Park theme done by a Japanese guitar club. I had no idea guitars could make sounds like these do! Almost violin-like.

Jurassic Park was such a good movie, I still watch it any and every time I catch it on TV.

I sure am getting to be a grumpy old person though. One of the youtube comments was "Brings back all the childhood memories.". Childhood memories? Childhood?! The movie came out in 1993! That's just about yesterday! Gah! You young people are just way too young.
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Vampires Suck was the worst movie I've seen in a long time. I had thought it would be a spoof of vampires in general, perhaps heavy on the Twilight jokes, but it was all four Twilight movies shrunk down into two hours. Notice the lack of the use of the word 'funny' in that last sentence.

I strongly suspect that people who liked the Twilight movies would like Vampires Suck. It was more a (somewhat silly) retelling of the movies than mocking it in any real way. What jokes there were (Jacob was a were-chihuahua) were amazingly stupid and predicable. I think I snickered twice during the whole two hours. Mostly I was bored and annoyed.

Sucky: Alas, another failed cooking attempt! I followed this "recipe". A comment on All Recipes said you could use crescent roll dough instead, and since I had some of that I wanted to be rid of, I substituted it in.

Lesson learned: Garlic salt cannot be substituted for garlic powder. *cough* I had been certain I had powder, but when I discovered I didn't I thought some garlic salt would work. Nope.

Note it doesn't say how much dried oregano. I used too much. Generally I under-spice things, so I used a little more than usual, but it was way too much.

At least, unlike other failed recipes, I didn't waste too much money on this one. $3 for the bag of cheese and $3 for the bag of pepperoni, that's it.

Sucking: [ profile] itsbacon found quite an amusing link! (Yes, you get credit for this, dear. I don't want it!) 10 things you didn't know about orgasm is really interesting. The speaker is skilled and amusing. And it includes images of fisting a pig. Again, credit for finding this goes to [ profile] itsbacon. :D ...You know, there's some irony that a video containing pig fisting was found by someone with bacon in his name. ;)
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For the longest time, The Little Drummer Boy was the only Christmas song I ever liked. Now I finally know why.

I know it's a few days after Christmas, but you must watch this safe sex Christmas music video!

NWS lyrics! If you're at work, use headphones. There's one naked (nonsexual) man seen from the back, no bits shown. A whole lot of suggestive dressed men.

Listen to the lyrics! They start about two minutes in.

*so very dead* I'm going to be singing this to myself FOREVER.


Dec. 16th, 2010 10:09 pm
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Wow, not Wow! Sorry for all the posts today, couldn't sleep. This is just beautiful. The music is good (not my favorite thing ever, but pretty), but it's the animation!

I wonder if that's all hand-animated or some kind of computer animated stuff? Like they videoed real dancers and the program animated from that? The movements are so real and believable!

Edit: Based on info here I'd guess it's all done by hand!

It's back!

Nov. 11th, 2010 09:10 pm
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"Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour" is back online! If you missed it last time, watch it now! It's really cool and moody and creepy! Comments include:

"Dark and foreboding. This video has the somber undertones of undeath, mixed with fluid camera angles, and striking shots of decay. Wonderfully´╗┐ made. Thank you kindly."

"this level´╗┐ was great in Left 4 Dead 2"

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Afternoon TV is pretty darned bad. You can watch Judge Judy or one of those knock-offs, soap operas, or old reruns. Generally I opt for a local news talk show, 7 Live.

It's not a very good show, but it's better than the "news" show it replaced (they treated ghost stories, psychic stories, ancient Chinese energy herb blah blah whatever stories as Real News, as real as, well, real news.). One of the hosts of this new show keeps saying things like:

"This is so exciting! Twitter is literally exploding with news of it!"

No. If Twitter were literally exploding it would be, well, literally exploding. (And boy would I be happy.)

So, having nothing better to do, I spent an hour tracking down an email address for her and sent her a strongly worded letter about her abuse of the English language. I fully expect to get a "lol y u mad?" sort of response back.

Unrelated, this is a pretty cool video. So creepy! Really good work on the lighting and music.

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I was snickering all through this! The song stops at the one minute mark though, no need to watch the last 45 seconds (the guy is a tad annoying).

Credit to [ profile] veloxe for finding it!
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This first one confuses me and makes me laugh. Various Lost cast members saying "Mmmm, cake". Why are they doing it? I have no idea!

Second one is an advertisement from a UK publishing group. Do not stop watching because it's "boring"! The payoff comes at the halfway point, and you need to watch until then -- don't just skip ahead! It's really cool and made me smile.


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